Manual vs Electric Meat Slicer

Meat slicers are one of the biggest lifesavers for any kitchen & make cutting/slicing meat easier and much less time-consuming. It is a kitchen gadget used to slice raw meat. It has a sharpened circular blade that cuts all kinds of meat into small pieces.

Here are two main types of meat slicers.

  1. Electric meat slicer
  2. Manual meat slicer

Manual and electric meat slicer both have their benefits. A manual slicer might be an attractive proposition at a lower price, but an electric meat slicer is easier and more efficient. Here is a detailed comparison between a manual and an electric meat slicer.

Features to look for in Meat Slicer while Buying

Meat slicers come in all shapes and sizes. So, “How to choose the best meat slicer?” – is a question frequently asked by people looking to buy one. So here are a few features you should look for while deciding on Manual vs Electric Meat Slicer!

  1. Slicing Meat Capacity: The first feature is the size of the machine. It’s important to make sure that the machine can handle the size of meat that you plan to slice. Whether you’re looking for a small personal machine or one that can handle large cuts of meat, there is a model out there for you.
  2. Type of Blade: The second feature to consider is the type of blade that the machine has. If you don’t want to buy a machine that will damage your food, then be sure to look for one with a stainless steel blade that is not serrated
  3. Blade size. You’ll want to make sure that the blade is large enough to accommodate the size of meat you plan to slice.
  4. Cutting/Slicing Area: You want to make sure that the cutting area is large enough for you to slice your meat in one piece.
  5. Size of the machine. Make sure that it can fit comfortably on your countertop.
  6. Power: You’ll want to make sure that the motor is powerful enough to slice through meat quickly and easily. When looking for an electric home meat slicer, include the wattage (the higher the wattage, the more powerful the machine),
  7. Safety features: Ensure that the machine has a built-in safety guard to protect your hands from the blade.
  8. Budget: Make sure that you purchase a machine that fits your budget.

Electric Home Meat Slicer

Electric Meat slicer
Electric Home Meat Slicer

Sometimes you may want to slice large portions of meat & you want to cut in less time, then you will need an electric meat slicer. An electric slicer is a mechanical or electrical device used for slicing cooked meats & is the best way to quickly and efficiently slice through large pieces of meat. These appliances vary in price and quality. They usually are automatic devices & come in various shapes and sizes.

Features of Electric Meat Slicers

There are a number of different features that make electric meat slicers so great.

  • They are speedy and can slice through large pieces of meat in no time.
  • They also produce very even slices, which is important for presentation purposes.
  • Electric meat slicers are very easy to use – even novice cooks can quickly learn how to use them properly.
  • Electric meat slicers are a great value. They can be expensive to purchase outright, but they last for many years with proper care. Plus, they save time and effort during meal preparation, ultimately leading to lower grocery costs.
  • Electric meat slicers have sharp, durable blades for slicing the meat.
  • Adjustable thickness controlCarriage slicer knob for adjusting the cut of meat ( thickness/thinness) so you can get the perfect slice every time.
  • Safety interlock switches- so the machine won’t operate if the cover isn’t in place.
  • A large capacity food carriage– to hold even the biggest roasts.
  • An easy to clean design to keep your slicer in top condition.
  • On & Off switch for powering the automatic device.
  • Rubber feet for balancing the slicer on a flat surface
  • Sharpener for sharpening the slicer blade.
  • Replace Blade Cover is a protective cover for the slicer blade.
  • Powerful motor.
  • The slicer has a sturdy base that prevents it from wobbling.

How to use an electric home meat slicer?

Using a meat slicer can be a confusing process & can be hard to know where to start; An electric or automatic meat slicer might be simpler to use as you don’t need to control or rotate the blade.

  • First of all, place the electric meat slicer on the flat surface and turn it on by the power button.
    Step 1 to using meat slicer
    Turn on
  • Rotate the adjustment knob to set the thickness of the slicing Place meat into the slicer and use the weight handle to apply little force on the meat
    Step 2 to using meat slicer
    Rotate the adjustment knob to set the thickness
  • Push the carriage back and forth over the blade & then you will get uniform cuts of meat on the plates.
    Step 4 to using meat slicer
    Slice meat

Safety Features of Electric Meat Slicers

The electric meat slicer comes with the following features to keep it safe while using

  • Not all meat slicers are the same in safety features. Electric meat slicers have blade guards others don’t have & can cut meat into small pieces, not fingers. You don’t have to apply force to cut meat into pieces. So, there is no chance of injury.
  • A locking blade so the blade can’t be accessed when the machine is turned off.
  • A covered carriage so the blade can’t cut fingers.
  • An automatic shut-off switch that turns the machine off when it’s not in use.

Advantages of Electric Meat Slicers

  • Electric meat slicers are a great way to save time and effort when making meals
  • No chance of getting injured.
  • An electric meat slicer can operate automatically with electricity.
  • An electric meat slicer perfectly cuts large pieces of meat quickly.

Disadvantages of Electric Meat Slicers

• When there is no electricity, you can’t use an electric meat slicer.

• The blade spins slower.

• The motor lasts for a few attempts & it is hard to remove the blade.

Manual Home Meat Slicer

Manual meat slicers can aid your kitchen in no time; & are used for slicing different types of meats (beef, mutton, chicken, etc.) into thin slices. As the name already suggests, manual meat slicers operate by hand & can be a little bit tricky to use, but once you get the hang of them, things will be a lot easier for you.

Manual meat slicers use human power to move meat and carriage manually to complete the slicing & which is a bit time-consuming compared to a regular slicer. Some models even have attachments that allow you to julienne or shred your food.

Manual Meat slicer
Manual Meat slicer

They’re cheaper, compact in size, and can easily be stored away in a kitchen cabinet & using a manual meat slicer can be a fun and easy experience. A manual slicer slices meats horizontally and vertically.

Features of Manual Meat Slicer

A manual home meat slicer is an alternative to an automatic meat slicer.

  • They have different sizes and shapes.
  • Sharp blades are used for slicing the meat.
  • Carriage slicer knob for adjusting the cut of meat ( thickness/thinness)
  • Rubber feet for balancing the slicer on a flat surface
  • Sharpener for sharpening the slicer blade.
  • Replace Blade Cover is a protective cover for the slicer blade.

How to use a manual meat slicer?

A sharp blade is required for best results & to avoid tearing the product & you have to rotate the blade manually to slice meat beautifully. You need to put lots of effort into cutting meat by hand.

Use Manual meat slicer
Slicing meat with Manual meat slicer

A good rule is slow and steady when using a manual meat slicer & the best tool for home users. The manual meat slicer works by hand; it comes with three stainless steel blades, a plate for slicing, or a tray for holding the sliced meat & features an aluminum meat carriage that allows the body of the slicer to be dipped into the water while you are cutting meats.

Manual Meat Slicer Safety

A manual meat slicer is a must for any in-home meat-eating household. To protect yourself is one of the most important parts of this article. Wearing cut-resistant gloves to protect our fingers while pushing the handle. Always use a food pusher to avoid injury.

Manual Meat Slicer Advantages

  • A manual meat slicer is used for a small amount of meat at home.
  • Manual meat slicers use human power for operation.
  • No electricity is used to operate a task by a manual meat slicer.

Manual Meat Slicer Disadvantages

  • Manual meat slicers are not used for slicing large pieces of meat.
  • Cannot use for commercial purposes.
  • There is a chance of getting injured by putting in lots of force.

Similarities and Differences Between Manual Meat Slicers and Electric Meat Slicers

The main similarity between manual meat slicers and electric meat slicers is that they both slice meat. However, there are some critical differences between the two types of slicers. Manual meat slicers are powered by human muscle power, while electric meat slicers are powered by electricity. Electric meat slicers are also typically faster and more powerful than manual meat slicers.


Manual Vs Electric Meat Slicer - Getsliceright Infographic
Manual Vs Electric Meat Slicer – Getsliceright Infographic

Both manual and electric meat slicers can slice the meat to produce uniform cuts of meat for cooking. An electric meat slicer is more convenient, but a manual meat slicer is cheaper and more flexible. In the end, the decision comes down to which features are most important to you. If you are a professional chef and require a lot of slicing, an electric meat slicer might be right. A manual meat slicer might suit you better if you are a home chef. Either way, meat slicers are handy tools to have in any kitchen.