How to Fix Berkel Meat Slicer Carriage Bearing?

Berkel meat slicer is used very commonly to slice the meat. It is used domestically and commercially widely. As it is has a lot of usages its parts are worn and malfunctioned after some times that disturbs the slicer working. Some parts disrupt the efficiency of the slicer, and some parts just stop the slicer upon malfunctioning.

Maintenance is a crucial part of maintaining your slicer in running conditions. The central part which can cause malfunctioning in meat slicers is the carriage bearings. If you are facing this problem, don’t be worried. We are going to explain the procedure of replacing the damaged bearing.

How to fix Berkel meat slicer carriage bearing?

Carriage bearing is a very vital part of the meat slicer because the whole efficiency of the slicer depends on this. The meat slicer bearing is responsible for rotating the belt driver, which smoothly rotates the blade to slice the meat quickly. When carriage bearing is damaged, it causes disturbance in the meat slicer working and performing your tasks. Let’s discuss the reason for the damaged carriage bearing and the procedure to replace the bearing.

Steps to check bearing

First of all, to assure that your bearing is damaged or not, follow the following steps

  1. Switch on the meat slicer and check the motor is working smoothly or not. If it is working, usually move to the next step.
  2. Then, check the movement of the blade that is rotating at normal speed without any interruption or not? If it is not working smoothly, it is stuck, then there is possible damage in the bearing or belt drive, and if it is working smoothly, move to the next step.
    check movement of blade
    check movement of blade
  3. Check the slicer whether it makes an unusual noise during work. If it makes noise, then the bearing is damaged.

After assuring that your bearing is damaged, now let’s go-to steps that explain the procedure to replace the bearing

Steps to replace Berkel meat slicer bearing

  1. First of all, unplug the power source. Make sure that the plug of the meat slicer has not connected with the power switch.
  2. To start the replacement process, you should have tools that include two-sided screwdriver, four-sided screwdriver, plier, cutter, and hammer.
  3. Firstly, remove the safety guard with the screwdriver.
  4. Then cut off the electricity supply that is coming from the motor to the belt drive.
  5. After that, remove the belt from the shaft located on the meat slicer’s inner side.
  6. After removing that, you will unmount the blade with a screwdriver. There are three screws on the meat slicer blade.
  7. After the blade is unmounted, you will remove the set screw on which the main shaft is mounted. You can now see the bearing that was fit at the end of the shaft housing.
  8. Once the shaft is unmounted, all the assembly will be removed from the slicer.
  9. You will have a shaft, shaft housing, set screws, belt, bearing, and long plastic hand screw.
  10. Now, you will replace the old bearing with a new one to rebuild the meat sliver.
  11. After bringing the new bearing, replace it on the shaft.
  12. Then fit the shaft on the shaft housing and tighten up the screw to mount the assembly tightly.
  13. After that, attach the electricity connection to start the meat slicer. Your slicer will start working normally.

Specifications of Berkel Meat Slicer Bearing

If there is a damaged bearing, and we cannot use it again, so we need a new carriage bearing for this slicer, and for that, we should know the specifications of the bearings. All the specifications are written on the outer body of the bearings. Read that details and brings the new one. If we cannot find the details, we have mentioned the details.

Berkel carriage bearing size

  • Model No: Berkel 4375-00031
    Bearing name and size: Slicer Carriage Bearing 1 1/2″ x 5/8″

    Berkel 4375-00031 carriage bearing model
    Berkel 4375-00031
  • Model No: Berkel b-108
    Bearing name and size: Slicer Carriage Bearing 1 1/2″ x 5/8″

    Berkel b-108 carriage bearing model
    Berkel b-108

Safety Precautions for Replacing Berkel Meat Slicer Bearing

  • Use proper tools to avoid injury.
  • Cut off the electricity.
  • Don’t touch the blade with bare hands. It can cut your hand.
  • Use safety gloves
  • Make sure to tighten up the power wires because it can cause a short circuit.
  • Clean all the housing and ends deeply.


How to fix berkel meat slicer carridge bearing - Getsliceright Infographic
How to fix berkel meat slicer carridge bearing – Getsliceright Infographic

Replacing the meat slicer bearing is not a very difficult task. If you follow the above-mentioned step with care, you can replace the bearing very easily on your own. Make sure that you work with safety precautions because a mistake can harm you very badly. To replace the meat slicers bearing efficiently, use good quality tools.

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