What should you do After using a Meat Slicer?

After using a meat slicer, you have to wash it well and sanitize it with the meat slicer sanitizer. It needs cleaning and sanitization because of the danger of germs and bacterial growth in the left-over particles of the food, you slice with it. The bacteria is harmful to your health and may cause foodborne illnesses. Apart from that, if you do not clean it, the particles of the sliced food may mix with the slices of the food you are planning to cut, and it will not taste good, for sure.

How Often Should A Meat Slicer Be Cleaned After Constant Use?

So, you need to clean and sanitize your meat slicer thoroughly after using it. The FDA guidelines for commercial users, recommends cleaning the slicer after every four hours because of its constant use in delis and grocery shops. It might not be the case for non-commercial usage, and those who use it at home won’t necessarily clean it every four hours.

But the fact is, it needs to be cleaned, and it needs to be sanitized. So, if you are using the meat slicer and don’t know exactly how to clean it, these guidelines will help you.

What do you need for Cleaning and Sanitization of a Meat Slicer?

  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Sanitizer
  • Hot water
  • A clean towel
  • Gentle scrub pad
  • Lubricant
    What do you need for Cleaning and Sanitization of a Meat Slicer
    Things needed for Cleaning and Sanitization of a Meat Slicer

How to Clean and Sanitize a Meat Slicer?

Step 1: Disassembling a meat slicer

First, wear cut-resistant gloves to protect yourself. After using your meat slicer, disassemble it, disconnect the power cord from the power source. The electric meat slicer is not that much complicated to disassemble. It needs to be plugged off first, and then you have to set the thickness of the blade to zero by using the index knob, which will help remove the blade easily. After that, remove the product tray, then the blade tray, blade guard, and the sharpener stone. It should be noted that some manual models are slightly different in the way that they come with the knife removal tool to remove the slicing blade.

Step 2: Cleaning the large particles

Cleaning Meat Slicer
Cleaning with cloth

Wipeout all the large remaining particles from the blade, product key, table tray, and blade guard. Use a scrub pad to wipe these particles.

Step 3: Washing

Wash all the parts of the meat slicer that become in direct or indirect contact with the food with the help of a detergent mixture. Wash every part one by one with great care. Make sure that no particles of the food are left. Lubricate those parts which are dry or rough.

Step 4: Wipe all other parts

Then, you need to wipe all other parts of the meat slicer for precautionary measures. Use a clean paper towel to wipe it out.

Step 5: Sanitization

Sanitizing slicer
Sanitizing the meat slicer

Sanitize all parts of the machine. Use the blade sanitizer for this purpose. Do not hesitate to sanitize every inch of the meat slicer, to kill germs and bacteria hiding in any corner.

Step 6: Air dry

Let all the parts air dry. Leave it for some time so that it is perfect to use again.

Step 7: Reassemble

The last step is the reassembling of the meat slicer. Reassemble all the parts one by one, and the slicer is ready to be used again.