What should you use to Hold the Meat close to the Slicer Blade?

A meat slicer is a superb appliance that can cut meat and food into thin, uniform slices. It is a time-saving tool which can slice quickly and complete the task in no time. Meat holders help to hold the meat in place and near to blades.

The problem for many people using a meat slicer is that there is nothing to hold the meat in place except gravity, which can come unstuck after a few slices. When selecting your meat slicer, it should be kept in mind that what kind of slicing will be done using it and which tool or meat holder will be required in case of holding the meat in place for cutting/slicing correctly.

Why hold meat close to the slicer blade?

How to hold the meat close to the slicer blade
Hold Meat Close To The Slicer For Slicing Thinly

It is more important to hold meat close to the slicer for slicing thinly and accurately. When you hold meat close to the slicer, the chance of getting injured increases. You must use a meat holder to keep meat close to the slicer and protect your fingers and hands from getting injured.

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How to hold the Meat close to the Slicer Blade?

How to hold the meat close to the slicer blade
Meat Holder

You can hold the meat close to the slicer blade by using a Meat Holder. While there are many different brands and sizes of meat slicers, one standard piece of equipment for all is the “meat holder”. Meat holders are usually of different types and shapes, like plastic rings, food carriages, wooden blocks, food pushers, food pressers, etc.

Types of Meat Holders

Following are some types of meat holders that can be used to hold meat close to the slicer blade.

  1. Plastic ring Meat Holder

    Plastic ring meat holder
    Plastic Ring Meat Holder

    A plastic ring can also hold the meat firmly and close to the meat. It remains meat in contact with blades and cut into thin slices. It keeps meat and your hands secure.

  2. Food carriage

    A food carriage is a perfect way to hold the meat close to the slicer blade. You can attach it to either side of the slicer. The food carriage holds the meat firmly so that you can slice meat with better accuracy. The adjustable carriage offers versatility and makes it easy to cut at a different speed, whether you are using frozen or fresh meat.

  3. Economical rubber or wire Holder

    You can use an economical rubber or wire holder for everyday slicing to make the task easy. It is ideal for small or large loaves of bread and soft cheese.

  4. Wooden block

    Wooden blocks can also help hold the meat across the blade, and it is safe for cutting raw and cooked meat.

  5. Food pusher and food presser

    Always use a food pusher and food presser to push the meat towards the blades.

  6. V-slicer

    A v-slicer can help to cut through meat more efficiently and thoroughly. You should only need to hold one end of the meat instead of anchoring both ends.

  7. Meat clamps

    These fully adjustable clamps are great for holding the meat close to the slicer blade so you can slice the most uniform pieces of meat quickly. Handle attached to hold the clamp while adjusting it and again when releasing it.

Tips for the Safe Operation of a Meat Slicer

  • Wash and sanitize the slicer regularly.
  • Sharpen the blades 1-2 times a year.
  • Keep from direct indulging in water.
  • Lubricate when needed.
  • Apply vegetable oil with a brush to avoid sticking.
  • Wear cut-resistance gloves to protect your hands from injuries.
  • Never reach across the slicer blades.
  • Lock the blades when not in use.
  • Hold the meat with a meat holder while cutting.
  • Use the slicer when the food carriage is secured in place.
  • Don’t push meat with bare hands.
  • Make sure you can watch your both hands during slicing.


How can I hold the meat close to the slicer?

You can hold the meat close to the slicer blade by using a meat holder.

How to reduce the risk of injuries during working on a meat slicer?

By wearing safety gloves and pushing the meat towards the blades with the help of a meat pusher or a meat holder.

How can I keep slicing safe?

Keep your hands and body away from the slicer and make sure you can see both hands.


A meat holder is a must-have tool for slicing food significantly for cutting meat. You can get perfect cuts by keeping the meat
close to the blades while slicing. Using a meat holder can reduce the space needed on the countertop for safer slicing. You can use different types of meat holders.