Best Bean Slicers

Beans are the seeds from flowering plants. They are a rich source of fibre and important vitamins and minerals. Beans provide vegetarian protein and are widely used in soups, salads, and other recipes. Beans can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and increase healthy bacteria in the human body.

Peeling the beans is a hard, difficult and time-consuming task. The peel of beans is hard; removing beans from it may take hours. It is a time-consuming task which you may not be able to do in your busy and tough routine.

A bean slicer can peel and slice large beans in less time. It is the quickest and fastest way to remove beans from their outer cover easily. Bean slicers are in multiple designs and shapes. Their slicing and peeling procedures change from each other. Some are handheld, while others are countertop.

Comparing the Top Bean Slicers of 2023

Norpro Deluxe Bean Frencher With Clamp

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The Norpro Deluxe Bean Frencher with Clamp French/Green/Slicer/Cutter Heavy Duty is an essential tool for anyone who loves to cook. It is a great time saver, cutting several beans at one time into slender slices with just a turn of the crank. It is made of stainless steel, so it is durable and long-lasting, and it clamps securely to any surface up to 1-1/4 inches thick.

For anyone who likes to make dishes that require thinly sliced beans, this product is a must-have. The bean slicer makes quick work of slicing beans, saving you precious time in the kitchen. The turn of the crank quickly and evenly slices several beans at once, and its heavy-duty construction ensures years of use.

There are some advantages to using this product. The clamp system allows it to be securely attached to any counter or table top up to 1-1/4 inches thick, which gives you freedom when prepping in the kitchen. Its stainless steel blades give you precise results every time, and its ergonomic design makes cranking comfortable on your hands with minimal effort required.

The only downside I’ve found to using this product is that it has a limited capacity for thinner string beans; thicker string beans may need more than one turn of the crank for even slicing results. Also, the clamp system can securely attach to surfaces up to 1-1/4 inches thick, but if your countertop or table is made of a thicker material, like marble or granite, you’ll need to buy an extra adapter plate from Norpro for installation.

Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer

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This handy kitchen tool is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook with green beans. It makes the tedious task of stringing and slicing easy and effortless. The sharp blade cuts off the top and tail of each bean quickly and accurately, saving me time in the kitchen.

One of my favorite things about this product is that it combines two steps into one—no more need to string green beans individually. This not only saves me time but also energy since I don’t have to exert as much effort as before. I can do more prep work in less time—something that’s always a plus in my book!

The color white is also a great choice; it looks good with any kitchen décor and won’t clash with other appliances or accents. Plus, it’s easy to clean with just some warm, soapy water; there’s no need for scrubbing or special cleaning products. And because it’s made from durable plastic, it should last for years! Overall, there are definitely advantages that this product offers over others on the market: ease of use, convenience, durability, affordability, you name it!

On the downside, however, some users have mentioned that occasionally the strings still remain attached after slicing, though this may not happen every time. Another minor issue is that you have to hand wash this product. I personally don’t mind, but some customers may prefer dishwasher-safe items. All in all, though, these are relatively small issues compared to all the positives that this tool brings to the table.

If you love cooking with fresh green beans, then you owe it to yourself to try out this handy little device—you won’t be disappointed! The Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer (1, A) is a great addition to any home cook’s kitchen arsenal and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an easier way to prepare your meals!

ChefAid Bean Slicer

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The ChefAid Bean Slicer is an excellent tool for busy home cooks who don’t have time to manually slice vegetables. With its sharp stainless steel blades, it can quickly and easily cut beans into strips and discard strings—great for stir fries, salads, and stews. The slicer has a wide design that allows you to slice even the largest of beans with ease. The plastic construction is non-toxic and sturdy, making it easy to store in a drawer or cabinet.

For those who are looking for a time saver in the kitchen, the ChefAid Bean Slicer is definitely worth considering. Not only does it make slicing easier, but it also takes less time than doing it by hand, meaning you get to spend less time prepping vegetables and more time enjoying your meals. Plus, thanks to its safe plastic construction, you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself or your family to any toxins when using this tool.

However, there are some downsides that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing this product. For starters, the blade isn’t detachable from the slicer, so if you want to clean it properly, you’ll have to be extra careful when wiping down all of the components (or simply purchase a separate cleaning brush).Additionally, some people may find the plastic construction too flimsy for their liking; if this is the case, they may want to look into other options on the market that offer more robust designs.

All in all, though, the ChefAid Bean Slicer is a great tool for anyone looking for an efficient way to quickly cut vegetables with minimal effort and mess. If you’re short on time in the kitchen but still want delicious dishes, then this slicer could be just what you need!

2 PCS Snow Bean Green Bean French Bean Slicer Cutter

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Firstly, the design of this product is incredibly ergonomic. It features an anti-slip handle that is comfortable to hold and use while cutting beans. The material used is also up to food-grade standards; it is constructed with ABS and stainless steel that is both rust-resistant and non-toxic, so you can feel secure using it on food products.

The tool really does save time in the kitchen. It enables you to quickly cut beans into thin slices for dishes or salads. This makes meal preparation faster and more efficient than if done manually! Additionally, this product has a special hanging hole design so that it can be stored away easily and take up minimal space in the kitchen.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind when purchasing this product is that it has an electrical plug designed for use in the US only; outlets and voltage differ internationally, so you may need an adapter or converter to use this product in your destination country.

Overall, It’s incredibly easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design, saves time when preparing meals, and takes up little space due to its handy hanging hole design. Plus, since it’s constructed with food-grade materials, you can feel safe using it for culinary purposes. The only drawback is that those who intend to use outside the US may need an adapter depending on their destination country’s voltage requirement.

KitchenCraft Rotary Runner Bean Slicer

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This KitchenCraft Rotary Runner Bean Slicer 23cm with Suction Pad in Gift Box, Stainless Steel & Plastic, White/Black is a fantastic kitchen gadget that can make cooking much simpler and easier.

It’s made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and plastic, so you know it’s going to last you a long time if you take good care of it. It also comes in a nice gift box for easy storage.

In terms of efficient use, the suction cup on the bottom of the slicer provides strong stability on almost any surface, so you can feel confident that it won’t move around while you’re using it. The rotary blade cuts beans into even slices quickly and easily, while the metal mother holds them in place until they are ready to be used.

The overall design of this slicer makes it incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Cleaning up after use is also very straightforward since all parts are detachable for easy washing. Plus, the counter-top design makes it suitable for almost any kitchen space size.

This slicer not only looks great, but it also has a very good lifespan because it is well made and made of good materials.It won’t rust or corrode over time, so you can enjoy using it for years without having to worry about replacing parts or doing major repairs.

All things considered, this KitchenCraft Rotary Runner Bean Slicer, 23 cm, with Suction Pad in Gift Box, Stainless Steel & Plastic, White/Black, is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable bean slicer that they can depend on for years to come. Not only is it well designed, but it’s also incredibly easy to use and maintain, making life in the kitchen much more enjoyable!

The advantages of owning this bean slicer are numerous. Its durable construction ensures that it will last a long time; its user-friendly design makes slicing beans quick and effortless; its counter-top design means that no matter how small your kitchen space may be, this slicer will fit right at home; and finally, all parts are detachable, which makes cleaning up after use incredibly straightforward!

On the other hand, there aren’t many downsides associated with this bean slicer, apart from the fact that some people may find its price slightly expensive compared to other similar models out there. But considering how well-made it is and how easy it is to use, spending a little more is well worth it.

PULABO Home Kitchen Tool Bean Stringer and Slicer

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PULABO Bean Stringer and Slicer is great for cutting beans, as it slices them perfectly into thin slices while also removing the strings on either side of the bean. It’s easy to use, so anyone can get started with it right away. The quality of this product is also top-notch, so it should last a long time.

The advantages of this product are that it makes stringing beans much easier and less time-consuming than if you were to do it by hand. Additionally, it even comes with a helpful guide that gives tips on how to properly use the tool for optimal results. Another great thing about this product is its customer service; they respond quickly and answer any questions you may have before or after ordering.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to consider when purchasing this product. For one, the colors in the pictures may not match exactly with what you receive as they can be slightly different due to lighting effects, brightness levels, etc. Also, since this product has electrical plugs, please make sure to follow all safety instructions that come with it before using it.

Overall, I believe the PULABO Nice DesignHome Kitchen Tool Bean Stringer and Slicer Make Stringing Beans Cuter Superior, Quality, and Creative is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an efficient way of cutting beans without having to go through the whole process manually. It’s easy to use and set up, so even beginners will get comfortable using it right away. Plus, its superior quality ensures that your slicing job will stay sharp for years to come!

French Style Green Bean Vegetable Runner Slicer

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This French Style Green Bean slicer is a great kitchen tool for cutting green beans and other vegetables. It is so easy to use and makes cutting vegetables a breeze. The blades are sharp and precise, allowing me to make perfect, uniform cuts in no time at all. The design of the slicer is also quite remarkable—it’s lightweight and compact yet feels very sturdy in the hand.

When it comes to advantages, this slicer has many to offer. Firstly, it requires minimal effort and skill to operate, so even a beginner can get started using it right away. Secondly, its blades are incredibly sharp yet safe enough not to cause any accidents while in use. And lastly, you can store the slicer easily in small spaces due to its slim profile.

The downsides of this product aren’t too significant but worth mentioning nonetheless. As the blades are made from stainless steel, they may rust over time if not cleaned properly or stored correctly after each use. Additionally, since the blades are quite sharp, extra caution should be taken when cleaning them in order to avoid any cuts or injuries.

Overall, Its simple design makes it easy to understand and use, and every time you use it, it gives you accurate results.With its stainless steel blades that stay sharp for long periods of time without needing too frequent replacements and its compact size making storage a breeze, this slicer is indeed an amazing value for money!

Cabilock Green Bean Vegetable Runner Slicer Cutter Peeler Grater

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If you’re looking for a kitchen tool to help you quickly and easily prepare vegetables, the Cabilock Green Bean Vegetable Slicer Beans Cutter is definitely worth considering. This versatile kitchen tool is made of durable ABS material, so it can withstand frequent use without breaking down, and its ergonomic design can make cutting even the longest of beans fast and simple.

The Cabilock 2Pcs Green Bean Vegetable Runner Slicer Beans Cutter Stringer Remover Peeler Grater Vegetable Veggie Chopper includes two parts: a bean cutter that can cut through long beans in five minutes and a grater for grating vegetables into small pieces.The bean cutter has an ergonomic, non-slip handle that makes it comfortable to hold while using, and it also has a hole at the end so it can be hung up when not in use. Furthermore, this bean cutter is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is wear- and corrosion-resistant. With this tool, you can save time preparing vegetables and cooking them as well.

One of the biggest advantages of this product is its versatility: you can use it for both slicing beans or green veggies as well as grating them into small pieces. It’s also very easy to clean since all components are dishwasher-safe. Additionally, the price point makes it a great value compared to similar products on the market.

However, there are some downsides to consider as well. Firstly, while the blade itself is sharp enough to cut through most types of vegetables easily, it may require you to apply more pressure than normal if used on tougher items such as potatoes or carrots. Also keep in mind that this product does not come with blades specifically designed for julienning or making noodles out of vegetables like some other vegetable slicers on the market do.

Fox Run Peeler/Bean Slicer

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Te Fox Run Peeler and Bean Slicer, measuring 0.5 x 0.75 x 6.75 inches is made of durable stainless steel that easily handles the toughest of vegetables like potatoes or carrots. The top end of the peeler doubles as a handy bean slicer, allowing you to quickly prep various foods with ease. Clean-up is also quick and easy with the dishwasher-safe feature, meaning less time washing and more time cooking!

There are several advantages to this peeler and slicer that make it a great choice for any kitchen. First off, its small size allows it to fit almost anywhere, making storage much easier than with larger tools. Secondly, its stainless steel construction is both durable and longlasting; I’ve been using mine for months now with no signs of wear or tear. Lastly, its dual peeler/slicer functionality means you can get more use out of one tool, saving time and energy all in one go!

As far as downsides go, there are only two things I could think of: firstly, its stainless steel construction can make it difficult to clean if certain juices or food particles get stuck in the openings; and secondly, it may take some getting used to if you’re not familiar with dual-function tools such as this one.

Helpful Information and Guide About Bean slicer

What Is A Bean Slicer?

What is a bean slicer
Bean slicer a manual tool

A Bean slicer is a manual tool designed to french sliced green beans. The Bean slicer converts the long bens into small, uniform pieces. Bean slicer comes in different shapes. Some are manual, and others are hand-cranked.

Bean slicers are the most effective strippers. They can peel off the shells of beans very quickly in a few seconds. All bean slicers cut beans lengthwise into strips. In the handheld slicer, the spring-loaded feeder can be adjusted for beans up to 20 mm wide.

What To Look For When Buying A Bean Slicer?

Buying a bean slicer is a wise decision and a little investment for the kitchen. Look for the following things before purchasing a bean slicer.

  1. Material: Bean slicers are made with food-grade BPA-free material. They are durable and will work long life.
  2. Blade: Blades must be made with stainless steel material. Stainless steel is durable and rust-resistance.
  3. Size: The size of the bean slicer must be according to the space on your kitchen counter.
  4. Versatility: A Bean slicer is also suitable for soy and peas. It s a must-have tool for every kitchen.
  5. Easy To Clean: Bean slicers are very easy to clean.
  6. Easy To Use: Bean slicers are easy to use; you need only to rotate or push the handle.
  7. Price: Look for the price of bean slicers. The price of bean slicers is not very high. You can get a good-quality slicer for under $50.
  8. Warranty: Consider the warranty of the bean slicer too. Warranty of high quality must be at least two years.
  9. Adjustability: Make sure the bean slice is adjustable. The size of slices can be adjusted or not.

How To Slice Beans On A Beans Slicer?

Slicing beans can be different in each slicer. Some cuts in strips, others in small slices. The slicing methods of some bean slicers are given below.

  • Krisk Bean Slicer: A Krisk bean slicer is a small slicer for slicing beans. Take bean, place on a cutting board and cut off its both ends with blades of slicer and place on the hole of the slicer. Then pull it towards its other end. Beans will be sliced with a single push in small slices.
    krisk bean slicer
    Krisk bean slicer
  • Tala Bean Slicer: Tala bean slicer is a handy slicer and time-saving kitchen gadget. It is used to slice beans, celery and spring onions within seconds. Slicing beans with a tala bean slicer is very easy. Push the beans through the stainless steel blades. The blades will cut the beans into strips and remove the string. You can use sliced beans for stir-fries, in salads and in strews. It can even slice the largest beans with ease.
    Tala bean slicer
    Tala bean slicer
  • Kitchencraft Bean Slicer: Kitchencraft bean slicer is a small gadget with a sharp grid that slices green beans into small, neat, thin strips to cook fast. It is also perfect for cutting celery and green onions. The design of the slicer is wide-mouthed, which slices without risk of blockages. Feed the beans into the mouth of the Kitchencraft bean slicer. Pull them towards the other side of the slicer. The sturdy blades of the slicer will slice the beans very quickly. Beans will be ready for stir fry or served for dinner after roasting.
    Kitchencraft bean slicer
    Kitchencraft bean slicer

How To Clean The Bean Slicer?

Cleaning of bean slicer is very easy. Unscrew the handle of the bean slicer with the help of a screwdriver.

  1. Take a bowl of large size and fill it with warm water.
  2. Add soap or some detergent into the bowl and mix until bubbles appear on the surface.
  3. Dip all the parts of the slicer for 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. After that, brush and rub the blades and handle of the bean slicer.
  5. Some parts of the bean can remain in the blades. So, clean the slicer thoroughly to remove food particles.

When cleaning is finished, put the slicer into the sink and rinse with fresh water.

How To Sharpen Runner Bean Slicer?

The runner bean slicer is a handy little tool used for slicing, garnishing, plating and decorating beans and other vegetables. It is convenient to use and slice beans.

Sharpening the runner bean slicer is very easy. Take a sharpening stone and apply it to the runner bean slicer. Rub the stone along the blades from up to down continuously. Sharpen for at least five minutes. Then slice a bean or another vegetable to ensure the blades can cut through beans. If it cuts thinly, then stop sharpening. Otherwise, again start the process of sharpening for another few minutes.

Tips For Slicing And Cooking Beans

  • Wash and trim the both ends of the beans before slicing.
  • Only use fresh, bright and green beans. Beans which have turned their colour are mouldy and brown throw them because they are spoil.
  • Beans can remain fresh at room temperature for a few hours. If you want to cook them later, place them in the freezer to stay fresh.
  • Freeze the beans in an airtight box; you can freeze up to 7 days.
  • Do not boil beans for more than five minutes. If you boil more, the tenderness and texture of beans will change.
  • Remove the beans immediately from the water after boiling and wash with cold water.

Are Beans Fruits Or Vegetables?

Are Beans Fruits Or Vegetables
Is A Bean A Fruit or A Vegetable?

Beans are a unique food which is compulsory for our health. Beans are considered legumes and closer to lentils. Beans are also included in vegetables because they are cooked with other vegetables usually. The nature of beans is starchy and can easily be combined with vegetables to prepare many dishes. Beans have no quality to fruits, so they cannot be included in fruits.

Health Benefits Of Beans

Beans are very useful for health because they enrich with nutrients. It provides our body with fibres and protein. Beans have different types, and each has here own benefits. A few of them are given below.

  • Kidney beans: Kidney beans are in the shape of a kidney. They provide us with vitamin K, which increases the health of the brain and nervous system. They are most commonly consumed and usually eaten with boiled rice.
    Kidney Bean
    Kidney Bean
  • Black beans: Black beans help to boost the human immune system due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Black beans prevent us from several diseases like cancer, blood pressure and heart diseases.
    Black Bean
    Black Bean
  • Soybeans: Soybeans also have health benefits. They are specially used for the keto diet.
    Soya Bean
    Soya Bean
  • Fava beans: Fava beans taste bitter and sweet at a time. You can find them fresh from the farmer. It provides fibre, carbohydrates, protein and sugar.
    Fava Bean
    Fava Bean
  • Red beans: The size of red beans is small with an oval shape and in red colour. Red beans are used in soups, rise and cooked with other dishes. They contain a large number of fats, carbohydrates and calcium.
    Red Bean
    Red Bean

Kitchen Sliced Green Beans Vs Cut Green Beans

Kitchen sliced green beans are in a ½-inch diagonal cut. These are canned beans which taste fresh and real. Its flavour is much better than other brands. They are ready to cook and save time.

Cut green beans are freshly picked and packed within hours. Their taste is deliciously mild, with sweet flavour and texture is crisp-tender. Cut green beans have exceptional taste. Beans are cut in bite-size lengths, which is very easy to eat. Cut green beans can be used as a side dish or added to salads. You can also add cut beans into your pet’s diet. They are salt and sugar-free; you can add spices according to your taste and choice.

How To Cook Seasoned Green Beans?

Season green beans can be cooked in multiple ways. You can cook them with garlic and white vinegar. Cut the beans and boil them and boil them for a few minutes. After boiling, drain the water and let them cool. Mixed the beans with minced garlic, add vinegar and olive oil.

How To Cook Seasoned Green Beans
Cooked Green Beans

You can use seasoned green beans in salads. For salads, boil beans after peeling. Add them to boiled potatoes, onions, some olives and raw onions. Add white vinegar, olive oil and oregano for increasing taste.

How Do The French Cut Green Beans?

French cut green beans are very delicious and tender. It can make with a little effort; french cut beans are a perfect side dish. It gives a beautiful presentation and looks on the dining table.

How Do The French Cut Green Beans
French Cut Green Beans

You have to slice beans horizontally for thin slices. For slicing, take many beans and push them in the bean slicer together. Place them horizontally in the feed tube or slicing hole. Pull towards the other side; it will cut in bite-size, ready to use. These beans can be used in salads, soups and many dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Bean slicer

What Is The Blade Material Of The Bean Slicer?

Blades of bean slicers are made with stainless steel durable material.

Does It Cut Beans Horizontally Into Small Shapes For Making Indian Curries?

The bean slicer can slice beans horizontally for Indian curries and other dishes. Place the beans horizontally in the slicer for such cuts.

How To Use A Bean Slicer?

Place the beans in the bean slicer; if there is a handle, rotate it to slice the beans. For other slicers, push the beans in the hole and put a bowl under it. The Bean slicer will cut beans in thin cuts. It will take only a few minutes.

Can This Slicer Handle Thin French Beans?

Yes, you can cut french beans on this bean slicer.

Can I Freeze Green Beans?

Yes, you can freeze the green beans. After slicing, put them in an airtight box or sheet, then freeze.

Is Bean Slicer Dishwasher Safe?

No, a bean slicer is not safe for dishwashing. Wash it with your hands. The slicer will damage if you place it in the dishwasher.

What Is A Bean Slicer?

A Bean slicer is a small kitchen tool for slicing and cutting beans, peas and soy.


Bean slicers are available in many varieties. Some slicers are very small and cheap, while others are large and expensive. Small slicers are designed for home use and large for commercial and frequent slicing beans.

Countertop slicers are mostly rotatory, which consist of blades, handle and bottom surface. By rotating the blades, move and slice. Handheld slicers have blades which pass and cut through the beans. You can choose the most suitable, which will also be budget-friendly.