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Adding the cheese to your dishes is always very delightful. Cheese comes in a lot of forms ranging from soft to hard. It’s used in the form of slices, shredded cheese, and cooked inside dishes.

Pre-grated cheese, although it saves time, but it costs more. It contains preservatives and chemicals which can change the taste. Grating cheese with hands is a very hard task and requires a lot of time and effort. The dull blades of a simple grater can waste your time and make you tired.

You can grate cheese with a rotary cheese grater at home. This is a safe and inexpensive way to get freshly grated cheese.
A cheese grater is essential for both home and professional cooking. It can make great the cheese in very rare times.

Helpful Information and Guide Rotary Cheese Slicer

What Is Rotary Cheese Grater?

A cheese rotary grater is a perfect tool for grating cheese. It is a versatile tool with multiple blades. It can use for great cheese and hard veggies like carrots. It has made it easier to slice the hard parmesan cheese and pecorino Romano. Some cheese rotary grater also allows to great and slice foods other than cheese.

It shreds the block of cheese with ease, both hard and soft. It is the best choice for cheese preparation. It can be operated very easily by rotating the handle. It is manual and does not need electricity. In most rotary cheese graters, there are drum blades. Cheese can be grated by placing in the circular blades.

What To Look For Buying The Best Rotary Cheese Grater?

Buying the best rotary cheese grater for your kitchen is a tiny investment for the future. This decision should be taken very wisely. You have to consider the following things before buying a cheese grater.

  1. The number of disks or drum blades: Make sure that the disk sizes are attached with the greater. The more the disk number, the more graters are flexible for grating.
  2. Price: The price of rotary cheese slicer with extra durability and multiple features can might be around 30$ to 40$.
  3. Handle Design: Design and a good grip on the handle are the most important to look for. The non-slippery grip will be best for grating effortlessly. The handle should be turn quickly and attached securely to the grater.
  4. Suction Base: The rotary cheese greater having suction base cups offers stability during grating.
  5. Type Of Grind: Look that the cheese rotator is best for which type of cheese. Hard, soft or semi-hard cheeses for which cheese you want to buy the rotary cheese grater consider first.
  6. Ease Of Cleaning: Look for the comfort of cleaning. In a rotary cheese grater, there are more parts to clean than in a simple cheese grater. This cheese slicer is dishwasher safe. Extricate the cheese with a brush before placing it in the dishwasher. The cheese can be in nooks and crannies of the grater and need cleaning thoroughly.
  7. Material And Durability: Concern the durability and material. Look for the model which is more durable and lost long.
  8. Size And Capacity: Consider the size and capacity of the rotary cheese grater. If you grate cheese often, select the larger size with more capacity. On the other hand, if you need it rarely, look for the small one.
  9. Ease Of Maintenance: Rotary cheese grater is easy to maintain. It can be disassembled when needed and stored.
  10. Accessories: Accessories like a cleaning brush make using a cheese grater easier and quicker.
  11. Ease of disassembling: Rotary cheese grater can be disassembled very easily.
  12. Multi-Use: Look for the greater that can do grating, shredding, and slicing.
  13. Safety: Safety is the most important thing to consider. The rotary cheese grater will not cut your finger and is safe to use. There will be no contact with blades when used. It is also safe because of food-grade BPA-free material.

How To Slice Cheese With A Rotary Grater?

Rotary cheese grater can create great cheese and vegetables with a little effort. It has a straightforward design with a simple operating method. It is a key kitchen tool for the serious chef. For grating your cheese, follow the below steps.

  1. Step 1: Adjust the rotary cheese grater’s handle, blades and food carriage.
  2. Step 2: Place the slicer on the kitchen counter.
  3. Step 3: Open the block of cheese and place it under the food carriage if the grater has or holds it with one hand.
  4. Step 4: Now rotate the handle and put a bowl near the grater to directly shift grated cheese from the rotary cheese grater.
  5. Step 5: Rotate the handle continuously until the whole block of cheese has finished.
  6. Step 6: Remove the cheese particles from the blades and wash them as soon as possible.

Handheld Vs Countertop

A cheese grater is usually in handheld and countertop forms. The handheld rotary cheese slicer is small in size and can be disassembled, so it takes little space in the kitchen cabinet or on the kitchen counter. When grating, handheld holds the cheese in one hand and rotates the handle with the other. It is best for grating small quantities and light-duty work.

The countertop rotary cheese grater is large and for heavy-duty work. They require more space to place on the counter. It can be used with only one hand rather than two. A Countertop cheese grater is the best option for grating cheese for a lot of pizza topping.

Blades Of Rotary Cheese Grater

The rotary cheese grater comes with different blades. Grating blades, fine shredding blades, shredding blades, and slicing blades. With a cheese grater, you can get a great variety of vegetables very quickly. You can great and shred vegetables to prepare salads or add to the dishes.

Blades are different in size and thickness and can be adjusted. Blades are made with stainless steel material and sharp enough to cut thinly in and evenly in a single attempt.

Advantages Of Rotary Cheese Grater

  • A rotary cheese grater is a versatile appliance, and it can perform multiple tasks and grating.
  • It is ideal for grating cheese, potatoes, cucumber, carrot, zucchini, radish walnut, chocolate and much more.
  • It has a very efficient speed and saves your time and labor by shredding huge cheese blocks in seconds.
  • It can cut and shred in your desired shape.
  • The blades will not contact your hands while slicing.
  • You can freeze the shredded cheese, and it will not spoil.
  • Three different grating wheels make it versatile.
  • The design of the rotary cheese grater is more comfortable, and a firm grip makes it efficient to grate without any issue.
  • It is easy to store as it will not demand more space.
  • It is not very expensive; in other words, it is budget-friendly.

Safety Using Rotary Cheese Grater

  • Blades are very sharp, keeping your hands safe when cleaning the rotary cheese grater.
  • Do not wash with very warm water. It can damage the blades. Instead, apply Luke warm water.
  • Please do not allow children to use it. Only allow them to use under your supervision.
  • Always store after drying thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Rotary Cheese Slicer

What Is The Best Material For Rotary Cheese Grater?

The best material for rotary cheese grater is stainless steel. The parts of the rotary grater can be removed so stainless steel material will not damage and is easy to disassemble.

What Can You Do With A Rotary Cheese Grater?

It is used to great and shred cheese and different types of vegetables. It can grate radish, zucchini, potatoes, chocolate, cucumber, beetroot, nuts, garlic, and cookies.

Can You Sharpen The Blades On A Rotary Cheese Slicer?

Sharpening the blades on a rotary cheese slicer can be difficult. Blades are sharp enough to work a lifetime. Still, if you need sharpening, then refer it to some professional.

Can This Do Zucchini Noodles?

No, it does not work on zucchini noodles. It is a grater; it can slice and shred only. You can buy a spiralizer for zucchini noodles.

Can You Use This For Shredding Bread?

It can shred the pretty dry bread. It will be difficult to slice the soft or fresh bread.

What Is The Height Of The Unit When Assembled?

The unit’s height, when assembled, is usually nine and a half inches. It can be changed in different models.

Does It Slice Tomatoes?

Yes, it can slice tomato, but it will depend on the tomato. For slicing tomato, the blades of the rotary cheese grater should be serrated.

Can You Buy Different Blades?

Need A Fine Blade For Fine Cheese Grating. The rotary cheese grater comes with different blades. A fine shredder blade is one of them, which can finely taste the hard parmesan cheese. You can measure the length and diameter of the blades of the grater before buying.


The rotary cheese grater helps you while grating by keeping your hands away from the blades. Anyone, even children, can use it with eases and comfort. It includes slicing, shredding and grating blades so t can meet most of your kitchen tasks. Turning the handle rotates the blades, giving in evenly grated cheese very quickly. For grating large quantities, you may get an electric grater.

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