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Spiralizing vegetables for salads is a more popular and healthier way. Spiralized vegetables look attractive and make the food mare tasty. Spiralizing the vegetable is difficult with a manual spiralizer. It takes much time, and you have to rotate the handle continuously to spiralize vegetables. A vegetable peeler can also spiralize, but it will create a mess and make you tired.

The electric spiralizer will give you the opportunity to make your veggie noodles at home. You can get minerals and vitamins in a few seconds. You can create fresh spiralize for different dishes like pasta and salads. An electric spiralizer will reduce your preparation time and faster the cooking.

Helpful Information and Guide About Electric Spiralizer

What Is An Electric Spiralizer?

The electric spiralizer is an innovative kitchen appliance which spiralizes food into different types of ribbons and noodles. Electric spiralizer allows you to turn fruits and vegetables quickly into an attractive shape, adding flavour and fun to meals. It can spiralize vegetables into pre-thin ribbons, julienne and round noodles. It works simply and effectively.

There is usually a built-in pusher to spiralize food easily. The electric spiralizer consists of blades, a motor, a food chute and a food container. These parts can be disassembled for cleaning purposes. The electric spiralizer is easy to maintain, use and store.

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Spiralizer?

  1. Price: The price of good quality spiralizer is high. You can find an electric spiralizer for around 150$.
  2. Electric motor: Motors of electric spiralizer are hand crank and electric motor. Electric motors cost more but spin faster and spiralize huge quantities in less time. It will spiralize neatly and will be no mess. The power of the electric spiralizer motor should be 400 watts.
  3. Cleanup: Electric spiralizer is easy to clean. After using, place it under the running water and wash it.
  4. Blades: Blades of electric spiralizer are made from heavy-duty reinforced food-grade ABS. Most of the slicers have four types of blades for different cuts.
  5. Dishwasher safe: It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  6. Quick and easy to assemble: Spiralizer does half the work and makes work easier.
  7. Easy to use: Electric spiralizer is easy to handle and use. It has a simple design.
  8. Speed: The speed of the electric spiralizer is very fast.
  9. Food container: In the electric spiralizer, there is a food container with a 500 ml capacity which is enough for vegetables.

Electric Spiralizer Vs Manual Spiralizer

Spiralizers are in manual and electric forms. Manual slicers are operated with hands without any electric power. They are made with plastic usually and consist of blades and handles. Vegetables are placed between the blades and handle of the spiralizer. Vegetables are spiralized by rotating the handle. The manual spiralizer is simple to use and light in weight. Its price is low, the electric one. You have to spend more time and energy when using it.

The electric spiralizer is fast and quick to work. It has a motor, blades, bowl and food chute. The motor needs the power to run. It is expensive and has more weight. You must place it near an outlet to spiralize vegetables or other food.

Spiralizer Attachments

Attachment with electric spiralizer will depend on the equality, price, size, blades, material and brand. Some spiralizer have slicing and cutting attachments. It comes with a variety of blades to spiralize in multiple cuts. The electric spiralizer has a cleaning brush and recipe book.

Blades Of Spiralizer

In most electric spiralizer, there are four types of blades to spiralize food in different shapes. All shapes make a good presentation and inspire us to eat.

  • Rounded grating blades: These blades cut vegetables in continuous spaghetti-shaped edges.
  • Thin julienne blades: Julienne blades are used to spiralize food items in continuous linguini-shaped noodles.
  • Thick julienne blades: These blades of electric spiral spiralize vegetables and fruits in a fettuccine shape.
  • Ribbon blades: Ribbon blades are used to cut widely.

Why Should You Buy A Spiralizer?

  • Electric spiralizer will make your life much easier.
  • It can also slice vegetables differently.
  • The electric spiralizer is safe for hands and also for health.
  • It will take half time to spiralize, then manual one.
  • It gives the best result as then food processor.
  • It has a large food container.
  • Buying an electric spiralizer is a worth investment.
  • It will make your work less hectic and make cooking fun.
  • It is affordable and long lasts. Made with high-quality material and durable.
  • It will take up tiny space on the kitchen counter.

Care And Maintenance of Electric Spiralizer

  • Please turn off the appliance and unplug it when it is not in use.
  • Always use a pusher to feed food; you do not push by hand.
  • Do not exceed the operating time of 3 minutes.
  • Do not use the electric spiralizer if any part is damaged, bent or cracked.
  • Avoid touching the moving parts of the electric spiralizer.

How To Fix When Spiralizer Has Trouble?

  • When the food chute is not locked in, make sure that the cone is rightly leveled in the holder. Always insert the tab between two notches. For fixing the food chute, place it on the base and turn clockwise.
  • If the motor is not running, check the motor. It may be damaged or overheated. Allow the motor to cool down for fifteen minutes or more.
  • When the food pusher does not press the food thoroughly, it has lost its grip. Stop the process and turn off the electric spiralizer. Cut the flat edge of the food and try again.
  • If the electric spiralizer is not spiralizing, it means the food you have placed is soft. Place the food in the freezer for a few minutes to get firm. It will not spiralize if the food is too soft.
  • Another reason for not working electric spiralizer is that food is not placed properly in the centre of the food chute. Remove the vegetable and fit it closely to the food cute.

How To Clean Electric Spiralizer?

The electric spiralizer can be cleaned perfectly by following the below steps.

  • Unplug the spiralizer and disassemble the removable parts.
  • To remove the food chute, turn it counterclockwise until it unlocks.
  • Now remove the cone from the cone holder, and push it upward from the bottom. Keep hands away from the blades.
  • Clean the base with a damp cloth. Wash the removable parts of the electric spiralizer like the food container, food pusher, lid and cones. You can wash them by hand or place them in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Clean cones with a brush. Dry all parts and then assemble the electric spiralizer.

How To Assemble An Electric Spiralizer?

Assemble the parts of your electric spiralizer with the given steps.

  • Step1 : Place the cone into the cone holder. Ensure that the cone is fit inside the cone holder.
  • Step2 : Place the cone and cone holder on the base of the electric spiralizer.
  • Step3 : Now, place the food chute on the base. Fix the food cute by turning it clockwise.
  • Step4 : Now slice the food pusher of your spiralizer in the food chute, and the food processor bowl should be placed between the feet of the base.

How To Spiralize Vegetables In An Electric Spiralizer?

  1. Step 1: Plug into the outlet the electric spiralizer. Place the food which you want to spiralize in the centre of the food chute.
  2. Step 2: Press the food pusher down on the food. Now turn on the spiralizer.
  3. Step 3: Apply constant pressure lightly to the food pusher during processing the food.
  4. Step 4: Process the food until the food spiralizes completely.
  5. Step 5: Turn off the electric spiralizer and remove the leftover food from the food pusher.
  6. Step 6: Clean the electric spiralizer and wash it thoroughly.

What To Look For When Spiralizing The Food

Look for the following things to spiralize food in the best way using the electric spiralizer.

  1. Type of food: Always choose firm vegetables and fruits to spiralize. Soft food will get stuck with blades, do not spiralize properly, and be hard to remove from the food chute. Choose carrots, cucumber, potatoes, turnip and zucchini.
  2. Food Size: The size of food is most important to look for. Select the food that is at least one inch in diameter. If the food is small, it will not yield, a larger one will get stuck, and a larger one will be trimmed.
  3. The shape of the food: Food with a symmetric shape will bet for an electric spiralizer. Multilayer vegetables like onion are not suitable for spiralizing.
  4. Food preparation: Prepare the food before placing it in the spiralizer. Wash and peel out the vegetables or fruits. Remove the stems, seeds and pits from inside. The food is larger than cut in half to fit in the food chute.
  5. Seeds: Solid vegetables are better to slice than those seeds. Seeds made hard spiralizing and got caught in the blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Electric Spiralizer

Can You Freeze Spiralized Vegetables?

You can freeze vegetables with low-content water. Denser vegetables can easy to freeze. The vegetables having high water content can get soggy. Use them when they are spiralizing freshly.

What Vegetables Can You Spiralize?

You can spiralize firm vegetables on an electric spiralizer. Cucumber, radish, zucchini, potatoes and turnip can be spiralized perfectly. Prefer to spiralize foods with no seeds.

How Do You Cook Spiralized Vegetables?

Some vegetables are eaten raw, like carrots and cucumber. Others can be fried or cooked on low heat for a few minutes. Do not cook them too much because vegetables will get slim, and the texture will change.

Is Spiralizer Worth Buying?

Yes, an electric spiralizer is worth the money. You can spiralize the wide range of spiralizer on it. You do not have to rotate the handle like a manual spiralizer. It will save your time and effort.

How To Spiralize The Food Without A Spiralizer?

You can still spiralize food if you do not have an electric or manual spiralizer. Use a mandolin slicer or vegetable peeler to spiralize.

Is An Electric Spiralizer Better Than Hand-Held Ones?

An electric spiralizer is better than a hand-held because it works more rapidly and saves time. Otherwise, both spiralizers cut in the same way.

Why Buy An Electric Spiralizer?

Buying an electric spiralizer is very beneficial. It spiralizes vegetables in seconds. It will directly dispense the spiralizer into its large size container.

Can You Use A Food Processor To Spiralize?

In some food processors, there is an attachment to spiralizing food. The food processor will turn vegetables into beautiful noodles.


The best electric spiralizer is essential for spiralizing vegetables for salads and presentations. Electric spiralizer will increase the quantity of the vegetables in your food, and you will eat healthy food. Electric spiralizers are available in many designs, shapes and verities. You can choose the more suitable and budget-friendly one for you among them.

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