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Onions are most widely used in meals and eaten as a salad. It provides taste and colour to our dishes. Onions are full of vitamins and minerals necessary for our body.

However, cutting onions can be inconvenient as the acid of onions can cause burns and tears in our eyes. An onion slicer is a versatile gadget that can make slicing onions comfortable and keep you away from odour and crying while cutting onions. An onion slicer can perform multifunction at a time. It is more than a slicer. It will give relief from the hard work of slicing onions with a knife and will work faster. It is a time-saving tool and can help you in food preparation.

Helpful Information and Guide About Onion Chopper and Slicer

What Is An Onion Chopper?

An onion slicer is used to slice and chop an onion and different types of other vegetables. Slicers are used to cut uniform size slices and cuts. Onion slicers are simple with straight forward design but are convenient. It will make the preparation of dishes more pleasant.

Slicers consist of a handle, stainless steel blades, surface area and even a container to collect food. It helps a lot in slicing onions without shedding tears from eyes and creating a mess on the counter.

How To Choose The Best Onion Chopper?

Onion slicers can be selected easily. Select the slicer which is multitasking and can perform quickly and accurately. Choose a slicer that can be washed and cleaned easily. Slicers with dishwashing safe will be more helpful for you.

Onion slicers are available in different sizes, from small to large. You can select small if needed for regular work. For heavy-duty work, select electric and large slicers.

Electric slicers can be set at the kitchen counter and are always ready to use. It requires no effort or strength for slicing. Onions can be sliced only by pressing the button.

What To Consider When Choosing An Onion Chopper?

Preparing food in the house takes more time and effort. Onions are the most annoying vegetable to chop for all. You have to consider many things when choosing the best among them. Usage, size, blades, watts, capacity, manual or electric, automatic or not, search all the aspects thoroughly and select which will be at the top of the list.

  1. Mode Electric Vs Manual: Onion choppers are mostly manual. They can be operated easily. Food guards are attached with slicers to protect hands and save from injuries. They are perfect for home use. They may have a push button to start operating the slicer. You can use it easily; you only have to push the onions on the food tray the blades will slice them perfectly. Electric: Electric slicers are best for heavy-duty restaurants. Most of the slicers are automatic. The need no operator during slicing. It can be operated by pushing the start button, and slices will bring out from the slicer.
  2. Quality Of Material: Made with excellent quality plastic. Blades are super sharp and can cut food at once. Ensure the slicer’s body and blade material are high in quality and can work for a long time.
  3. Bpa Free: Onion slicers are BPA free. Kitchen utensils made with BPA plastic, a low-quality material, are a considerable risk for human health. Always choose the slicer made with high-quality material to protect your health. BPA made slicer will not only affect food but can also damage your health.
  4. Ease Of Use: Slicers are designed for ease and durability. They are easy to use, clean and maintain. Slicers parts can be disassembled easily when needed. The non- skid base for better stability and grip will make it easy to use on the countertop.
  5. Clean-Up: Most slicers are safe to wash in the dishwasher. Parts are usually easy to remove and can be put directly in the dishwasher except for the blades. Slicers can easily clean and wash by hand. Using soap and warm water, it can be cleaned thoroughly.
  6. Price: Onion slicers are not much expensive. A simple slicer that works by rotating the handle in a circular motion can be purchased for a few dollars. Slicers with high-quality material and several adjustable blades will be high in price. The small slicers will be cheap, and the large ones will be expensive. The price of meat slicers is very high compared to manual slicers. They have the motor, which raises the price.
  7. Blade Material: Onion slicer blades are made with heavy-duty 420 stainless steel, famous for rust resistance. Blades of onion slicers are made with durable material, which is best for slicing the onion and other vegetables.
  8. Number Of Blades: The number of blades can be different in each model, which will help you to perform multiple cuttings. However, four interchangeable blades are attached with slicers: fine dicer blade, medium dicer blade, spirals, julienne blade, and spiral ribbon blade.
  9. Power-Watts: Power watt can be different for different sizes and models. Select the slicer with at least 100 power watts.
  10. Cutting Speed Options: Cutting speed options are only available in electric slicers. The speed of slicers can be adjusted by rotating the knob. Cutting speed will make work faster. Select a high-speed slicer if you have to work daily and slice in large quantities. In manual slicers, the speed option will not be available.
  11. Dicing Size: Slicers dicing sizes can be different. It can be small or large. You can choose among them which can be more suitable. Manual slicers have blades of multiple sized, which can be easily replaced.
  12. Capacity: Onion slicers have different food capacities. Choose the slicer which has more capacity to hold food at a time. It will help you a lot during work.
  13. Chopping Options: Slicers also have a chopping option. Blades are also attached to chop the onion and other vegetables. Slicers are all in one tool. You do not need to buy a separate slicer for chopping. It will save your money and space at the kitchen counter.

Electric Vs Manual Chopper

Electric and manual onion slicers provide fast, even and safe slicing. Using a slicer is an effective way to cut ingredients thinly and perfectly.

  • Blades: Both slicers, manual and electric, provide variety in thickness of blades. In a manual slicer, we have to attach the desired blade. The thickness setting can be selected in an electric slicer by rotating the thickness knob. This function can be different in each model. It depends on the slicer. The manual slicers are more beneficial because they have more blades and cutting style options. We can cut onions and vegetables in multiple shapes and sizes. While in the electric slicer, this facility is rare.
  • Speed: Speed is different in the manual and electric slicer. In manual onion, slicers’ speed depends on you. If you are used to working more quickly, it will benefit you. When you push food fastly, the slicer will slice at the same speed. On the other hand, in electric slicers, speed depends on the slicer. You can adjust speed slow, medium or high. Comparing both, the electric slicer will cut in more speed and give better results.
  • Size: Manual slicers are small and take a small place. It can be stored easily in cupboards and empty spaces of kitchen racks. The electric slicers are large and require more space for working and storage. If you have a large kitchen and counter have space near the power, set it permanently in that space. It will save the time of opening and putting it back again in the storage box.
  • Price: There is a huge difference between the prices of both slicers. As manual slicers are hand, small and simple, they will cost low. The outer body of the manual slicer is usually made with plastic, which will affect the cost of the slicer. The slicers with high-quality material will be more expensive than regular or low-quality material.
  • Power: The electric slicers work with a motor. Although it will be small, it needs a power supply to be high in price. Electric slicers are made to work for decades and are made with high-quality plastic, glass or any other metal. Price also depends on the size. Small onion slicers will not be costly.

Benefits Of Using Onion Chopper

  • Time-efficient: Slicers are time efficient for the kitchen. Slicer will make meal preparation and everyday cooking quick, fast and easy.
  • Multipurpose: Onion slicers are multipurpose. We can not only help slice but also can dice, cut in julienne, cubes and spiralize. We can use the slicer not only for meals and salads but also for preparing soups, desserts, and various dishes.
  • Suitable for everyone: A simple yet efficient slicer for progressive work will be suitable for everyone. It can be stored perfectly in cupboards and shelves.
  • Improves your health: Onion slicer can reduce onion irritant vapours to minimize crying and eye sting. Slicer will protect your eyes and improve your health. Keep you away from hard work and tiredness and will remain fresh.
  • Remove smell: Slicers can keep you away from the smell of onions. The smell will not be spread in the kitchen, and your hands will also remain clean and safe.

How to choose an onion chopper?

Onion coppers always have an essential part in the kitchen. Lack of time is a problem for everyone. We want to complete every work in no time. Saving time is more important than anything else as well as we want to eat healthy and fresh meat. It looks impossible these days. But is it is not impossible at all. The onion slicer is excellent assistance for you.

Choosing the best onion slicer means making the task easy and quick. Before choosing an onion slicer, you must know which type of slicer will be more suitable for you. What kind of slices, size and blades do you need? Price will also be more important for choosing a quality slicer. Good quality blades will also play an important role in selection. High-quality stainless steel blades will be durable and will slice evenly and rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Onion Chopper

Are onion choppers electric?

Electric onion slicers are also available in large quantities. These slicers can work more quickly comparing to manual. An electric slicer only needs to press the button, and slicing will be complete in a few seconds.

Do onion choppers really work?

There is no doubt about the working performance of slicers. nion choppers can work excellently for slicing onions. Onion slicers are a must-have for preparing food. They will save your time, and your eyes and fingers will remain protected.

How does onion chopper save my time?

Onion slicers can save time when you have to slice and cut onions and vegetables for gatherings and parties. You have to work hard and complete tasks quickly, and ideally, it will help you a lot.

Can kids use an onion chopper?

Onion slicers are safe for hands. You can allow kids to slice under the guidance and follow the safety tips. Kids will also enjoy slicing. But it will be better to keep them away if they are too young.

What should I avoid chopping in my onion chopper?

Avoid slicing too hard and too soft vegetables and slicing cooked food. Onion slicers are only suitable for raw food. I always prefer to cut fresh vegetables because the vegetables that will not fresh can be fixed in the slicer’s blades, and it will be challenging to keep the slicer clean and washed. It will also badly affect the blades.

Should I hand wash an onion chopper?

Onion slicers can be washed by hand, and they are also safe for dishwashing. Slicers are also safe for hand washing, and your hands will remain protected from cuts and injuries.

Are onion choppers good for chopping other vegetables?

Yes, most onion slicers can slice other vegetables as well as onions. They can slice tomatoes, potatoes, radish etc. If you want a multifunctional slicer, select a slicer to fulfil your need.

How do you use to operate the onion chopper?

Onion slicers are not challenging to use. Select and attach the blade of your desired thickness. Place the onion on the slicer. Push the onion and slice in a back and forth motion. Slices will be collected in the bowl and the food container you will place under the slicer. Electric slicers are easy to use. Place food in the slicer and press the power button. Slicers will slice automatically.


Homemade fresh and healthy food is much better than junk food. Healthy food preparation does not take much time. Time duration can be reduced by using kitchen tools.

Different choppers, cutters, slicers and shredders are available in the market. Onion slicers are a must-have kitchen tool nowadays. They can slice vegetables in large quantities in no time compared to cutting with a knife. Onion slicers can save time, keep the kitchen neat and clean, and protect eyes and health. In short, an onion slicer is a multitasking gadget for all of us.

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