Bizerba Slicer Troubleshooting

Bizerba slicer is a heavy-duty commercial meat slicer. It is large and designed with sanitary facilities for slicing food. Bizerba slicers are very easy to use, clean and maintain. It also provides full safety and energy-saving facilities for the user.

Bizerba slicer is an automatic slice used commonly in butter shops, supermarkets, delis and industrial food processors. It can be used for slicing all kinds of meats, cheese, bread and even sausages. It slices all types of food very efficiently and quickly. It is a time-saving slicer with many benefits.

How To Use Bizerba Slicer?

  • Step 1: Set slice thickness to zero. Make sure all components are positioned correctly and firmly.
    Set slice thickness
    Set slice thickness to zero
  • Step 2: Place the food in the product tray and push it slightly. Place the product holder on the food to secure it.
  • Step 3: Turn on the servo mode; the carriage should be moved using the handle only easily. Then set it to auto mode. The slicer will slice food automatically in very less time.
    Turn on
    Turn on the servo mode

Bizerba Slicer Troubleshooting/Problem Identification

  • Check The Power: To identify troubleshooting of the slicer, the first step is to check whether the bizerba slicer is receiving power. If the slicer is not receiving power, check the power cord and ensure it is plugged into a working outlet. If the power cord is plugged in and the slicer is still not receiving power, contact a qualified electrician to check the outlet.
  • Check The Blades: If the bizerba slicer receives power, the next step is to check the blade. The blade should be securely attached to the slicer and should be sharp. If the blade is not sharp, contact a qualified technician to sharpen the blade. If the blade is not securely attached, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the blade properly.
  • Check The Food Carriage: If the bizerba slicer receives power and the blade is sharp and securely attached, the next step is to check the food carriage. The food carriage should be able to move freely back and forth. If the food carriage is not moving, contact a qualified technician to service the slicer.
  • Check The Food Pusher: If the slicer receives power, the blade is sharp and securely attached, and the food carriage moves freely, the next step is to check the food pusher. The food pusher should be able to move freely up and down. If the food pusher is not moving, contact a qualified technician to service the slicer.

Common Troubleshooting And Fixing Of BiZerba Slicers

Like other machines and slicers, the bizerba slicer also sometimes stops working. The users get worried because they do not know how to fix the troubleshooting. It may be that you do not understand which part of the slicer is causing trouble.

Below some problems faced by the slicer users are discussed with their solutions.

  • My Bizerba Slicer Provides Dull Meat Slices; What Can Be The Cause?

There can be more than one cause. The first and most common reason can be the unsharpened or dull lades of the slicer. Sharp the blades of the slicer immediately if you don’t sharpen them since a long time. The other reason can be the thickness knob is not appropriately adjusted according to the size of meat or other foods.

  • Panhandle Of Slicer Won’T Coming Off

Try grabbing the handle with pliers while holding the pan firmly with your other hand. The pliers help most to get unstuck things often.

  • Bizerba Slicer Is Not Flipping The Product Into The Receiving Tray?

Your slicer needs to be checked and serviced by an expert. It is a serious issue, which I cannot advise without inspecting your bizerba slicer. Save your precious time and money, and visit an expert.

  • My Bizerba Slicer Is Not Spinning; How I Can Solve This Issue?

There can be many possible reasons behind the not spinning of your slicer. Must identify the cause, and then you should be able to solve it. Firstly, check the power switch and ensure that you have plugged it properly and the switch is on. Secondly, check the motor of the bizerba slicer. Ensure that it is not damaged and receiving the power. It may be due to the damage of the tears of the motor. Lubricate the slicer and again check that the slicer spins or not.

  • Bizerba Slicer Is Not Restarting; How To Restart It?

Firstly, plug in the slicer with different power outlets. Maybe the outlet in which you have plugged in the slicer is damaged or does not supply the power properly. After checking with another outlet if the slicer is still not restarting, make sure that there is no fault in the power board of your slicer. Also, check the circuit board; it may need to be replaced. There can be a serious problem with your slicer. Refer it to some expert if it does not restart.

  • How To Clean Bizerba Slicer?

Clean the slicer before and after using. Cleaning the slicer regularly is very important to maintain the quality and get the most out of the bizebra slicer. Follow the below steps for cleaning your slicer in the best way.

  1. Pull out the power plug from the outlet. Then open the carriage screw and set the thickness of the slices to zero.
    Step one
    set the thickness of the slices to zero
  2. Make sure that the slicer thickness knob is locked, and then tilt the carriage. Now, remove the remnant holder plate.
  3. After that, remove the blade cover. You can clean all the removable parts and the sharpener in the sink or dishwasher.
    Step Three
    Remove the removeable parts
  4. Clean the slicer’s blades with a cloth, slowly wiping away from the blade’s centre.
    Step Four
    Clean the slicer’s blades with a cloth
  5. Rotate the blade together with the towel. Move carriage away from operator side until it comes to a stop.
    Step 5
    Clean the Blade
  6. Now, use the lifting device to clean under the slicer.
  • How To Sharpen The Bizerba Slicer?

Blades of bizebra slicer become dull after frequent use. Sharpen the blades regularly to slice thinly and maintain the slicer. Here are the steps for sharpening the bizebra slicer:

  1. For sharpening, turn the holder away from the blades. Then insert the blade sharpener to gauge the plate from the top. Set the thickness to zero.
  2. Push the food carriage and sharpener simultaneously towards the blades. Now, fix the sharpener and switch on the bizebra slicer.
  3. Sharpen the blades for a few minutes. After sharpening the slicer, lubricate it.

Safety Instructions For Using Bizebra slicer

  • Read the operating instructions carefully before operating and connecting the machine.
  • Close the slicing thickness to zero when the slicer is not in use.
    Step 2
    Close the slicing thickness to zero
  • Wear cut-proof gloves while cleaning the bizebra slicer.
    cut-proof gloves
  • Use a moist cleaning cloth only.
    step 3
    Close the all parts
  • Lubricate your bizerba slicer once a week.


Bizerba slicer troubleshooting - Getsliceright Infographic
Bizerba slicer troubleshooting – Getsliceright Infographic

Bizerba slicer is a commercial slicer made with high-quality material. But it also needs proper care and cleaning. If you use it daily for hours, clean it twice a day. To prevent damage to the blades of the bizerba slicer and other issues, lubricate it regularly. If the slicer does not work after checking above all solutions, refer it to some expert as soon as possible.