Troubleshoot and Fix Your Globe SLICER in Minutes

Globe SLICER is a multi-functional device that can be used for many purposes. It is used to slice and dice your food. It can be used as a food slicer, a cheese slicer, a meat slicer, and even a cheese grater.

Globe slicers are considered one of the best slicers. They are designed to provide safe and productive processing of food. !.But like other slicers, they may troubleshoot sometimes and need fixing. You must know the cause of troubleshooting to fix the problem.

Globe Slicer Troubleshooting and Fixing

Your Globe SLICER is not working properly. There are a few reasons why your Globe SLICER might not be working. The following are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix your Globe SLICER in minutes.

  1. Won’t start: If your globe slicer is not starting, behind that be many causes. The unplugged power cord, broken fuse, removed knife cover, the motor may have tripped, the lever could be in the automatic position, and much more.
    Check Plugin
    Plugin slicer correctly

    Solution: Turn on the slicer and make sure that fuse is not broken. Reinstall the knife covers by releasing the adjustment knob.
    Press the button under the machine. Move the auto-engaged lever to the manual position.

  2. Makes ragged cuts: If the slicer is making ragged and rough cuts or poor yield, it can be due to the knife’s small or large size or dullness.
    Solution: Clean and sharpen the knife of the globe slicer. If the knife is damaged or too small or too large, install the new knife and adjust the slicer table if needed.
  3. Knife rubs against the metal: If the knife is rubbing against the metal and it is impossible to slice on, it may be due to the knife cover, food chute, or defect in end weight.
    Solution: Tighten and adjust the knife cover and chute knob. Replace the end weight if broken. Adjust the slicer table.
  4. Hard to push food chute: It should be due because of no lubrication.
    Solution: Reassemble the slicer’s parts and lubricate thoroughly with globe oil. Prevent using vegetable oil. Clean the slicer thoroughly.
  5. Hard to sharpen knife: The stones can be dirty or wet and clogged with grease.
    Solution: Clean the stones thoroughly with the help of a brush and apply warm water to be cleaned thoroughly. Let them cool after washing and lubricate with globe oil.

    Blade Issue
    Hard sharpen knife
  6. Slicer stops running: Maybe the motor is overheated.
    Solution: Turn off the slicer and let it cool for 15- 20 minutes. Then start again by pushing the reset button.

Globe Manual Slicer Video Training

How to Avoid Globe Slicer Problems?

  • Always properly clean and sanitize your slicer to prevent illness.
    Sanitizing slicer
    Clean and sanitize slicer
  • After slicing, adjust the thickness knob to zero.
    Thikness knob at zero
    Adjust the thickness knob
  • Always install the slicer on a nonskid surface.
  • Use only globe slicer accessories.
  • Always use a slicer with a knife cover.
    slicer with a knife cover.
    Slicer knife cover
  • Never slices bones and frozen meat.
  • Before cleaning, sharpening, or removing any part, always turn the slicer off.
    Turn off switch
    Turn off/on meat slicer
  • Never hold food products while slicing.
  • Keep hands and arms away from all moving parts of the slicer.
  • Tightened all the knobs before using the slicer.
  • Never ruse slicer without rubber feet on the unit.


How do you clean a globe meat slicer?

The globe slicer has a lift lever that raises the slicer to allow cleaning underneath.

How often should the globe slicer be cleaned?

It should be cleaned every four hours.

How to loosen the sharpener of the slicer?

Loosen sharpener releases knob by turning it anticlockwise several times.

What to do when the motor reset button is tripped?

Press the slicer button underneath the machine to reset the motor.

Why does the slicer make ragged cuts?

A dull knife can make sliced meat ragged or uneven.


Globe slicer is designed to work for years; you can also work on it for a long time if you follow the instructions carefully. You must know the troubleshooting and the possible solutions to fix them.