Is Alcohol the Best Cleaner and Sanitizer for Meat Slicer?

The general rule of thumb; be sure everything is clean! And you will have no issues. If you don’t use meat slicer cleaner and Sanitizer, the dirty surface of your meat slicer will quickly become your worst nightmare. Sanitizing is an essential process of decreasing the number of germs and bacteria to a safe level. Using Alcohol is better for cleaning and sanitizing meat slicers because it will help eliminate any bacteria on a meat slicer.

Yes, Alcohol will kill 99% of germs and sanitize the meat slicer. The oil from food creates a layer on the blade, making it less effective. Alcohol in its pure form will dissolve the fat and clean your slicer or food processor blade or any other small equipment that uses blades. Most people know that Alcohol helps sterilize surfaces, but did you know that it’s also excellent at getting rid of the edges? It prevents rust on the blade and even enables you to clean the rim. Here is a guide on how to clean a meat slicer with Alcohol.

What is Food Grade Alcohol?

What is food grade alcohol
Food Grade Alcohol

With food-grade Alcohol, cleaning is easy. “Food Grade Alcohol” is a great cleaning agent and Sanitizer; it means ethyl alcohol safe for human consumption because of the lack of additives. Food Grade Alcohol has many names in the industry like “food-grade ethanol,” “non-denatured alcohol,” etc. Food grade ethanol is a valuable natural solvent used for lots of food-safe applications that may come in contact with people. For this reason, it is instrumental in the kitchen. Food grade alcohol is effective because of the high percentage of Alcohol.

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Which Alcohol is good for Sanitizer?

Alcohol sanitizer can kill microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi on the surface of your metal parts and make them clean. Alcohol works best with a pleasant smell and no flavor or odor. It is suitable for your cleaning process for the first time.

Rubbing Alcohol, isopropyl alcohol & ethanol alcohol are different types of Alcohol on the market for cleaning & sanitizing purposes. Solutions contain 80% (percent volume/volume) ethanol or 75% isopropyl alcohol; however, generally speaking, sanitizers containing 60 to 95% alcohol are acceptable.

Which alcohol is good for sanitizer
Alcohol Is Good For Sanitizer

The main difference between them is concentration. The concentration of isopropyl alcohol is 100% & is the best Alcohol used for sanitizing & is antiseptic. It is fast-acting, leaves no odor, and dries quickly. In contrast, the concentration of rubbing Alcohol is less because of the addition of water. Otherwise, the two liquids have similar properties. They are antibacterial and antiseptic.

Alcohol as a Powerful Cleaner

Alcohol as a powerful cleaner
Alcohol As A Powerful Cleaner

Alcohol is potent because it forms a chemical reaction that turns the solution into water when mixed with water or any other solution. So when you are cleaning your meat slicer with this product, the old and new residue will be dissolved and changed into the water, which you can easily clean up since there are no toxic components left after extraction. With its mild fragrance and natural antibacterial properties, Alcohol is a gentle yet powerful cleaner for cooking equipment and more.

Is Isopropyl Alcohol safe for food surfaces?

Alcohol sanitizers are the best products that you can use to sanitize your meat slicer after every use because it is safe to use on all food-grade materials that make up the overall machine. The best way to clean the meat slicer is with isopropyl alcohol because Using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol helps you clean better, faster, and with as little residue. Your slicer has parts that will deteriorate from exposure to sanitizers if left in contact too long. Isopropyl alcohol is the food-safe sanitizing agent, but be sure to rinse the meat slicer parts with hot water to remove all traces of the sanitizing solution before contact with food. Do not apply directly to food because they are used to sanitize equipment & surface in food preparation.

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Cleaning & Sanitizing Meat Slicer with Alcohol

Alcohol is Best for Meat Slicer Cleaning and Sanitizing. When using a meat slicer in your commercial or home kitchen, essential cleaning measures need to be observed.

  • To effectively sanitize or disinfect an area, you have to remove the meat slicer blade & then remove dirt & debris from a surface first.
  • Soil, grease, or dust will inactivate sanitizers, so cleaning and rinsing a surface before sanitizing it is essential.
  • Then mix eight tablespoons of rubbing Alcohol with two cups of water, pour over the meat slicer, & use a toothbrush or cleaning brush to gently scrub away the grease, quickly breaking down fatty residue.
  • Then lather with soap, rinse the solution, lubricate and reassemble.
  • Make sure to use a solution of at least 70% ethanol/ethyl alcohol. Use test strips to determine the concentration of your sanitizing solution.

Difference between cleaning and sanitizing:

Sanitizing is a process of removing microorganisms like bacteria etc. Whereas cleaning only removes the dust and dirt sitting on the surface. When preparing food using meat slicers and meat grinders, make sure that they are well-groomed and sanitized.


The Meat Slicer Cleaner and Sanitizer are Alcohol-based. It’s highly effective in helping to thoroughly clean grease and meat residue from your meat slicing equipment. Then it sanitizes the slicer so you can prepare your next fresh cut of meat without fear of recontamination. Alcohol sanitizers are the best products that you can use to sanitize your meat slicer after every use because it is safe to use on all food-grade materials that make up the overall machine. It evaporates quickly, leaves no aftertaste, and can save you a lot of trouble.