How Do You Change The Wire On A Cheese Slicer?

A cheese slicer is a kitchen utensil used to slice cheese into even slices. It’s made up of a blade, the frame handle, and the wire. The wire held taunts between the arms of the handle. The frame holds the cheese in place while slicing. The handle makes it easy to manipulate the slicer when cutting cheese.

The wires of the cheese slicer cut the cheese from soft to hard cleanly and precisely in a few minutes. The wires become dull eventually, and you need to replace them for further use.

Types Of Cheese Slicers

Cheese slicers have different types which slice cheese in uniform, thin slices. You can also slice cheese with a knife, mandoline, or cutter. But cheese slices will be cut ideally compared to all. The main types of slicers are the following.

  1. Cheese plane: It slices the hard cheese. With a flat metal base with a handle, there is a hole through which thin cheese slices can slice out.
    (cheese plane)
    Cheese Plane
  2. Rolling cheese slicer: It is T-shaped, similar to the vegetable cutter. Roller and wire are their parts. It is best for semi-soft cheese.
    (rolling cheese slicer)
    Rolling Cheese Slicer
  3. Wire cheese slicer consists of board, wire, and handle. It cut the cheese manually with the attached wire.
    (wire cheese slicer)
    Wire Cheese Slicer

Why Change The Wire On A Cheese Slicer?

  1. Not Sharp Enough: The wires of cheese slicers will not be sharp enough after a few uses. Changing the wire of the slicer is just like replacing the blades of a knife. You can continue using it without further sharpening as long as you change the wire. The wires of cheese slicers have to be changed after every 5 or 6 slices.
  2. Too Old: If you have a cheese slicer and the wire is still functional but too old to cut a slice, it is time to replace it.
  3. Avoiding Buying a New Slicer: Most people do not know how to change the wires of the cheese slicer; they buy a new cutting board. There is no need to purchase a new board; instead, you can change the wire and avoid unnecessary expenses. You can easily replace wires on your own.
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Usually, the cutting boards are made of marble with stainless steel wire. The wire works for years and sometimes with a lifetime warranty. Many slicers have pair of extra wires with the model.

How To Change Wire On A Cheese Slicer?

You can find replacement cheese wire from the shop of utensils. Measure the distance between the arms of the cheese slicer to know the correct size of the replacement wire to buy. If you do not find cheese wire use a guitar string. Follow the given steps to remove and change the wire of your cheese slicer.

  1. Step 1: Loose the screw of the cheese slicer from the head of the handle.
    Step one to change wire
    Loose The Screw
  2. Step 2: Remove the wire pin and pull it out at the end of the wire.
  3. Step 3: Rotate the handlebar in the opposite direction holding the base firmly to keep it in place.
  4. Step 4: The bar will loose from the base, and the wire will be released.
  5. Step 5: Replace it with the new wire. Take the new wire and push its one end to the handlebar. Rotate it until it fixes in a secured position.
    Step to change wire
    Replace Wire With The New Wire
  6. STEP 6: Now place the ring of slicer at the other end of the wire. Push it until it is fixed in place.
    Step to change wire
    Fix The Wire

Cheese Board Wire Replacement Video

Precautions And Safety Maintenance of Cheese Slicer Wire

  • Before changing wires, check and make sure it is in good condition.
  • Make sure that the wire is located between the two metal pieces.
  • If the wire is too old, it will be difficult to remove with screws. It would be best if you had a pair of pliers to get help.
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Changing the wire of the cheese slicer is very simple. You can easily replace the wire with a new one. The new wire will give you a much smoother cut than before.