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Cheese is a dairy product and uses widely in many dishes. It provides nutrition like protein, calcium, and vitamins along with the growth of our bodies. Cheese has different types and forms. Some kinds of cheese are hard; some are soft or semi-hard. When it comes to slicing cheese, it is hard to slice evenly. Sometimes cheese melts enough during cutting that it becomes difficult to continue slicing. Hard cheese is also difficult to cut with a knife. A knife can’t cut through it if not sharp.

A cheese slicer can easily cut all types of cheese. It cut cheese into equal size slices very quickly. The wire cheese slicer is a cheese slicer to cut soft cheese with the help of a wire.

Helpful Information and Guide About Wire Cheese Slicer

What is a Wire Cheese Slicer?

Wire cheese slicer slices cheese with a wire. The wire cheese slicer is very simple with a straightforward design. It consists of a cutting board, handles, and a wire. The cutting board can be made of marble or wooden surface. It slices both hard and soft cheese with stainless steel wires. It has replacement wires for long-lasting use. Cheese can be sliced by pressing the wire on it. It is perfect for cutting other food items also.

Uses of Wire Cheese Slicer

A wired cheese slicer is used to slice soft and semi-hard cheese. A wire slicer can also be used to cut other food. It can slice butter for use in bread. The wire cheese slicer is also handy for slicing fruit gel, soft vegetables, and fruits.

How Do You Cut Cheese With Cheese Wire?

You can slice the cheese block with a wire cheese slicer in equal parts. Wire cheese slices have marble or wooden cutting board, which is used to place cheese. The cheese with less moisture is best cut with a wire slicer.

  • Step 1: Place the block of cheese on a wire slicer.
  • Step 2: Marked thickness with a butter knife for equal size slices.
  • Step 3: Start slicing cheese by pressing wire with even pressure on all sides of the cheese.
  • Step 4: Make sure that the wire is reached the end of the cheese to cut the slice.

Blade Cheese Slicer Vs Wire Cheese Slicer

Blade cheese slicers are stainless steel with a single blade small handy tool. Most blade slicers have a triangular head with no chance to break like wires. The hard handle of the blade slicer made it easy to hold firmly. To slice cheese with it, you have to pull a slicer on a block of cheese. The blades cheese slicer is suitable for slicing semi-hard cheese.

The wire slicers are large if they have a cutting board. Some wire slicers are small and shaped like vegetable peelers. Wire slicer slices with the help of wire, while blade slicers need a sharp blade to cut. Both can cut cheese into equal size slices.

Handheld Vs Base Model Wire Cheese Slicers

Handheld slicers have adjustable stainless steel wire. Handheld slicers are small and light. It can be used by pushing over a block of cheese. Handheld slicers need low maintenance, care, and cleaning. The wires can be replaced when they become dull. The thickness of slices can be adjusted from thin to pretty fat. Of course, it is best for slicing for appetizer plates and sandwiches. You can cut cheese from different angles and adjust the distance from the roller to the wire.

Base model cheese slicers, as the name shows, have a base. It consists of a base, cutting wires, and a handle. This wire slicer is reliable for the kitchen and helps you slice perfectly. It comes with extra strong and durable wires. With a wire cheese slicer, you can cut cheese into cubes, squares, and wedges, thick and thin. Easy to install and use.

The base slicer base can be wood, marble, or any other metal. A large block of cheese can be sliced perfectly on it. For the base slicer, you must put cheese on the surface and then push the wire on it. At the same time, the handheld slicer can slice from either side of the cheese.

Different Types of Wire Cheese Slicers

Wire cheese slicers have multiple types. They are small, large, and medium in size. Some types of fire cheese slicers are below.

Rollschnitt cheese slicer

These slicers are made with aluminum with a stainless steel wire. It is excellent for slicing cheese for platters or sandwiches. This slicer can cut all sorts of cheese, from mozzarella to cheddar.

Handheld wire cheese slicer

Handheld slicers are small and can be old with one hand to slice. They look like a vegetable peeler and slice from one edge of cheese to other.

Base model wire cheese slicer:

Base model cheese slicers have a base to place and cut cheese. Slice cheese with a wire by pushing the wire down to the end of the cheese. Base slicers have a handle to hold them firmly during slicing.

Aeon design cheese slicer

This slicer can cut semi-hard or hard blocks of cheese. It has a wire and handles, is entirely made with metal, and cannot be broken or harmed easily. Suitable for slicing butter, fruits, and vegetables. It slices the cheese without breaking it.

What is a Wire Cheese Slicer Also Called?

Wire cheese slicers are called cheese cutters. Some slicers can also be great for the cheese. They are called cheese graters. Cheese slicers have different forms and shapes, so they are named for these shapes.

How Do You Tighten a Cheese Slicer Wire?

The wires of the cheese slicer can be tightened simply by turning the screws of the slicer in a clockwise direction. On both sides of the slicer, two screws hold the wire. With the help of these screws, you can adjust the wires and loosen or tighten the wire.

In some wire slicers tightening is too easy with the adjustment knob. Wires can be tight without any tool. For tightening, turn the screw clockwise, and if you want to lose them, turn counterclockwise.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cheese Slicer

Wire cheese slicers are in different styles and shapes, with other food qualities also cutting. Figure out the following things before buying a wire cheese slicer.

  • Adjusting the thickness: Adjustable thickness of the slicer is the essential thing to consider. The base slicers have more flexibility in thickness. In some wire cheese slicers, you can change the thickness according to cheese or your desire.
  • Flexibility: Best wire cheese slicer must have the flexibility to slice both soft and hard both types of cheese. It must cut cheese thoroughly.
  • Safety: Wired cheese slicers must be safe to cut cheese. The wires of cheese slicers are usually secure because they are not as sharp as blades.
  • Easy cleaning: Cleaning of cheese slicer must be easy and straight. The parts of the slicer should be removed without extra effort to clean.
  • Warranty & Durability: Warranty must last at least one or two years. Slicers without warranty have not good quality. Slicers should be made of high-quality, durable material.
  • Wires and Handle: Wires should be durable and preferably stainless steel. The handle must be strong and can be held firmly during slicing.
  • Durability: Select the slicer which is more durable. Slicers made with durable material can work for more than five years. It must be rust-resistant.
  • Versatility: A wire cheese slicer must be versatile to cut all types of cheese and food items.
  • Maintenance: Slicers should be easy to maintain, clean, and store.
  • Type, size, and length of wire: Wire made of stainless steel will be perfect, and its size should be according to your need. If you have to do heavy work, then choose large size slicer. Wire length should be around 5 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Wire Cheese Slicer

Why do you cut cheese with a wire?

Cheese can be sliced easily with a wire. For cutting with a wire slicer, place the cheese on the cutting surface of the slicer. Set the thickness of the wire if possible. Then push the wire on the cheese to slice it. Start slicing from the one edge of cheese and cut to the other end.

Are wired cheese slicers safe?

Wired cheese slicers are safe completely. They are safe to slice cheese for hands. The wires will not cut your hands or figure. Wires are made for slicing soft cheese. They are not sharp enough to harm us.

Are wire cheese slicers dish wash safe?

Yes, the cheese slicer wires are safe to wash in the dishwasher. They are soft and comfortable, with no risk of cleaning in the dishwasher.

How long does a cheese slicer last?

It depends on the use of a cheese slicer. If the material, blades, and construction are of good quality and durable, they will be lost for a long time. Maintenance also matters for getting more out of the slicer.

What kind of cheese slicer is best?

Cheese slicers have several types and kinds. Some slicers can slice hard cheese, and others can soft cheese. Few of them can slice more than one type of cheese. So it depends on the type and thickness of cheese which slicer will best slice it perfectly.

Why are there holes in a cheese knife?

There are little holes in the cheese knife. The purpose of these holes is to reduce friction and help cut cheese thoroughly.

How do you clean a cheese slicer?

For cleaning the cheese slicer, wash it after use as early as possible and dry immediately. Wash with soapy water. If there are holes in the slicer, use a kitchen brush to clean and remove cheese particles completely.

How do you use a rolling cheese slicer?

For slicing with a rolling cheese slicer, you need a block of cheese, a cutting board, and a rolling slicer. Place the cheese on the cutting board and the slicer on the edge of the cheese. Hold cheese with one hand and slicer in the other hand press down the slicer applying even pressure. Slice the cheese horizontally.

What is cheese wire made of?

Wire of cheese slicers is made of stainless steel.

Can you sharpen a cheese slicer?

Yes, the cheese slicer can be sharpened. Cheese slicers with blades can be sharpened with a file. While in the wired cheese slicer, you have to replace the wire because it cannot be sharpened.

What is the best way to store cheese?

The best way to store cheese is to place it in the fridge. The cheese will not spoil and can be used for a long time.

Wired-slicer is better for soft or hard cheese?

Wired-slicer is better for slicing soft cheese.


There is no more need to get injured your hands while slicing cheese. The cheese slicer will cut cheese into equal size slices perfectly. It is up to you to select the best wire slicers among all. Select the slicers which fulfill your all cheese-related requirements.

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