Can you Slice Cheese on a Meat Slicer?

Cheese is produced in a wide range of flavors and textures & is among the most popular food items. We all know that cheese tastes great with meat on sandwiches, and of course, it looks pretty on a platter or in a salad.

It’s great when you want to cut some slices off a block of cheese without taking the time to unwrap it and have it melting out of control. If you have a meat slicer, you’ll be glad to know that there is an easy way to slice your cheese right onto your plate.

What can I use to Slice Cheese?

Meat slicers are machines used to slice meat and can also be the best choice for cutting cheese. But while slicing the cheese isn’t easy, it’s not that difficult if you have one of those superfast meat slicers lying around. A meat slicer requires a unique and different method to cut cheese in a particular way.

  1. Use the electronic control, which includes a start/stop button, and pre-set time and thickness controls, to slice cheese with a meat slicer.
  2. The stainless steel slicer is designed to cut almost any type of cheese you have.
  3. After the task is completed, clean, sanitizer, and lubricate the meat slicer properly.
    Meat slicer for cheese
    Slice cheese with meat slicer

Using a Meat Slicer for Slicing Cheese

Cheese appears to be a delicately soft ingredient in the recipes; on the other hand, a meat slicer is a part of heavy machinery used in the kitchen. Cheese is not easy to slice because of its softness, as it breaks down quickly. A meat slicer can help create perfect slices from virtually any type of cheese. The unique design of a meat slicer allows cutting thick, moist cheeses like mozzarella and provolone.

  1. First of all, just put on your gloves and make sure the blade is clean. Then you have to decide how thin cheese slices you want, then freeze the cheese to get pretty decently thin slices.
  2. To cut frozen cheese, slightly wet the blade with water before cutting; this will make it easier to cut & won’t stick to the edge.
  3. Then place your block of cheese on a meat slicer with wax paper underneath so it won’t go anywhere while you’re cutting.
  4. Next, to properly slice, set the thickness setting you want to go with; don’t slice too thin otherwise, the cheese has broken apart.
  5. When the job is done, rinse the blade components in hot water to preserve the life of your slicer.

Slicing cheese is a simple and easy method depending on the kind of cheese i-e harder, soft & even slice a large block of cheese. Meat slicers are great for cutting cheese. Simply set it on a cutting board, insert the cheese, then press down on the handle. The cheese slides through the cutting blades, making for easy slicing. Make sure to moisturize the blades to avoid the stickiness of cheese with the blade.

Video: Slicing Cheese on a Meat Slicer

Precautions While Slicing Cheese with a Meat Slicer

Slicing cheese with a meat slicer is simple. You need to place your block into the machine and press down on the handle. You’ll have perfect slices ready for your sandwich or salads in seconds! But as you think, it is straightforward, but it is not as simple as you believe; while using, it’s precarious to be slipped or get injured, so make sure you always practice the proper safety & precautions while cutting cheese on a meat slicer to get smooth work.

  • Cheese needs to be cold enough for thin slicing.
  • Cleaning is an essential process when slicing cheese on a meat slicer before you have your cut.
  • Don’t slice too thin otherwise. it will break the cheese.
  • Before slicing cheese, always use that little ‘wet rag or spray bottle’ on the blade.
  • Don’t use soft cheese because it can gunk up your slicing machine.
  • Remove any loose pieces that could interfere before slicing away at an angle with enough pressure.


Cheese tastes fantastic whether sitting on a sandwich or sliced up on a platter. But while slicing the cheese isn’t easy, it’s not that difficult if you have one of those superfast meat slicers lying around. A meat slicer, in my opinion, is a beautiful thing to have in the kitchen. I love to slice my cheese on it without taking the time to unwrap it, and I’m also able to make sure that everything gets cut at the same thickness! Meat slicer makes perfect sandwiches and salads when using these slices with your favorite meats.