Meat Slicer Vs Bread Knife

Meat slicers and bread knives are used in our kitchens in our daily routine. They are useful for slicing and cutting and have made work quicker, faster and more accurate. Using them can reduce the preparation time for cooking and get the best results. Both are made for different purposes. The question arises here: Can a meat slicer also cut bread, or is a bread knife also cut in slices?

Using a Meat Slicer to Cut Bread

Using a Meat Slicer to Cut Bread
Meat Slicer to Cut Bread

A meat slicer can indeed be used to slice bread. You have to freeze the bread before and use a serrated blade that will allow it to cut slices efficiently. Thin blades that are used for cutting thin slices of meat will not be helpful.

Using a Bread Knife to cut meat

You can cut roast, steak or sausage with it. You can use a bread knife for cutting meat if and only if;

Meat Slicer Vs Bread Knife

Meat slicers have become must-have equipment for restaurants, cafeterias, catering businesses and other food establishments. Mainly used for slicing and chopping meat, cheese and other products. They are very versatile and make out food handling process very easy. Meat slicers are of very kind from different manufacturers. But the operating principle is the same in all.

A bread knife is a long knife with a serrated edge and is the perfect tool for cutting all sorts of bread. Due to the blade edge pattern, the knife cuts bread easily through the loaf without slipping on the hard bread crust. It is difficult to cut equal slices of bread with an ordinary knife. It is designed for back-and-forth slicing with very little downward pressure.

Types of Knives For cutting Meat

While a bread knife should not be used to deal with meat, there are several different types of knives that can be used to cut meat, such as:

  1. Chef’s knives: These types of knives have various uses in the kitchen. They can also be used for cutting meat but cannot cut bones at all.
    Chef’s knives
    Cut meat with Chef’s knives
  2. Utility knives: A utility knife is similar to a chef’s knife but a little smaller in size. You can cut cooked or raw meat by using them.
    Utility knives
    Cut meat with Utility knives
  3. Slicing knives: These knives are used for cutting thin slices of meat, whether you are dealing with fish, chicken, beef or mutton.
    slicing knife
    Cut meat with slicing knife

    Cleavers or butcher knives: These are heavy and thick knives specially created for splitting the meat from a bone.

What else can you cut with a Bread Knife?

The name bread knife shows that it can only cut bread. However, it is not just limited to cutting fresh bread from the oven. You can cut anything that is soft inside but can but a more challenging exterior.

  • Lemons
  • Tomatoes
  • Pineapples
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Fruits
    What else can you cut with a Bread Knife
    Cut vegetable with Bread knife


Do not use a bread knife for cutting meat. A bread knife is serrated edges designed to cut through foods with hard exteriors and soft interiors. Using a bread knife to cut meat will result in dulling the bread knife and producing a poor quality cut of meat. Instead, you should use other knives or meat slicers for cutting and slicing meat. You can get efficient bread slices by using a meat slicer.

Slicing Bread With a Food Slicer