Can We Use a Meat Slicer for Raw Meat?

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Meat slicer is designed and created to slice meat products. It is a perfect tool for your next home-cooked meal. If you are trying to buy a raw meat slicer for cutting raw meat, remember that there is no need to purchase a separate meat slicer for raw meat. You can slice raw and cooked meat on the same slicer. However, it’s essential to make sure raw meat is still firm, not floppy; otherwise, it will be difficult to make thin slices of raw meat. Meat slicers can perform various cutting jobs on meats like beef, chicken, lamb, and vegetables.

How to Use a Meat Slicer for Raw Meat?

  • To cut meat into slices of equal size and weight, you must freeze the meat first.
  • If you are slicing raw meat and need it more complex to get a good cut; the best way to use a meat slicer is to place your thinly sliced meat between two pieces of polythene bag and then cover it with a polythene sheet to keep all moisture out.
  • Then put it in the freezer. After two hours or so, you can start working on it. Slightly frozen raw meat is most suitable for perfect slicing.
  • Then defrost the frozen raw meat by putting it in the water, converting it from the rock-hard form into a delicate piece.
  • Once the meat is defrosted, slice it properly into your desired pieces in the meat slice.

How To clean the meat slicer after cutting raw meat?

You can use a meat slicer for raw meat, but it is essential to wash, sanitize, and dry the meat slicer thoroughly. Wash the slicer with soap and hot water, and stainless steel cleaner after use. After cleaning the slicer, sanitize it with a sanitizing solution and let it dry.

If you plan to use different types of meat in your slicing, especially raw meat and cooked meat, it is suggested to change the slicer blade.

How using a Meat Slicer for Raw Meat might affect by your health?

Slicing your meat ensures you’re eating clean and healthy. A meat slicer for raw meat is not feasible for your health because these devices are frequently contaminated with germs. When the meat goes from your fridge down the chute and onto the blade, there’s no barrier between it, and those who will be handling it in processing can spread these germs and cause foodborne illnesses.

Precaution & Safety While slicing Raw Meat

Before operating the meat slicer, pay attention to the following safety tips for cutting raw meat.

  • Never use your meat slicer to slice cooked food when you already used the same slicer to cut raw meat.
  • Before operating the meat slicer, please make sure that the meat is completely thawed.
  • Always use a separate cutting board for raw meat and wash or clean it thoroughly with soap and water or high-pressure hot water after slicing meat.
  • If you are using a meat slicer for raw meat, you should also ensure that your slicer features a taper lock for a more secure fit!
  • Keep the power button off, and the unit unplugged when not used.


Can we use a meat slicer to cut raw meat?

Yes, you can slice raw meat using a meat slicer. Slice the raw meat when it is frozen to slice quickly and perfectly.

Can a meat slicer cut raw meat for jerky? How to cut it?

Yes, you can cut raw meat on a meat slicer for jerky. No need to put meat in the freezer before slicing it for jerky. Adjust the correct thickness.

Can I slice thin meat like vegetables?

It will be tough to slice as thinly as vegetables because the meat is too soft and flexible and can’t be sliced paper-thin.


Yes! You can use a meat slicer for raw meat. It’s an effective way to slice meat, and it will give you perfect slices every single time. Also, it’s a great way to prepare many different dishes. Cutting your meat ensures you’re eating clean and healthy. After use, properly cleaning and sanitizing your meat slicer ensures its performance and extends the life of your equipment.

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