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Biltong is dried meat of chicken, beef, fish, or mutton. It is dried in air and spices or used to make it delicious. It is an old way to store extra meat for the future. Biltong originated in the South African countries.

It is pretty difficult to slice and cut when meat is dried. A butcher’s knife can cut the biltong, but it will still be difficult to cut perfectly. A biltong slicer is a perfect tool to cut dried meat easily.

Biltong slicers come in a variety of types. Some are hand-held, and some are electric. Slicers will provide consistency to cut. Biltong slicer can also be used for slicing vegetables, cheese, and other types of meat.

Helpful Information and Guide About Biltong Slicer

What is a Biltong Slicer?

A Biltong slicer is a slicing machine used to make biltong. It is a product of South Asia. It is a handy tool with a smooth surface and sharp blades to slice biltong. It has two blades, one for thin slices and the other for thick. Biltong slicers are manual and electric. Either manual or electric, simple or everyone can operate them easily.

Why do we need a Biltong Slicer?

Meat can be cut easily with a sharp knife or chef knife if it is fresh. But when meat is dried, it will be pretty hard to slice it using a knife. Hard meat is difficult to slice; a knife cannot go through it and get stuck into the meat. A Biltong slicer is necessary to slice thin biltong pieces in equal sizes. Here are few reasons which explain why do we need a biltong slicer.

  • Time Saving: Biltong slicer will save time and effort. It works fastly and evenly.
  • Easy to use: Its working principle is very easy. Easy to use, handle and maintain. Place the meat and press the button; biltong will be cut in equal sizes.
  • Safe: Biltong slicers are safe to use. There is less chance of getting injured. Blades are fixed to protect hands.
  • Easy to clean: Slicers are much easy to clean. They have a simple design so meat and its remaining parts can be easily cleaned.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Biltong slicers have stainless steel blades that are corrosion resistant and difficult to rust. Most slicers have a sharpener that can also sharpen other knives.
  • Detachable knife: Biltong slicers come with detachable-able knives. A small wrench comes in the pack to use the knife as a kitchen knife separately and attach it with the slicer again when needed.
  • Versatility: Slicers are not specific for cutting biltong only. It is perfect for jerky, bacon, hard vegetables, cheese, and herbs.

Difference between jerky and biltong

Jerky is also dried meat like biltong. There is a difference between jerky and biltong. Jerky is sliced before drying the meat, so it is harder to chew. It is marinated with soya sauce to make it spicy.

Biltong is cut into small slices after drying. To prepare biltong, the whole piece of meat is dried by applying different spices. It remains soft in the middle and hard from the outer side.

Types of Biltong Slicer

Biltong slicers are of many types. They are made with different kinds of materials. Three main types of biltong slicers are following.

  1. Wooden Hand Cutter: Wooden hand cutters are frequently used at homes for cutting. The main parts of this slicer are the handle to hold the slicer, the cutting board, and stainless steel blades. It is easy to use and handle. For slicing biltong, place the meat on the cutting surface. Line using blades and then press down the handle. The meat will be cut into equal slices.
  2. Hand/manual Biltong Multi Slicer: Hand slicers are best for cutting biltong in even thin slices. It is a simple machine with a straightforward design. It looks like a wheel consisting of sharp disk shape blades and a biltong catcher. For better results, it will be good to select a balanced surface or countertop to put a slicer on it. If the surface will smooth, the slicer will keep firmly in its place; it will be easy to handle the slicer for slicing; place the piece of biltong under the blade and start rotating the handle. For adjustment, there is a screw to cut or slice biltong.
  3. Electric Biltong Slicer: The electric biltong slicer is used to perform heavy-duty work. It is used in restaurants and preparing meat in large quantities to slice quickly and save time. It is not difficult to use as it looks. It requires a flat and straight surface to put. It has a start button to start the slicing procedure. The machine will slice biltong in a short time.

What to Look for in a Biltong Cutter?

Before buying a biltong slicer, look for the following points to select the best one.

  1. Warranty: Warranty is the most important thing to look for buying a slicer. Prefer slicers with at least a one or two-year warranty.
  2. Brand: Brand is also essential to look for. Always prefer top quality brands as you can get latter the replacements parts like blades easily. There will be no need to invest again for the whole machine, which low-quality brands do not offers.
  3. Material: Choose durable material. If you are looking for a wood slicer, check the wood quality. For an electric slicer, material matter most.
  4. Size: Select the size according to your needs. For use in the home, small slicers will best adjust on the kitchen counter. Heavy-duty work, and for restaurants, large slicers will be perfect.
  5. Blade sharpeners: Select the slicer with a sharpener to sharpen the blades. It will help you a lot. Blades can be easily sharpened with sharpeners at home.

Biltong Cutter’s Safety Precautions

Safety precautions will keep you away from injuries, and you can get the most out of biltong slicers. Read the following tips thoroughly.

  • Always place the slicer on a flat surface.
  • Prefer to wash blades with hands.
  • Before using the machine, assemble all the parts and make sure they are in proper condition and able to work.
  • Clean the slicer immediately after use.
  • Blades are sharp, so do not allow kids to use them.
  • Never operate the electric slicer with wet hands.

How do I Slice Biltong using Knife?

You can slice biltong with a sharp knife. It would help if you had some practice and a good cutting board for cutting with a knife. A wooden cutting board will be best for cutting with a knife. Wooden boards are hygienic and easy to handle. Cut into thin and small slices.

  1. Step 1: Turn on the slicer if it is electric.
  2. Step 2: Place the meat on the cutting surface.
  3. Step 3: Push the button or rotate the wheel to slice.
  4. Step 4: Start slicing from one side of the meat and cut the whole biltong.

Using Biltong Slicer

A Biltong slicer is used to cut biltong to store it. Use the biltong slicer by placing a piece of biltong on the cutting surface. Press the plunger down, apply the pressure and pull back. Repeat the process to achieve the desired thickness.

How to cut Biltong Super Thin?

Supper thin cuts of biltong will dry quickly. Place meat in the freezer for one hour to give it a good texture. It is the best way to cut biltong super thin.

How can we cut hard biltong?

For cutting hard biltong, put biltong on the cutting board. Hold it firmly so that it can be cut in equal sizes. Start slicing from one side, and cut into super thin slices. Cut all the biltong to the other end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Biltong Slicer

What is the temperature at which biltong can be dried?

The temperature to dry biltong should be around 35 degrees. It depends on the need. For different meats temperature can be less or more.

Does it pretty easy to sharpen biltong slicer blades?

Yes, blades are easy to sharp. Hold the sharpening knife or stone at a vertical position for sharpening blades. Run the blades and apply light pressure on the blade. Sharpen for a few minutes until you make sure that the blades are sharpened. After sharpening, clean the blades thoroughly before storing.

Can I wash the slicer in the dishwasher?

Yes, the biltong slicer can be washed in the dishwasher. The stainless steel tray of slicers can be placed in the dishwasher. At the same time, the other wooden parts and blades are advised to wash and cleaned by hand. For cleaning, use a kitchen towel or a damp cloth.

How do you clean metal parts in the best way?

Clean the metal parts with soapy water. Blades are very sharp so protect your hands during cleaning. It is recommended to wash the surface of the cutting with a sterilizer to keep it hygienic and germ-free. Use an Allen key to remove the blade from the slicer.

Can I cut meet Carpaccio with biltong slicer?

Carpaccio can be cut with biltong slicer. Cut the Carpaccio on slicer like you cut biltong.

Can a biltong slicer be used as a cheese cutter?

Yes, a biltong slicer can be used to cut cheese as well. Cheese can also be cut perfectly. The biltong slicer can be cut into very thin and large sizes. You can cut it into different thickness sizes.

Which size will be more accurate in cutting large rib bones?

Cut the biltong thinly; it will enable the biltong to dry completely.


The Biltong slicer is a revolutionary tool for slicing biltong quickly and effortlessly. This slicer is designed to slice any biltong meat. It can also be used for cutting jerky. Slicers are made with strong and durable material for a long time. They are easy to use and clean. Biltong slicers are a perfect addition to your kitchen.

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