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Brisket is a large cut of beef that comes from the lower chest area. Brisket is extremely flavorful; it is cooked on slow heat. It can be smoked or roasted and used in various recipes.

Brisket is difficult to slice with an ordinary knife. It is a tough cut of beef and damaged while slicing with a dull kitchen knife. If it is not cut correctly, it takes a lot of time to cook and tender.

A brisket knife is a perfect solution for all problems of slicing brisket. Brisket knife blades are designed to slice brisket properly to avoid mess and give a beautiful presentation.

Helpful Information and Guide About Brisket Knife

What’s A Brisket Knife?

A brisket knife is used to cut and slice fat from the brisket. A brisket knife has a long sharp blade to cut large pieces. The handle of the brisket is also large to hold easily during slicing. Brisket knives have different blades to tear and cut through the meat. The razor-sharp blades of a brisket knife can effortlessly carve and slice brisket, turkey, roast, and other meat.

Types Of Brisket Knives

Brisket knife has the following types.

  1. Stamped Knives: Stamped knives cut from brisket like a cutter. Stamped knife blades are sharp, durable and less hard. They are lighter in weight and can be held easily. Stamped knife needs less effort to slice brisket in a short time.
  2. Forged Knives: Forged knife blades are harder than ordinary blades. These knives can be used to chop brisket, turkey and vegetables. The blades keep brisket from sticking with a knife. Blades are ultra-sharp and need less sharpening. It minimizes the slicing resistance for users.
  3. German vs Japanese Steel: Japanese steel blades contain much more carbon than German steel. Japanese steel brisket knife is harder and less durable. At the same time, German steel knives are more durable and soft.

Difference Between A Slicing, Trimming And Carving Knife

Slicing, trimming and carving knives are different from each other.

  1. A carving knife usually has long and narrow blades with a pointed tip and is used for slicing and carving dense meat. Edges of the carving knife and the long handle allow cutting through the brisket.
  2. A slicing knife is used to slice thin pieces of brisket. It has an even width along with the depth with a rounded tip. It can cut large pieces of brisket, turkey, meat, cakes and sandwiches.
  3. Trimming knife, as the name shows, is used to trim fat from the brisket or other meat. It has more curved blades and is good for slicing and trimming.

Manual Vs Electric Knife

Brisket knives are of two type manual knife and electric knife. The electric knife works with a power supply and slices effortlessly. It can slice large, tough pieces of brisket and turkey into thin pieces. If you have to slice a large quantity and need relief, then an electric knife is the best option. Manual knife or large and requires time and effort to slice. The benefit of the manual knife is that you can use it anywhere as it works manually without any power. Manual and electric knife both have their pros and cons.

Using An Electric Knife For Slicing Brisket
Pros Cons
An electric knife works faster than a manual knife. Expensive than a manual slicer.
It requires less effort to slice brisket. It creates noise during slicing.
It can cut tough cuts also. Need the power to work.
It can cut in any direction. It can be breakdown.
The electric knife has interchangeable blades for different cuts.

Using A Manual Knife For Slicing Brisket


Not much expensive. Works slowly.
It can be carried anywhere easily. Difficult to store
Easy to use and control. Require more effort to slice
It can slice perfectly.

Trimming A Brisket Vs Slicing Brisket

Brisket can be trimmed or sliced to cook.

  1. Trimming brisket is essential to smoke; it affects the entire cooking process of brisket. If there is too much fat, trim the meat to remove fat. Trimming affects the taste of the tenderness of the meat. For trimming, place the brisket on the cutting board and remove the fat. Slide a knife between the brisket and fat and remove extra fat. For trimming, knives with teeth are preferred.
  2. Slicing brisket means cutting brisket in small sections. Slicing incorrectly can cook brisket quickly, making it tasty and tender. For slicing, you need a separate slicing knife. Slicing brisket against the grain is the best way to slice brisket.

What To Look For In A Brisket Knife

For slicing brisket, look for the following things to choose best among different knives.

  1. Length: The length of the brisket knife is commonly 10, 12 and 14 inches. The longer length of the knife is better for slicing evenly. 10 inches knife is used to cut smaller pieces of brisket. A 12-inch blade knife is perfect for a slightly large cut of meat. At the same time, a 14-inch length is best for slicing large cuts of brisket such as 13-18 pounds.
  2. Handle: The handle of the brisket should be long and lightweight.
  3. Material: Brisket knife made with stainless steel and carbon, which are durable and rust-resistance.
  4. Weight: Brisket knife with more weight is better because they remain balanced while slicing.

Blade Type

Blades have different types and shapes which are designed to perform specific functions. Brisket knives have four types of blades. Each has different qualities and functions. You can select the best from these.

  1. Straight: Straight blades are simplest, most common and straight throughout. They slice the meat or other food items cleanly. Straight blades should be sharp enough to start slicing.
  2. Serrated: Serrated blades have tooth-like edges and can tear through meat fibers easily. These blades are best for slicing food with a hard exterior and softer interior. It slices smoothly through the food and works as a saw.
  3. Scalloped: Scalloped blades have separated points connected by arches in the edge. These blades can slice and bite into the meat during cutting. Scalloped blades are cut in a short time thoroughly due to their edges. It can grab still when meat is very tender.
  4. Graton: Graton blades are a type of straight edge blades. The vertical indents run down on the length of the blade and are used in carving knives. The indents of blades are helpful to separate meat during slicing.

Should I Choose A Serrated Knife Or A Straight-Edged Knife?

The straight blade is used for slicing cleanly. For slicing properly, the blades of the knife must be sharp extremely. Straight blades make it difficult to start cutting because it is straight throughout. With the teeth of serrated blades, you can grab into the meat and tear into it. The serrated edge knife will be best to slice brisket.

Why Do Most Brisket Knives Have A Round Tips?

Brisket knives have mostly round tips that ensure that the knife is safe for us. Rounded tips are also helpful in penetrating the meat. It can cut through meat and even cut perfectly hard meat. It is difficult to start cutting with a straight tip, so brisket knives are made with round tips to teeth into the meat.

What Makes A Brisket Slicing Knife Good?

A knife must have some qualities to perform a task in the best way. The brisket knife must be sharp, made with quality and durable material, a firm grip, and a long handle. Read the below points to learn which qualities a brisket knife should have.

  1. Sharpness: For slicing brisket, the first and most important thing is the sharpening of the knife. You cannot slice brisket without the razor-sharp blades of a knife. The brisket must be sliced evenly. Having dull blades means do not fully tear in meat. They require more pressure during slicing. The moisture of the brisket can be lost, and it can be dried. The good quality brisket knife stay sharpened and does not become dull early.
  2. Weight: With a lightweight knife, you can slice easily, but heavier knives provide stability for slicing.
  3. Material: For perfect slicing of brisket, the knife’s material also matters. Brisket knifes or made with stainless steel or carbon steel. Brisket slicing should not be messy because the presentation of brisket must be in even slices. Stainless steel knives are easy to maintain, and they are also rust-resistant and not much expensive. Carbon brisket knives have a high rate of carbon and need to clean after every use.
  4. Handle comfort & safety: The handle of the brisket knife must provide comfort and safety to hold. The handle should be fit in hands and can hold firmly and non-slippery grip. Rubber provides a firm grip than plastic. Brisket knives with stainless steel handles were difficult to hold because stainless steel is slippery and resistant during slicing.

Caring For Your New Knife

Care for a new knife is essential to get perfect slices and the most out of slicing knives. Proper look after the brisket knife can increase its lifespan and give good performance.

  • Do not wash brisket knife with hard detergents. It will damage the blades.
  • After washing the knife, dry it with a cloth.
  • Store the knife in a cover or sheath which protects the blades.
  • Wash brisket knife with lukewarm water; do not apply hot water.
  • Sharpened your knife when the blades become dull.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Slicing Knife For Brisket

How To Slice A Brisket?

Slice the brisket against the grain using a brisket knife. Trim the excess fat firstly and then slice firmly by applying gentle pressure.

Why Do I Need A Specialist Knife To Slice Brisket?

Brisket is a large cut of meat, and it needs to trim the fat and gristle off meat. The brisket knife is needed to trim meat properly with its special blades to cut and prepare brisket for cooking.

My Knife Doesn’T Cut As Well As It Did When It Was New – What Should I Do?

Keep your knife clean and dry as much as possible. The blades of your knife may become dull. Sharpen them with a stone.

Would A Knife For Slicing Brisket Be Good For Slicing Turkey?

Yes, a brisket knife is also good for slicing turkey. You can slice turkey easily with this knife.

Is Beef Brisket Overrated As A Cut Of Meat For Low And Slow Bbq?

Beef brisket is not overrated; brisket needs low and slow heat for BBQ.

Slicing Brisket Hot Or Cold?

Slice the brisket when it is still cold. It is easy to slice meat when the fat is solid, and the knife cuts through meat without resistance.

Can A Bread Knife Cut A Brisket?

The bread knife has serrated sharp edges and can cut through brisket without making a mess or damaging meat.

Can I Use A Brisket Knife To Cut Vegetables?

Yes, you can use a brisket knife to cut vegetables. It can cut tomatoes, peaches and other vegetables.

What Else Can A Brisket Knife Cut?

A brisket knife can be used to cut other food items also.You can cut vegetables, fruits and even cake with a brisket knife.


Brisket knives are available in verities in the market. Before choosing the knife, consider all the factors to select the right one. Sharp the knife regularly and keep it away from rust to work with it for a long time.

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