What Setting on a Meat Slicer is Best For Sandwiches?

For decades, the meat slicer has been a staple in many commercial kitchens because it makes short work of slicing food. Slicing meat is as easy as slicing bread with an adjustable meat slicer. A meat slicer helps cut meat for making sandwiches too.

If you’re slicing sandwiches for friends, family, or even yourself, you’ll find that different kinds of meat slicers give different results. Whether you want a thin slice of ham for a BLT or a thick slice for a hot dog sandwich, you’ll need to consider what kind of meat slicer settings will produce the best result. This guide will help you set the best meat slicer settings for sandwiches.

A meat slicer comprises of a base with the motor and a slicing plate attached at the bottom that sits atop a counter. You can adjust/set the slicing plate or knob thickness to create different-sized slices for making sandwiches. Let your sandwiches stand out from the rest!

Best Setting on Meat Slicer for Sandwiches

Each setting on the slicer corresponds to either a thinner or thicker slice. When slicing meat for sandwiches, choose the coarse setting on your meat slicer. This setting makes more delicate cuts through the meat and a lower salt product.

  1. Settings should adjust the meat slicer’s blades according to how you want to slice your meat. The best setting for a sandwich on a meat slicer is about 2-4, with the blade at half speed. Meat is sliced more thinly when cutting from the outer edges toward the center of the product. When making sandwich meats, set the blades, so they’re closer together. Gravity will pull down on the meat, keeping it on top of the slicer’s blades as it slices, and will result in a thinner slice. This setting should give you the ideal thickness for cutting meat and be fast enough not to have a lot of waste and mess.
  2. Another setting on the meat slicer is thin-sliced between 1/16″ To 1/8″. If you are making sandwiches and want to add meat, then set the thickness on the meat slicer between 1/16″ To 1/8″ or less than 1/8″ & start slicing meat to get paper-thin slices. After cutting, put sliced meat in the sandwich with some cheese and enjoy that moment while eating.

How do you Slice Meat Thin For Sandwiches?

Meat slicer is Ideal for making quick and a clean sandwiches by slicing thin meat at home.

Meat slicers contain sharp blades that rotate at high speed & can cause serious injury. Therefore precautions are an essential part of using the meat slicer.

  • Never put your hand in front of where the blade rotates, whether you’re cutting thin or thick slices.
  • Turn the slicer off if not used and look at the blade.
  • The meat slicer should be cleaned & sanitized adequately on a regular, daily basis.
  • Never push meat with bare hands.


What setting on a meat slicer is best for sandwiches - Getsliceright Infographic
What setting on a meat slicer is best for sandwiches – Getsliceright Infographic

A meat slicer is the best tool for cutting meat into thin slices for sandwiches. With the above setting, you can thin sliced meat for making delicious sandwiches. When slicing meat for sandwiches, choose the setting about 2-4 with the blade at half speed on your meat slicer. This setting makes more minor cuts through the meat and makes a lower salt product. Meat slicers contain sharp edges that rotate at high speed, so safety & precautions are paramount.