How to Sharpen a Meat Slicer Serrated Blade?

Serrated blade

A serrated blade is a slicer tool used in slicer machines for slicing meat and other food ingredients like vegetables, cheese, etc. The sharpening process for serrated blades is the same as for plane/smooth blades. Some machines have a built-in sharpener, while others require a hand sharpener. All you need is sharpening stones and safety tools like gloves etc. Here are a few guiding tips for when and how you can sharpen the serrated meat slicer blade.

Meat Slicer Serrated Blade
Serrated Blade

Checking Whether the Blade Needs Sharpening?

Before sharpening the blade, check the blade whether sharpening is required or not; for this purpose, do the following checks:

  1. Place the meat for slicing and monitor the sliced meat; if you get torn meat slices, it indicates that sharpening is required
    Torn meat slices
    Meat slices
  2. Place a soft food ingredient like an apple under the slicer. If it is consuming more force to ensure the blade gets cut through it, it needs blade sharpening.
  3. If it produces noise on connecting with food, it may also need sharpening

Tools required for Sharpening

  1. Safety gloves: The most important safety tool is cut-resistant safety gloves to ensure your own safety first
  2. Sharpening stone: Whetstone is required when you need hand sharpening. So buy good quality stones for this purpose.
  3. Spark Protection Glasses: Before sharpening the blade, you must wear these glasses because a spark may harm your bare eyes during the sharpening process.
  4. Soft cotton: It is required for cleaning and disinfectant purpose. Use it after sharpening and washing the blade.
  5. Blade Cleaner: It is also required for cleaning the blade after sharpening.
Tools required for Sharpening
Tools required for Sharpening

Sharpening The Blade with Hands

  1. Ensure you have bought the best sharpening stones.
  2. Switch off the working machine and take out the plug.
  3. Place the stone at the edge of the serrated blade
  4. Unscrew the sharpening knob and the blade, and also lock the stones at the shaft of the slicer. Screw the sharpening, locking the knob tightly
  5. Now switch on the machine and get the blade sharpened for 30 sec with the interval of 5 seconds, for three times.
  6. Now check the blade’s sharpening by placing some food material on the tray. If you get the food sliced precisely without any hassle, then it’s good to sign that your blade is ready for the next use.
  7. Turn off the slicer.
  8. Remove the stones by unlocking the knob.
  9. Sanitize the blade before first use.
  10. Reattach the slicer guard, and the machine is ready for use now.

Sharpening the Blades With a Machine-built-in Sharpener

Some slicers come with a built-in sharpener to enhance the machine’s features. Here is a simple process for that:

Sharpening the Blades With a Machine-built-in Sharpener
Sharpening the Blades

Clean the Blade Thoroughly With Soapy Water

  • Soak it with soft cotton and sanitize with the sanitizer.
  • Reassemble all the parts and get them ready for the next use.

Blades Maintenance Tips

  1. Never place meat under the slicer just after taking it out from the freezer. As it can dull the serrated blade very quick.
  2. Always wear safety cut-resistant gloves while working with the slicer to avoid any incident.
  3. Always clean the slicer, especially the blade, and sanitize it as it can be the best place for bacterial growth if not cleaned properly. You can use alcohol as a sanitizer and dry the blade in the air if you have no proper sanitizer.
  4. Lube the slicer with the best quality mineral oil. Never use any kind of vegetable oil because it affects the machine’s working badly.
  5. As it’s an electrical machine, never put it directly under water as it can bring an electric shock.
  6. Place your appliance in a secure and dry place.


How to sharpen a meat slice shredder blade - Getsliceright Infographic
How to sharpen a meat slice shredder blade – Getsliceright Infographic

In conclusion, keeping your meat slicer’s blade sharp is key to ensuring that your food is cut evenly and efficiently. There are a few ways to go about sharpening a meat slicer serrated blade, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to find the method that works best for you and keep your food preparation running smoothly.

How to Sharpen a Meat Slicer Serrated Blade? (Video Tutorial)