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Safety Tips When Using a Meat Slicer

No matter how good your knife skills are, a meat slicer can save your time and still give you a paper-thin slice. A meat slicer is an excellent tool for slicing and serving meats and cutting ingredients for cooking. Safety is paramount when using a meat slicer. Failure to take safety precautions can result in injury.

Improve Safety on a Meat Slicer

If you are using a meat slicer, you must keep these safety tips. Follow our tips listed in this guide, whether at home or in the butcher shop, and you’ll be able to use your meat slicer safely.

  • Read Meat Slicer Instruction Manual Carefully.
  • Keep hands and fingers away from the blade while they’re in motion.
  • Always unplug the slicer when not in use or when left unattended for any amount of time.
  • Please do not wash the machine with water directly; otherwise, it will cause electric shock and other possible issues.
  • Sharpen the blade every day to prevent rust.
  • Never start with the automatic setting or fast speed, or it will damage the machine.
  • Never push the meat with your bare hand; always use a food pusher.
  • Cleaning the blade from the center outward to avoid contact with the blade edge.
  • When disassembling to clean, keep the blade secured and covered.
  • When ready to slice the meat, ensure the black lever is in the manual position and the speed selector knob is in low-speed mode.
  • Never put hands & fingers for food as it comes out of the slicer – always use a catch pan.
  • Drip away the fat that may get splattered onto the slicer.
  • After using the meat slicer remaining pieces of meat from the top and bottom of the slicer should be removed; otherwise, this can increase the bacteria growth.
  • Never Try to slice bones or can damage the blade or even the motor on electric models.
  • Wear cut-resistant gloves for protection if you don’t want to handle hot or messy items.
  • Ensure that your slicer is maintained correctly: the blade is sharpened and has no cracks, rust, or other damage.
  • Never use any chemical products when cleaning the parts of the meat slicer.
  • Never put a food item back into a slicer once removed.
  • Do not cut frozen meat below -6 degrees Celsius.
  • Make sure the meat slicer runs smoothly by checking the parts frequently.
  • Try not to use a brush or other instrument to clean the machine as it could damage the slicer pieces.
  • Make sure all the accessories you will be using are clean.
  • The device must be used on a flat surface & keep the workspace free from the mess.
  • Never mess with the security switch.
  • Do not operate if your machine is broken.
  • Only use a proper plunger when feeding meat into grinders.


A meat slicer is a handy tool that can efficiently slice anything right onto your plate. When used correctly, these slicers are very safe and easy to use. However, many things can go wrong once you get it home. Just a few of these include keeping it out of reach of children, making sure it isn’t too close to a heat source, and not slicing too fast or too much at once. The other tips mentioned above are to keep yourself safe when using a meat slicer. After reading this article on safety tips when using a meat slicer, you should feel well-equipped to utilize this tool safely in your kitchen!

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