Ground Jerky vs Sliced

When comparing ground jerky and sliced jerky, ground jerky is cost-effective, quick to prepare, and easier to eat, while sliced jerky provides a tougher chew and a more traditional texture. Both methods have pros and cons, and personal preference plays a significant role in deciding which type to make.

The Appeal Of Ground Jerky

The Appeal Of Ground Jerky
Original Ground Beef Jerky


  • Ground jerky is often more affordable than sliced jerky due to the lower cost of ground meat.

Quick Preparation

  • Ground jerky requires no marination time, allowing for faster preparation.
  • A jerky gun can simplify and speed up the process.


The Charm Of Sliced Jerky

The Charm Of Sliced Jerky
Jerky Charm

Traditional Texture

  • Sliced jerky provides a tougher, more satisfying chew for those who prefer it.
  • It is less crumbly compared to ground jerky.

Less Grease

Ground Vs Sliced: Factors To Consider

Ground Vs Sliced Factors To Consider
Ground Meat VS Minced Meat Jerky

Flavor and Seasoning

  • Ground jerky can be easier to season evenly, while sliced jerky often relies on a wet marinade.
  • Personal taste plays a significant role in deciding between ground and sliced jerky.

Shelf Life

  • Fattier ground jerky tends to have a shorter shelf life than leaner, sliced jerky.

Availability of Lean Meat

  • Finding lean ground meat for ground jerky can be challenging, which may influence the decision.

Marinade For Ground Vs Sliced Jerky: Tips And Techniques[/su_heading]

When it comes to marinades for ground and sliced jerky, sliced jerky typically uses more liquid-based marinades, while ground jerky requires less liquid and relies more on dry spices. It is possible to adapt marinades from sliced jerky for ground jerky, but be mindful of the liquid-to-meat ratio and focus on using more spices.

H2: Marinades for Sliced Jerky

H3: Liquid-Based Marinades

  • Sliced jerky typically uses wet marinades to infuse the meat with flavor.
  • The meat is soaked in the marinade for a specific time, allowing it to absorb the flavors.

H2: Marinades for Ground Jerky

H3: Dry Spices and Minimal Liquid

  • Ground jerky requires little liquid (about 1 oz per lb of meat) and relies more on dry spices.
  • Too much liquid in the marinade can make it difficult for ground jerky to hold its shape.

H3: Adapting Sliced Jerky Marinades for Ground Jerky

  • When using a marinade for sliced jerky, reduce the liquid content and increase the amount of dry spices.
  • Marinating chunks of meat first and then grinding them to make ground jerky is possible.

How To Slice Jerky Vs How To Ground Jerky?

Slicing and grounding jerky are two different methods of preparing jerky, and each provides a distinct texture and appearance. Here’s a comparison of how to slice jerky vs. how to ground jerky:

How To Slice Jerky:

How To Slice Jerky
Slice Jerky with knife

Step 1: Choose the right meat: To make sliced jerky, you’ll need a lean cut, like the eye of round, top round, or sirloin tip. These cuts have less fat, which helps in the drying process and extends the shelf life of the jerky.

Step 2: Trim the fat: Remove any visible fat from the meat. Fat doesn’t dehydrate well and can make the jerky spoil more quickly.

Step 3: Slice the meat: Slice the meat into thin strips, about 1/4-inch thick. You can slice the meat with or against the grain, depending on your preference for the final texture. Slicing with the grain will result in a chewier jerky while slicing against the grain will make it easier to bite.

Step 4: Marinate: Create a marinade using your preferred seasonings, and let the meat strips marinate for at least a few hours, or even overnight, to allow the flavors to penetrate the meat.

Step 5: Dehydrate: Arrange the marinated meat strips on dehydrator trays or oven racks, ensuring they don’t overlap. Dehydrate the meat at a low temperature (around 160°F) until it reaches your desired texture, which can take 4 to 10 hours.

What Is Ground Beef Jerky?[/su_heading]

What Is Ground Beef Jerky
Ground Beef Jerky

Ground beef jerky is made from ground beef that has been seasoned, cured, and dried. It is an alternative to traditional sliced whole-muscle jerky and offers a different texture and flavor profile.

How To Make Ground And Formed Jerky?

Ground and formed jerky can be made using various equipment, such as grinders, meat mixers, and extruders. One popular method involves using a grinder, a meat mixer, a stuffer, and a smoker to create the jerky.

To make ground beef jerky, follow these steps:

Step 1: Weigh out and prepare your seasonings, cure, and smoked meat stabilizer.

Step 2: Cut your meat into small pieces and grind it twice, first through a 3/8-inch plate and then through a 1/8-inch plate. Alternatively, you can use store-bought ground meat.

Step 3: Mix in your seasonings and cure, ensuring protein extraction for a better texture.

Step 4: Extrude the meat mixture using a stuffer with a jerky maker attachment, forming it into strips.

Step 5: Place the strips on sheets in a smoker.

Step 6: Follow a simple smoke schedule: start at 130°F for an hour with dampers open, then increase to 145°F for two hours with dampers two-thirds closed, and finally reach 175°F until the internal temperature is 160°F.

Step 7: Your ground beef jerky should be ready to enjoy after smoking and drying.

Ground beef jerky can be made with various seasonings, such as dill pickle, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and other spices to suit your preferences. You can also use other lean meats like elk, venison, or turkey for a different flavor profile.

If you don’t have a jerky extruder, you can still make ground beef using common household items like a baking sheet, parchment paper, a rolling pin, and a cooling rack. Roll out the ground beef mixture between two sheets of parchment paper, cut it into strips, and transfer it to a cooling rack before placing it in the smoker. This method may take longer to cook but will yield similarly delicious results.


Is ground jerky similar to a beef stick?

Yes, ground jerky has a texture closer to a beef stick than traditional jerky.

Can I use deer meat for ground jerky?

Yes, deer meat can be used for ground jerky, but it may require mixing with other meats to achieve the desired texture.

How long can I store ground jerky?

Ground jerky made from fattier meats can last a couple of months in a Ziploc bag, but consuming it before it becomes too old is essential.

Can I use the same marinade for ground and sliced jerky?

Yes, but you may need to adjust the liquid-to-spice ratio to better suit ground jerky.

What should I remember when adapting a sliced jerky marinade for ground jerky?

Focus on using more dry spices and less liquid to ensure the ground jerky holds its shape during dehydration.

Can I marinate chunks of meat and then grind them for ground jerky?

Yes, this is a viable option for incorporating the flavors of a sliced jerky marinade into ground jerky.


Ground Jerky vs Sliced - Infographics
Ground Jerky vs Sliced – Infographics

The choice between ground jerky and sliced jerky can largely come down to personal preference, as both forms offer a unique experience and flavor profile. Ground jerky, which is made by grinding meat into a paste before forming, seasoning, and drying it, typically has a softer and more uniform texture. This can make it an excellent choice for those who prefer a less tough and easier-to-chew snack. On the other hand, sliced jerky, made from whole cuts of meat that are seasoned and dried, usually has a more robust and chewy texture. Many people appreciate the authentic feel and natural fibrous texture of the meat in this form.