How to Use a Meat Slicer for Jerky?

Meat that has been cut into strips and dehydrated to prevent spoilage is called jerky. As a meat slicer is a multipurpose machine, you can use it to slice meat for jerky. You can slice jerky quickly and conveniently in your kitchen. Whether you want thick or thin slices, the meat slicer will perform it for you. A meat slicer is handy for preparing food for dehydrating or freezing.

Purpose of Jerky

Jerky is a slice of dried salted meat full of protein, and it can be used as a spicy ingredient in many dishes. It can be added to omelets, burgers, baked potatoes, salads, soups and stews.

Purpose of Jerky

Jerky is cooked at a low temperature (160degree F) with a drying method and salt to prevent bacterial growth. It can be stored for months.

Using a Meat Slicer for Jerky

  1. STEP 1: Firstly, figure out what kind of meat you want to use. Make sure to get soft and tender pieces of meat.
  2. STEP 2: Then trim the fat as much as possible you can. Fat and jerky don’t seem well both together. Due to fat, it can’t be stored for an extended period.
  3. STEP 3: Plug on the meat slicer, pull the sliding platform rested against the food shield, and place the tray behind the blade before using.
    Plug in
    Plug on the meat slicer
  4. STEP 4: Place the meat on the platform and adjust the food pusher until it holds the food firmly in the place.
  5. STEP 5: Rotate the thickness knob for the desired slice thickness. Just push the sliding table by touching the food guide handle the whole meat will be sliced in a few minutes.
    Thickness knob
    Rotate the thickness knob for desired thickness

Pro Tips while using Meat Slicer for Jerky

  • Warm the jerky to 160 degrees before dehydrating to kill bacteria.
  • Vacuum seal the jerky for long-term storage. It will keep jerky more tender.
  • Carefully remove the blade and immerse it in warm, soapy water for several minutes.
  • Always use the food pusher in place.
  • Never slice frozen food and meat with bones.
  • Don’t operate continuously for more than 10 minutes.
  • Rinse and dry it thoroughly.


How should I slice meat for jerky?

Jerky meat needs to be the same thickness throughout the meat. One-fourth of an inch is standard.

Can you use a meat slicer to cut jerky?

Yes, it can be used to cut jerky.

What is the best way to cut meat for jerky?

Cutting meat against the grain is the best way for jerky.

What is jerky?

Jerky is lean trimmed meat that has been cut into strips and dehydrated to prevent spoilage.

What is the white stuff on beef jerky?

The white stuff on beef jerky can sometimes be salt.

Will it cut raw meat for jerky?

Yes, it will cut raw meat.


How to use meat slicer for jerky - Getsliceright Infographic
How to use meat slicer for jerky – Getsliceright Infographic

A meat slicer can also be used for slicing jerky. Having a meat slicer, there is no more need to purchase jerky. You can slice in your desired thickness at home. Jerky can be stored in vacuum sealer bags.

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