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Garlic is one of the must-have ingredients for our dishes. It provides vitamins and minerals, which are essential for our body. It adds flavour to dishes and makes them delicious. Peeling and mincing garlic gets harder and more time-consuming when they are very thin and small in size. Slicing the garlic takes time and can change the shape of the nails. The smell of garlic also remains in my hands which is unpleasant.

You might think the need for a garlic press slicer is when we can slice it with a knife. Garlic slicers are more helpful for saving time and effort. You can get rid of peeling garlic and wasting a lot of time. The garlic press slicer is a handheld multipurpose tool. It can press the garlic and crush, peel, and mice it. Garlic slicers are not expensive.

Helpful Information and Guide About Garlic Press Slicer

What Is A Garlic Press Slicer?

A garlic press slicer is a handy kitchen tool to press garlic cloves easily and quickly. It can cut garlic in different shapes in uniform pieces and even make a flavorful garlic paste. A garlic presser will help press garlic and make it easy to add to all dishes, which we often skip. You can easily remove the leftover parts of garlic from the slicer. You can press several cloves of garlic at a time if you have a large size presser.

How Does The Garlic Slicer Work?

The garlic slicer is easy to use and maintain. Garlic can be sliced by following simple steps. Open the chamber and put garlic inside it. Close the pressing plate. Squeeze handles together, and the garlic will cut perfectly.

How To Pick The Right Slicer Press?

Garlic slicers are of different types, sizes, colours and shapes.

  1. Size: The size of garlic slicers is different. It depends on the size and length of the handle. Some slicers can press on clove, and others can three or more at a time. Small slicers do not need much space in the kitchen. It can be stored in a small space. Even you can put it in any corner of a shelf of the cabinet.
  2. Material: Garlic slicers can be made from a variety of materials. Stainless steel, plastic or rubber can be used for making them. The stainless steel is the most durable of all other materials.
  3. Design: Garlic pressers are in multiple designs. Some garlic slicers can mince the garlic, and others peel and slice also. The design depends on the capacity and functions of the slicer. Slicers are very stylish and innovative. The press design is common in all slicers.
  4. Ergonomics: The grip of most slicers is soft and ergonomic. Ergonomic smooth handles will keep your hands clean. The handles must be long and made with non-slippery material to firm grip them.
  5. Construction: Heavy-duty construction and ingenious design. They must be sturdy, and good quality garlic should not bend when you squeeze. They are made with solid and moulded pieces of metal.
  6. Style: In most slicers, you can mince garlic by pressing the handles. It requires applying some pressure on it.
  7. Basket style: Basket style slicers are very stylish and give a beautiful look. It looks like a basket, as the name shows. These slicers can be held easily with the handle. They are large enough, and you can easily pick out the peel of garlic.
  8. Safety: Garlic pressers are safe to use. The material used in their manufacturing is food proof and safe. No harmful chemicals are used in it.
  9. Versatility: Slicers are versatile and multifunctional.
  10. Functions and accessories: The heavy-duty slicers come with other accessories and functions. Mincing, chopping, peeling, slicing and pressing. Home used little slicers are simple with mincing and peeling options only.
  11. Capacity: Slicers have excellent capacity. Some slicers can slice more than three cloves at a time.
  12. Handling: Garlic pressers are light and easy to handle.
  13. Cleaning: Slicers are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You have to clean immediately after use. With a cleaning brush, it can also be cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning some slicers is difficult as you must take out the blades and then clean them.
  14. Ease of use: Garlic slicers are easy to use. They work cleanly and professionally. Just put the garlic inside and press the slicer.

Knife Vs Press

Pressers can slice quickly compared to a knife. You need a good cutting board, a sharp and perfect knife, and the most important slicing skill for cutting with a knife. For slicing with a presser, only a presser is enough. You have to peel first, which will take time to cut with a knife. Slicer will peel for you or spate the peels in the basket, and at the end, you can bring them out.

Alternatives To Garlic Slicers

A rasp grater can be used in place of a garlic presser. It will mince the garlic easily, just like a garlic presser slicer. You can also use a grater to mince the garlic instead of a garlic presser.

How Much Does A Garlic Slicer Cost?

Slicers are affordable at a low price. Garlic pressers are made with different materials. The slicers made with plastic and rubber will cost low. At the same time, a high quality durable stainless steel model will be expensive. You can find a good quality slicer for 15 USD usually.

Types Of Garlic Slicers

Garlic slicers can be divided mainly into two types. Manual and electric slicers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Slicer

A manual slicer can operate manually. It is an inexpensive but efficient tool for getting the most from the slicer. You can cut down garlic more evenly and quickly than a garlic presser knife. For saving time, it will give better results.

  • Advantages: You can cut down garlic more evenly and quickly than a knife using a garlic presser. For saving time, it will give better results.
  • Disadvantages: It comes with a small capacity. It is helpful for home tasks, but it will not work for preparing large meals. At a time, it can slice a few cloves only, which will take a long time to prepare.

Electric slicer

Electric slicers work with electric supply. Electric choppers can be made with stainless steel, plastic or metals.

  • Advantages: The most important advantage of an electric slicer is time saving and quick work. Then slice and chop garlic and other vegetables in a few seconds. The other plus point of an electric slicer is its capacity. It can slice many cloves at a time.
  • Disadvantages: Electric slicers have disadvantages as well. They slice in more small pieces and combine the whole pieces. There are no size options in the electric slicer. Another disadvantage is its effect on the taste and flavour of garlic. The taste can no longer feel as fresh.

How Is A Garlic Slicer Beneficial To Use?

Garlic slicer has more than one benefit. We do not like peeling and cutting garlic as the smell does not go quickly. It remains in the hands, and sometimes the nails are cut due to peeling garlic in large quantities. A garlic slicer will help you a lot. It will make peeling and slicing with a presser easy and motivate you to cook food. It will save time, avoid creating mess, get rid of the smell and give the best slices.

How To Use A Garlic Slicer?

Using a garlic slicer is simple. Follow the steps which are given below.

  1. Step 1: Separate the cloves from the bulb of garlic. Either peel them or leave them unpeeled.
  2. Step 2: Pure some drops of oil on the slicer. Place the cloves of garlic on the slicer.
  3. Step 3: Combine and press both handles. The slicer will crush cloves into small pieces.
  4. Step 4: Clean the slicer and remove the remaining parts of the garlic. Then wash it by hand or place it in the dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Garlic Press

How Can You Clean The Garlic Press?

A. Garlic slicer can be cleaned by using a toothpick. Bring out all particles of garlic mince with a toothpick. On the other hand, the holes of the slicer can also be clean easily.

How To Cut Garlic Properly With A Slicer?

Cutting garlic is straightforward and easiest. Remove the cap or cover and place a clove in the plunger. Replace cover and press slicer. Press for a few minutes until the clove is minced. Press again if you want to slice thinly.

Can A Garlic Slicer Also Cut Other Food?

A garlic slicer can slice other food as well as garlic. The garlic slicer is small to slice small food or the food cut into small pieces. It can cut olive, ginger, onions, and potato also.

How Can Garlic Be Stored?

Sliced garlic can be stored in the freezer using various techniques. A zip plastic bag, food container, or in an airtight jar. Garlic can be stored for a long time and will not expire. If you have sealed the bag or jar, the smell of garlic will not spread in the fridge. Another way of storing cloves is dry them. Powder of dry garlic can also be made.

How Can I Avoid Getting Garlic Hands?

When we cook a meal, the smell of garlic remains in our hands even though we wash them multiple times. It is called ‘garlic hands’, which is not good.
You can avoid getting hands by wearing gloves while slicing garlic. Washing with cold or lemon water can help you get rid of the smell. Add baking soda to water and wash hands with it. Using a good and safe presser will be more helpful in avoiding getting garlic hands.

Why Invest In A Garlic Slicer?

Without cutting skills and perfect knives, it will be hard to slice garlic perfectly. Garlic presser can cut uniform and thin slices. It will peel and chop garlic and can make the task easy. Investing in a garlic slicer will not be risky as it will help you for several years. It will be a small little investment for your future. Garlic pressers are not expensive, so that you can invest easily.

Are Garlic Slicers Safe?

Yes, garlic slicers are safe to use. During slicing, your hands will remain safe, and blades will not injure the fingers. The integrated food chamber keeps hands safe and clean.

Mandoline Can Help To Slice Garlic?

Mini mandoline can help to slice the garlic. It will cut garlic into thin pieces quickly and safely. Slicing garlic on a mandoline is not difficult or tricky. Put the clove in the chamber and slide the food holder back and forth until the garlic is sliced fully.

What Are The Other Uses Of The Garlic Press?

Garlic presser can press small food items in its chamber. Like, ginger, olives or small slices of onions or potato can be pressed.

Which Greater Will Great Best Garlic?

The food greater will great best garlic. The small size of greater can be used for grating garlic.

How To Use A Garlic Press Without Peeling The Cloves?

There is no need to peel garlic before pressing in a garlic slicer. There is a flesh separator in most pressers, which will separate the peel in the basket, which can be taken out quickly.

Can Garlic Press Also Slice Ginger?

Yes, you can also slice ginger with a garlic slicer. It is convenient for slicing and smashing ginger. You first have to cut ginger into the chunks and then fit it into the slicer.

What Are The Alternatives To Garlic Chopper?

Garlic chopper has many alternatives. These can be used instead of garlic chopper. A tool can perform several jobs at a time. Kitchen tools are not specific for only one vegetable. They can be used for other purposes also as.

  • Microplane
  • Grater
  • Meat tenderizer
  • Morter and pestle
  • Knife


Garlic slicers should be a part of every kitchen. The slicer work significantly and rarely needs to clean. This unique appliance will be sure to help you in preparing a meal. It will not be wise to continue risking your hands with knife cuts when you can purchase a garlic presser.

Garlic pressers are different in design. You can get a presser or small mandolin type slicer with interchangeable blades. It will be up to you which presser will be more suitable for your task.

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