KWS vs. Hobart Food Slicer

The KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer are both excellent options for slicing and dicing in the kitchen. The KWS Food Slicer offers a high-quality stainless steel blade, a built-in sharpener, and enhanced safety features. The Hobart Food Slicer features a removable CleanCut knife, an easy-to-clean design, and automatic operation. Both slicers are suitable for commercial use and offer efficient slicing capabilities. When choosing between the two, consider your specific needs and preferences.

KWS Food Slicer: Power and Precision in Silver

Kws food slicer power and precision in silver
Kws Food Slicer

The KWS Food Slicer, specifically the MS-10NS model, is a versatile and robust slicer suitable for both commercial and home use.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade

High-quality stainless steel blade
Stainless Steel Blade

The KWS Food Slicer is equipped with a 10-inch stainless steel blade constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel. Here’s what makes this blade exceptional:

  • Durability and Anti-Rust Properties: The stainless steel construction ensures that the blade is highly durable, and capable of withstanding heavy-duty use without losing its sharpness or integrity. It is also resistant to rust, making it suitable for long-term use in commercial kitchens or homes.
  • Precise Slice Adjustments: The KWS Food Slicer offers precise slice adjustments, allowing you to customize the thickness of your slices. Whether you need paper-thin slices or slices up to 0.4 inches thick, this slicer provides the flexibility to meet your needs.

Built-In Sharpener for Razor-Sharp Precision

One of the standout features of the KWS Food Slicer is its built-in sharpener, which ensures that your blade remains razor-sharp at all times.

  • Honing and Sharpening: The built-in sharpener hones and sharpens the blade, helping to maintain its optimal cutting performance. With just a few seconds of pressing the front and back buttons, you can keep the blade razor-sharp, resulting in precise and effortless slicing.
  • Consistent Blade Performance: By regularly sharpening the blade, you can ensure that it maintains its sharp edge, preventing it from becoming dull over time. This feature is especially useful in commercial settings where continuous slicing is required.
  • Convenience and Ease of Use: The built-in sharpener is designed for user convenience, allowing you to maintain the sharpness of the blade without the need for external sharpening tools. It’s a time-saving and efficient feature that adds to the overall convenience of the KWS Food Slicer.

Safety and Stability

The KWS Food Slicer is designed with user protection in mind.

Waterproof On-Off Switch and Separate Relays

  • The KWS Food Slicer is equipped with a waterproof on-off switch and separate relays. This design minimizes the risk of damage that could occur if the switch and relays were combined. By keeping them separate, the slicer is better protected against potential electrical issues, ensuring safe operation during use.

Skid-Proof Rubber Feet

  • To enhance stability and prevent accidents, the KWS Food Slicer features skid-proof rubber feet. These feet keep the slicer securely in place on your countertop, even during high-speed slicing. The rubber material grips the surface, providing stability and minimizing the risk of the slicer slipping or moving while in use.

Easy to Clean for Hygiene Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and hygienic slicer is essential, and the KWS Food Slicer makes the cleaning process a breeze. Here’s how:

Removable Product Tray Assembly

  • The product tray assembly of the KWS Food Slicer is removable, allowing for easy cleaning. The tray can accommodate foods up to 7 inches (L) x 7.5 inches (W) x 5.5 inches (H). By removing the tray, you gain better access to clean and sanitize it thoroughly, ensuring food safety and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
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Removable Carriage for Thorough Cleaning

  • The KWS Food Slicer’s carriage, which holds sliced food, is also removable. This feature simplifies the cleaning process by providing easier access to all parts of the carriage. It eliminates hard-to-reach areas where food particles or bacteria can accumulate, allowing for more thorough cleaning and reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Powerful Motor and Transformer

The KWS Food Slicer is equipped with a robust motor and power transformer that provide the necessary power for continuous slicing.

0.4 HP Motor for Reliable Performance

  • The KWS Food Slicer features a 0.4 horsepower (hp) motor, delivering ample power to tackle constant slicing tasks. This motor is specifically designed to handle the demands of commercial settings while also being suitable for home use.
  • The high-quality pure copper motor ensures durability and exceptional performance, allowing the slicer to deliver the power needed for efficient and precise slicing consistently.

Efficient Power Transformer for Safety

Hobart Food Slicer: Efficiency and Innovation at Its Best

Hobart food slicer efficiency and innovation at its best
Hobart Food Slicer

The Hobart Food Slicer is a top-tier commercial-grade slicer known for its efficiency and innovative design.

Removable CleanCut Knife for Easy Maintenance

Removable cleancut knife for easy maintenance
Removable Cleancut Knife

The Hobart Food Slicer is equipped with a 13-inch CleanCut knife that sets it apart from the competition.

  • Easy Removal: The CleanCut knife can be easily removed using the included tool. This feature streamlines the cleaning process, allowing for efficient maintenance and ensuring that every part of the slicer can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Wear-Resistant Stellite Alloy Blade: The blade of the Hobart Food Slicer is crafted from a durable and wear-resistant stellite alloy. This material ensures superior sharpness and extends the lifespan of the blade compared to carbon-coated or stainless steel blades. With the CleanCut knife, you can achieve precise and consistent slices throughout its extended usage.

Effortless Cleaning Design

Cleaning a slicer can be a tedious task, but the Hobart Food Slicer is designed with user convenience in mind.

  • Tilting, Removable Carriage System: The slicer features a tilting carriage system that can be easily removed. This design allows for better access to all areas of the slicer, making it easier to clean and maintain. No more struggling to reach tight spots or worrying about leftover food particles.
  • Removable Meat Grip Arm and Ring Guard Cover: The Hobart Food Slicer also incorporates a removable meat grip arm and a removable ring guard cover. These components can be detached, further facilitating thorough cleaning and ensuring that every nook and cranny is properly sanitized.
  • Lift Lever for Easy Access: A lift lever is included underneath the slicer, enabling easy access to clean underneath the base of the unit. This feature ensures that even the often overlooked parts of the slicer can be cleaned, promoting optimal sanitation and hygiene.

Automatic Operation for Enhanced Productivity

The Hobart Food Slicer is designed to optimize productivity while ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Powerful Motor and Automatic Carriage

  • With a 1/2 horsepower (hp) motor, the Hobart Food Slicer delivers the necessary power for continuous slicing, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks. This robust motor enables seamless slicing of various foods, including cheeses, thanks to its superior cutting ability and performance.
  • The slicer features a 4-speed, 3-stroke automatic carriage, further enhancing productivity. The automatic carriage mechanism ensures consistent and efficient slicing, eliminating the need for manual adjustments between each slice. This time-saving feature is especially valuable in commercial settings where speed and accuracy are paramount.
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Innovative Interlocks for Safety

  • To prioritize safety during operation, the Hobart Food Slicer incorporates multiple interlocks. These interlocks help prevent accidents and ensure smooth and secure operation. Here’s how they work:
    • Home-Start Interlock: The home-start interlock ensures that the carriage is in a convenient start position before activating the slicer. This feature helps prevent accidental activations and ensures that the slicer is ready for precise slicing when initiated.
    • Close-to-Stop Interlock: The close-to-stop interlock allows you to turn off the slicer using the index knob. This convenient feature provides a quick and easy way to stop the slicer, adding an extra layer of control and safety during operation.
    • Carriage System Interlock: The carriage system interlock prevents the carriage from tilting if the gauge plate indicator isn’t closed. This safety measure ensures that the carriage remains in the correct position, reducing the risk of mishaps or accidents while slicing.
    • Automatic Shutoff Interlock: The automatic shutoff interlock turns off the knife after 30 seconds of inactivity. This feature helps conserve energy and prevents unnecessary blade exposure, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting safe operation.

Max Slice Thickness and Product Size

The Hobart Food Slicer offers versatility and precision when it comes to slice thickness and accommodating various product sizes.

Max Slice Thickness and User-Friendly Adjustment

Large Carriage for Versatile Product Size

  • The Hobart Food Slicer features a large carriage that can accommodate foods up to 12 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches high. This spacious design enables you to slice a variety of items, from large hams and roasts to salami and other deli meats. With its generous product capacity, this slicer provides versatility for various slicing needs.

Built-In Sharpener for Quick Blade Maintenance

Built-in sharpener for razor-sharp precision
Built-In Sharpener
  • The Hobart Food Slicer is equipped with a top-mounted borazon stone sharpener, ensuring convenient and efficient blade maintenance.
    • Honing and Sharpening: The sharpener hones and sharpens the blade, helping it maintain optimal cutting performance. With just a few seconds of sharpening, you can quickly restore the sharpness of the blade, ensuring clean and precise slices.
    • Quick Maintenance: The built-in sharpener allows for quick and easy blade maintenance, eliminating the need for external sharpening tools or services. In as little as 5 seconds, you can sharpen the blade and keep it in top condition for continuous slicing.

Making the Choice: KWS or Hobart?

Choosing between the KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

KWS Food Slicer Highlights

  • Perfect for commercial and home use
  • High-quality stainless steel blade with precise adjustments
  • Built-in sharpener for continuous razor-sharp performance
  • Waterproof on-off switch and skid-proof rubber feet for safety and stability
  • Removable product tray assembly for easy cleaning
  • Powerful motor and transformer for consistent slicing power

Hobart Food Slicer Highlights

  • Designed for safety and functionality
  • Removable CleanCut knife for efficient cleaning
  • Automatic operation with the 4-speed carriage
  • Innovative interlocks for enhanced safety
  • 1-inch maximum slice thickness and versatile product size capacity
  • Built-in sharpener for quick and easy blade maintenance

In the end, both the KWS and Hobart slicers are excellent choices. Assess your specific requirements and priorities to determine which one best suits your kitchen needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer suitable for commercial use?

Yes, both slicers are designed to handle the demands of commercial kitchens while also being suitable for home use.

Can i slice cheese with these slicers
Slicing Cheese

Can I slice cheese with these slicers?

Yes, both the KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer are capable of slicing cheese with ease.

Are the blades of these slicers removable for cleaning?

Yes, both slicers feature removable blades for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Which slicer has a sharper and more durable blade?

The KWS Food Slicer utilizes a high-quality stainless steel blade, while the Hobart Food Slicer features a wear-resistant stellite alloy blade, both offering exceptional sharpness and durability.

Are these slicers safe to use?

Yes, both slicers incorporate safety features such as interlocks and guards to ensure safe operation.


When it comes to choosing between the KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer, you have two exceptional options at your disposal. The KWS Food Slicer offers a combination of precision, durability, and safety features, making it ideal for various slicing tasks. On the other hand, the Hobart Food Slicer impresses with its efficiency, easy-to-clean design, and innovative interlocks for enhanced safety. Both slicers cater to commercial use and provide reliable performance. Ultimately, your decision should be based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • The KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer are powerful and efficient slicers suitable for commercial and home use.
  • The KWS slicer features a high-quality stainless steel blade, a built-in sharpener, and an easy-to-clean design.
  • The Hobart slicer boasts a removable CleanCut knife, automatic operation, and innovative interlocks for safety.
  • Assess your specific needs and priorities to determine which slicer is the right choice for you.

Pros And Cons, Similarities And Differences:

Here’s a 5-column table comparing the pros, cons, similarities, and differences between the KWS Food Slicer and the Hobart Food Slicer:

KWS Food Slicer Hobart Food Slicer
Pros – High-quality stainless steel blade – Removable CleanCut knife
– Built-in sharpener – Easy-to-clean design
– Enhanced safety features – Automatic operation
– Powerful motor – Innovative interlocks
– Built-in sharpener
Similarities – Suitable for commercial use – Suitable for commercial use
Recommended for slicing meats, vegetables, cheese – Recommended for slicing meats, vegetables, cheese
– Easy to clean – Easy to clean
– Provide efficient slicing capabilities – Provide efficient slicing capabilities
Differences – Blade made of high-quality stainless steel – Removable CleanCut knife made of stellite alloy
– Waterproof on-off switch and separate relays – Tilting, removable carriage system
– Skid-proof rubber feet for stability – Automatic shutoff interlock after 30 seconds
– 320-watt motor power – 1/2 hp motor power

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