Hobart Slicer 2912B vs. 2912: What’s the Difference?

Short answer: 2912B is automatic and manual while 2912 works automatically only.

The main difference between the Hobart Slicer 2912B and 2912 is that the 2912B offers both automatic and manual slicing options, while the 2912 is fully automatic. The 2912B also has a heavy front meat grip and additional safety features. Both models feature Microban antimicrobial protection and are designed for durability and performance. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two slicers.

Two popular models, the Hobart 2912B and 2912, offer exceptional slicing capabilities with some notable differences. Here are the details and help you understand the distinctions between these two slicers.

Hobart Slicer 2912B: The Versatile Performer

Hobart Slicer 2912B The Versatile Performer
Hobart – 2912B 2 Slicer Operation

The Hobart Slicer 2912B is a versatile automatic meat slicer that excels in handling a wide range of meats while saving you valuable time and energy.

Key Features:

Antimicrobial Protection:

  • The Hobart 2912B comes equipped with built-in antimicrobial protection, offering a significant advantage in maintaining a clean and hygienic slicing environment.
  • This antimicrobial protection effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi on the slicer’s surfaces.
  • By actively preventing the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, it enhances food safety and reduces the risk of contamination.

Automatic and Manual Slicing:

  • The 2912B offers the convenience of both automatic and manual slicing options, providing users with flexibility based on their preferences and specific cutting requirements.
  • Automatic slicing allows for efficient and consistent slicing without the need for manual intervention, saving time and effort.
  • Manual slicing enables more precise cuts, making it ideal for users who prefer a hands-on approach or need customized slicing thickness.

Variable Six-Speed Carriage:

  • This slicer boasts a versatile six-speed carriage with front-mounted controls, allowing you to adjust the slicing speed according to your desired thickness and texture requirements.
  • The speed options range from 28 to 52 strokes per minute, accommodating various types of meats and achieving optimal slicing results for different culinary preparations.

Home-Start Position:

  • The Home-Start feature is designed to maximize yield and minimize waste by ensuring that the carriage is in the “home position” before the slicer can be activated.
  • This intelligent functionality prevents accidental or inefficient slicing, ensuring that the slicing process starts only when the carriage is properly positioned.
  • By starting from the correct position, you can optimize your slicing output and reduce unnecessary food waste.

Gauge Plate and Carriage Interlock:

  • The Gauge Plate and Carriage Interlock feature on the 2912B slicer enhances safety and promotes proper cleaning procedures.
  • It ensures that the Carriage Tray cannot be removed unless the Carriage is in the HOME position and the Gauge Plate is closed.
  • This interlock mechanism prevents accidents and ensures that the slicer is used correctly, reducing the risk of injury or damage.
  • By requiring the slicer to be in the correct position before disassembly, it encourages operators to follow proper cleaning protocols, maintaining a hygienic slicing environment.

Heavy Front Meat Grip:

  • The Hobart 2912B slicer comes standard with a heavy front meat grip, providing enhanced control and ease of use during the slicing process.
  • The robust grip is specifically designed to facilitate the feeding of the product into the knife, ensuring smooth and efficient slicing.
  • With its tapered handle, the meat grip can be easily lifted or moved during product loading, making it convenient for operators to handle different cuts of meat.

Roast Beef Package (Optional):

  • The 2912B-2 model offers an optional Roast Beef Package, designed for those who frequently slice larger cuts of roast beef.
  • This package includes a high carriage fence, rubber feet, and a skid plate kit.
  • The high carriage fence provides additional stability and support when slicing larger pieces of meat, ensuring precise and controlled cuts.
  • Rubber feet help to reduce vibration and provide a secure grip on the countertop, enhancing stability during operation.
  • The skid plate kit prevents the slicer from sliding or moving during the slicing process, ensuring safe and efficient performance.

Hobart Slicer 2912: The Heavy-Duty Workhorse

Hobart Slicer 2912 The Heavy-Duty Workhorse
Hobart – 2912 Slicer

The Hobart 2912 is another impressive slicer from Hobart, offering heavy-duty slicing capabilities and exceptional performance.

Key Features :

Fully Automatic Operation:

  • The Hobart 2912 is a heavy-duty slicer designed for high-volume operations that require consistent and efficient slicing.
  • It operates in a fully automatic mode, providing convenience and productivity in fast-paced commercial kitchens.
  • The variable six-speed automatic carriage offers flexibility in slicing speeds, ranging from 28 to 52 strokes per minute.
  • This versatility allows you to adjust the slicing speed to achieve the desired thickness and texture for various types of meats and food products.

Microban Antimicrobial Protection:

  • Similar to the 2912B model, the Hobart 2912 also features built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection.
  • This protective feature inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi on the slicer’s surfaces.
  • By actively preventing the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, it helps keep the slicer cleaner between cleanings.
  • The Microban antimicrobial protection contributes to a more hygienic slicing environment and supports food safety standards.

Safety Features:

  • The Hobart 2912 slicer incorporates multiple safety features to ensure operator protection during operation and cleaning procedures.
  • The Home Position Start feature requires the slicer’s carriage to be in the correct home position before it can be started, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting safe operation.
  • The Gauge Plate Interlock ensures that the slicer switches off when the gauge plate indicator is adjusted to “0”, enhancing safety during cleaning and maintenance.
  • The Carriage System Interlock prevents the carriage from tilting or being removed if the gauge plate indicator is not set to “0”, ensuring stability and preventing improper handling.
  • The No Volt Release feature protects against the unintentional starting of the slicer. In case of power failure or unplugging, the slicer must be switched on again to restart, avoiding accidental activation.

Tilt Handle and Easy Cleaning:

  • The Hobart 2912 slicer is designed with a convenient tilt handle that allows for easy cleaning underneath the machine.
  • This feature enables operators to access hard-to-reach areas and ensures thorough cleaning and sanitation of the slicer.
  • The ability to clean under the machine helps maintain a clean and sanitary environment, preventing the buildup of food particles and promoting food safety.

Heavy-Duty Drive Mechanism:

  • The 2912 slicer is equipped with a heavy-duty drive mechanism that can handle rigorous slicing tasks with ease.
  • This robust drive mechanism is designed for durability and reliable performance, allowing the slicer to effortlessly slice through a wide range of meats and food products.
  • With its heavy-duty construction, the drive mechanism ensures the slicer can withstand the demands of commercial kitchen environments.

Self-Sharpening Attachment:

  • The Hobart 2912 slicer features a self-sharpening attachment, ensuring that the blade stays consistently sharp for optimal slicing performance.
  • This self-sharpening mechanism eliminates the need for frequent manual sharpening, saving both time and money on maintenance.
  • By maintaining a sharp blade, the slicer can achieve precise and clean slices, resulting in improved efficiency and quality of sliced products.

Which Slicer Is Right for You?

When choosing between the Hobart 2912B and 2912 slicers, consider your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a quick summary to help you make an informed decision:

  • Hobart 2912B: Versatile slicer with automatic and manual slicing capabilities, ideal for users who require flexibility and efficiency. The heavy front meat grip and various safety features make it a reliable choice.
  • Hobart 2912: Heavy-duty slicer designed for high-volume operations. It offers fully automatic slicing, advanced safety features, and easy cleaning options. Perfect for demanding commercial kitchens.


Can I use the Hobart 2912B slicer both automatically and manually?

Yes, the Hobart 2912B slicer can be operated either automatically or manually, providing versatility and convenience.

What is Microban antimicrobial protection?

Microban antimicrobial protection is a built-in feature that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi, ensuring a cleaner slicing environment.

Which model is better for high-volume operations?

The Hobart 2912 slicer is designed specifically for high-volume operations, offering fully automatic slicing and heavy-duty performance.

Are the slicers easy to clean?

Yes, both the Hobart 2912B and 2912 slicers feature design elements that make cleaning and maintenance easier, saving you time and effort.

Can I adjust the slicing speed on these slicers?

Yes, both models offer variable slicing speeds to accommodate different slicing needs and achieve optimal results.

Do these slicers come with any safety features?

Yes, both the Hobart 2912B and 2912 slicers incorporate safety features such as home start position, gauge plate interlock, and carriage system interlock to ensure operator safety.


When comparing the Hobart Slicer 2912B and 2912, it’s clear that both models offer impressive slicing capabilities and innovative features. The 2912B provides the versatility of automatic and manual slicing, while the 2912 is a fully automatic slicer designed for high-volume operations. Both models incorporate Microban antimicrobial protection, ensuring a cleaner and safer slicing environment. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you opt for the flexibility of the 2912B or the heavy-duty performance of the 2912, you can trust Hobart’s commitment to quality and durability.

Key Points:

  • Hobart 2912B and 2912 are two distinct slicer models, each with unique features.
  • The 2912B offers automatic and manual slicing, a six-speed carriage, and a heavy front meat grip.
  • 2912 is a fully automatic slicer with Microban antimicrobial protection, safety features, and a self-sharpening attachment.
  • Consider your specific needs and preferences when deciding between the two models.

Pros And Cons, Similarities And Differences:

Hobart Slicer 2912B Hobart Slicer 2912
Pros Versatile; automatic and manual slicing Fully automatic operation
Built-in antimicrobial protection Variable six-speed automatic carriage
Heavy front meat grip Microban antimicrobial protection
Optional Roast Beef Package available for safety Safety features for operator protection
Similarities Microban antimicrobial protection Microban antimicrobial protection
Variable slicing speeds with the six-speed carriage Variable six-speed automatic carriage
Home-Start feature Fully automatic operation
Differences 2912B: 2912:
– Offers automatic and manual slicing – Fully automatic operation
– Heavy front meat grip – No heavy front meat grip
– Optional Roast Beef Package available
– Safety features for operator protection
– Tilt handle for easy cleaning
– Self-sharpening attachment
– Heavy-duty drive mechanism

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