Muller vs Oxo Mandoline Slicer

If you prioritize precision, adjustability, and versatility, the Muller Mandoline Slicer is an excellent choice with its German engineering, durable construction, and interchangeable blades. On the other hand, if safety, convenience, and ease of use are your main concerns, the Oxo Mandoline Slicer offers a secure and user-friendly slicing experience with its V-shaped blade, stable design, and various cutting options. Consider factors such as adjustability, safety, versatility, and budget to make an informed decision.

Muller Mandoline Slicer: Precision and Versatility

Muller Mandoline Slicer Precision and Versatility
Mueller Premium Mandoline Slicer

The Muller Mandoline Slicer is a high-quality kitchen tool designed for precision slicing, julienne, and grating. With its German-engineered 5 ultra-sharp 420-grade hardened surgical stainless steel blades, adjustable thickness settings, and easy thumb dial control, it offers versatility and accuracy in food preparation. Made with nontoxic ABS plastic and dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning, the Muller Mandoline Slicer is an ideal choice for busy individuals looking for efficient and healthy meal prep. Experience faster slicing, chopping, peeling, and grating with this multi-functional tool, and elevate your culinary skills to new heights.

German-engineered with 5 ultra-sharp 420-grade hardened surgical stainless steel blades:

German-engineered with 5 ultra-sharp 420-grade hardened surgical stainless steel blades
Mueller Austria V-Pro 5 Blade Plastic Mandoline Slicer
  • The blades of the Muller Mandoline Slicer are of exceptional quality, ensuring precise and clean cuts every time.
  • Made from 420-grade hardened surgical stainless steel, these blades are ultra-sharp and durable, built to withstand long-term use.

Fully adjustable for precise slicing, julienne, and grating with unlimited thickness settings:

  • The Muller Mandoline Slicer provides unparalleled adjustability, allowing you to achieve the perfect thickness for your desired slicing or grating needs.
  • With unlimited thickness settings, you have complete control over the thickness of your cuts, providing versatility in your culinary creations.

Easy thumb dial control for effortless thickness adjustment:

  • Adjusting the thickness of your slices is a breeze with the Muller Mandoline Slicer’s easy-to-use thumb dial control.
  • Simply turn the dial to the desired thickness setting, and the slicer will adjust accordingly, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

A multi-functional tool for slicing, chopping, peeling, and grating:

  • Beyond slicing, the Muller Mandoline Slicer serves as a versatile kitchen companion, offering functionality in chopping, peeling, and grating.
  • Whether you need to chop onions, peel vegetables, or grate cheese, this mandoline slicer has you covered, simplifying your food preparation process.

Made with nontoxic ABS plastic, ensuring healthy meals for your family:

  • The Muller Mandoline Slicer is constructed with nontoxic ABS plastic, providing peace of mind in terms of food safety.
  • This material is durable, easy to clean, and guarantees that your family enjoys healthy meals without the worry of harmful chemicals.

Patented knob-controlled design for unlimited slicing options:

  • The Muller Mandoline Slicer boasts a patented knob-controlled design, setting it apart from competitors.
  • This innovative design gives you unlimited slicing options, providing the flexibility to create a wide variety of culinary masterpieces.

Ideal for busy individuals seeking faster food preparation and cleanup:

  • If you lead a busy lifestyle and value efficiency in the kitchen, the Muller Mandoline Slicer is a perfect fit.
  • With its swift slicing capabilities and easy cleanup, this slicer allows you to save time and effort, making meal preparation a breeze.

Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning:

OXO Mandoline Slicer: Safety and Ease of Use

OXO Mandoline Slicer Safety and Ease of Use
OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer

The OXO Mandoline Slicer is a user-friendly and safe kitchen tool that offers efficient slicing and cutting options. With its V-shaped hardened stainless steel blade, it effortlessly slices both firm vegetables and soft fruits. The slicer features four adjustable slice thickness settings, allowing you to achieve your desired thickness with ease. The OXO Mandoline Slicer also includes straight and wavy blades for versatile cutting styles, as well as julienne blades for fine strips. Designed with safety in mind, it has a food holder that protects your fingers and a textured runway that prevents food from sticking. The slicer is compact and easily stored, with a foldable design. Enjoy comfort and stability during use with its soft handle and non-slip feet.

V-shaped hardened stainless steel blade for effortless cutting:

V-shaped hardened stainless steel blade for effortless cutting
Stainless steel blade

Four easily adjustable slice thickness settings:

Four easily adjustable slice thickness settings
Slice thickness adjustment
  • With the OXO Mandoline Slicer, you have the flexibility to choose from four different slice thickness settings: 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm.
  • Adjusting the thickness is a simple task, allowing you to achieve your desired slice thickness with precision.

Straight and wavy blades for different cutting styles:

  • The slicer includes both straight and wavy blades, offering versatility in cutting styles.
  • You can create straight slices for classic presentation or opt for wavy slices to add a decorative touch to your dishes.

Julienne blades for fine julienne strips:

  • The OXO Mandoline Slicer also features julienne blades, allowing you to create fine strips of vegetables.
  • This feature is particularly useful when you want to add julienne strips to salads, stir-fries, or other culinary creations.

Food holder with finger protection and textured runway:

  • The slicer comes with a food holder that serves two purposes: finger protection and preventing food from sticking.
  • The food holder securely holds the food you’re slicing, protecting your fingers from accidental cuts.
  • Additionally, the textured runway prevents food from sticking to the slicer, ensuring a smooth slicing experience.

Compact size with foldable feet for secure storage:

  • The OXO Mandoline Slicer is designed to be compact, saving space in your kitchen.
  • It features foldable feet that provide stability during use and can be folded for secure storage when not in use.

Soft handle and non-slip feet for added comfort and safety:

  • The slicer is designed with a soft handle, offering a comfortable grip during operation.
  • Non-slip feet further enhance safety by keeping the slicer securely in place on your countertop while in use.

Top-rack dishwasher safe (hand wash blades) for easy cleaning:

  • Cleaning the OXO Mandoline Slicer is a breeze as it is top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • However, it is recommended to hand wash the blades to ensure their longevity and sharpness.

Muller vs. OXO: The Showdown

Safety and Design:

  • Both slicers prioritize safety with finger protection mechanisms.
  • The OXO slicer features a dynamic blade shape that reduces the risk of accidents due to added pressure.
  • The Muller slicer includes stainless steel prongs in its slicer guard for secure food handling.


Durability and Material:

  • The Muller slicer is constructed with durable composite material and features 420-grade hardened surgical stainless steel blades.
  • The OXO slicer boasts a stainless steel V-shaped blade for superior sharpness and longevity.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Both slicers offer easy cleaning options.
  • The Muller slicer is dishwasher safe, while the OXO slicer requires handwashing of the blades.

Price and Value for Money:

  • The Muller Mandoline Slicer provides exceptional quality and features typically found in higher-priced models.
  • The OXO Mandoline Slicer offers a balance between affordability and functionality.


What can I use instead of a mandoline slicer?

If you don’t have a mandoline slicer, you can try these alternatives:

Can you slice raw meat on a mandoline?

No, mandoline slicers are not designed for slicing raw meat. They are primarily used for slicing fruits, vegetables, and cheeses.

Can you slice turkey on a mandoline?

It is not recommended to slice turkey or any other cooked meat on a mandoline slicer. It is best to use a sharp knife or an electric meat slicer for such tasks.


Both the Muller and OXO Mandoline Slicers offer impressive features and functionality, making them valuable additions to any kitchen. The Muller slicer excels in precision slicing and versatility, while the OXO slicer stands out for its safety measures and ease of use. Ultimately, the choice between these two slicers depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Whichever one you choose, you can elevate your culinary skills and enjoy effortless slicing in your kitchen.

Key Notes and Important Points:

  • Muller Mandoline Slicer: German-engineered, adjustable, versatile, and dishwasher-safe.
  • OXO Mandoline Slicer: Safe, user-friendly, adjustable, and dishwasher-safe.
  • Alternatives to a mandoline slicer: Sharp knife, vegetable peeler, box grater, food processor.
  • Mandoline slicers are not suitable for slicing raw meat.
  • Choose the slicer that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

Pros And Cons, Similarities And Differences:

Muller Mandoline Slicer OXO Mandoline Slicer
Pros – German-engineered with – V-shaped hardened
high-quality blades stainless stainless steel blade
– Fully adjustable for – Four easily adjustable
precise slicing and slice thickness settings
versatility – Straight and wavy blades
– Multi-functional tool for different cutting
for various tasks styles
– Made with nontoxic ABS – Food holder with finger
plastic for food safety protection and textured
– Patented knob-controlled – Compact size with
design for unlimited foldable feet for secure
slicing options storage
– Dishwasher safe for – Soft handle and non-slip
easy cleaning feet for added comfort
and safety
Similarities – Adjustable thickness – Both offer adjustable
settings thickness settings
– Dishwasher safe – Dishwasher safe (except
for blades)
– Versatile in slicing, – Versatile in slicing and
julienne, and grating cutting options
– Safety features for – Safety features with
finger protection finger protection
– High-quality stainless
steel blades
Differences – Muller has 5 interchangeable – OXO has a V-shaped
blades for various tasks hardened stainless steel
– Muller has a patented blade
knob-controlled design – OXO has straight and
wavy blades
– OXO includes Julienne

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