How to Change blade in Oxo Good Grip V-Blade Mandoline Slicer?

Oxo good grip v-blade mandoline slicer is a versatile slicer that can slice vegetables and fruits perfectly and quickly. This type of mandoline slicer comes with different types of blades used for slicing, julienne, and french fries cutting. It comes along with a slicing insert, a straight v-blade, a crinkle v-blade, a 3mm julienne blade, and a 6mm french fries blade. However, the trickier part of this slicer maintenance is changing the blades.

Here is detailed information on how to change the blades of the Oxo good grip v-blade mandoline slicer.

Mechanism of Oxo Good Grip V-blade Mandoline slicer

You first have to know that the top runway and bottom runway of this mandoline slicer can be flipped open. The top runway can be opened by just tabbing at the top, while the bottom runway can be flipped open just by pressing the button on the dial and turning the unlock position.

Mechanism of oxo good grip v-blade mandoline slicer
V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

The straight v-blade and crinkle v-blade is stored in the under deck storage of the bottom runway, whereas the julienne and french fries blades are stored in the under deck bottom of the top runway.

Changing Straight with Crinkle V-Blades

  • If you want to change it to the straight v-blade with a crinkle v-blade, the first thing you have to do is to remove straight v-blade by pinching it on the side tabs and then pulling it out from the mandoline body.
  • After that, flip the dial button to unlock the position and open the bottom runway. There you will find the crinkle v-blade. Its side tabs will pinch it to release it from under-deck storage.
    Changing blade
    Crinkle V-Blade
  • Slide the tips of the straight v-blade in the socket and press it down in place of where the crinkle v-blade was kept.
    Changing blade
    Straight V-Blade
  • After that, close the bottom runway and insert the crinkle v-blade in place of the straight v-blade.
    Changing blade
    Close The Bottom Runway
  • First, slide the tips of the blade into side ramps and then press it down, and the blade will be successfully changed.
  • Repeat a similar procedure to exchange the crinkle v-blade with a straight v-blade.
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Changing Julienne blades

  • The first step is to unlock the dial button and flip down the bottom runway.
  • Then hold the tip of the slicing insert and pull it up.
  • After that, press the tab at the top of the top runway and flip open it.
  • Pull the tab of either julienne or French fries blade, whichever you want to insert, and release it from the under-deck storage of the top runway.
  • Close down the top runway, and insert the blade you have released from the under-deck storage, for instance, julienne blade.
  • Just slide the ends of the julienne blade in the place where you pull out the slicing insert, then press it down until it holds the position.
  • In the last, flip down the bottom runway. You are ready to go for julienne slices.
  • If you want to change the French fries blade, just repeat the same procedure.

OXO V-Blade Mandoline Instructional Video