12 VS14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife

Both options have advantages when comparing the 12-inch and 14-inch Granton-edge slicer knives. The 14-inch knife is ideal for cutting larger pieces of meat or bread in a single stroke, while the 12-inch knife offers more maneuverability for general slicing tasks. Consider your specific cutting needs and preferences when choosing between the two. Both knives feature high-quality materials, provide effortless slicing, and have ergonomic handles for comfort. Ultimately, the perfect choice depends on your preferences and the types of slicing tasks you frequently undertake in the kitchen.

The 14-Inch Granton-Edge Straight Slicer Knife

The 14-inch granton-edge straight slicer knife
Premium 14-Inch Slicing Knife With Granton Edge

Crafted For Precision And Durability

  • Blade: High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 14 Inches
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Handle Length: 5 1/4 Inches

Key Features And Benefits:

  1. High Carbon Steel Blade:
    • Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel for strength and longevity.
    • Provides smooth, accurate cuts without discoloration or corrosion over time.
  2. Rosewood Handle:
    • Offers an elegant and professional appearance.
    • The contoured handle ensures a comfortable grip for extended use.
  3. Ideal for Cutting Meat:

Price: $139.99

The 12-Inch Rosewood Granton-Edge Slicing Knife

The 12-inch rosewood granton-edge slicing knife
Victorinox 12″ Rosewood Granton Edge Slicing Knife

Superior Functionality And Style

  • Blade: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length: 12 Inches
  • Handle Material: Rosewood

Key Features And Benefits:

  1. Stainless Steel Blades:
    • Made of martensitic stainless steel for optimal function and durability.
    • Provides excellent cutting-edge retention and corrosion protection.
    • Ensures flexibility to prevent breakage during use.
  2. Rosewood Collection:
    • Ergonomic handles made of robust and naturally strong rosewood.
    • Ultrasharp and efficient blades for effortless slicing.
    • Hand-polished for a comfortable feel and elegant look.
  3. Swiss Quality:
    • It is manufactured entirely in Switzerland by Victorinox.
    • Reflects precision craftsmanship and superior quality.
    • “Swiss Made” certification guarantees authenticity.

Price: $120.99

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Choosing The Right Knife For You

When deciding between the 12-inch and 14-inch Granton-edge slicer knives, consider the following factors:

  1. Blade Length:
    • 14-inch knife: Ideal for cutting larger pieces of meat or bread in a single stroke.
    • 12-inch knife: Suitable for smaller cuts and offers better maneuverability.
  2. Cutting Needs:
    • If you frequently handle large cuts of meat or bread, the 14-inch knife is a versatile choice.
    • For more general slicing tasks and everyday use, the 12-inch knife offers excellent functionality.
  3. Comfort and Grip:
    • Consider the handle design and material that feels comfortable in your hand.
    • Both knives feature rosewood handles for an elegant and ergonomic grip.

Key Benefits Of Granton-Edge Slicer Knives:

Granton-edge slicer knives, such as the 12-inch and 14-inch options, offer a range of benefits that make them valuable to any kitchen. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Effortless Slicing: The Granton edge, a hollow edge or kullenschliff, features scalloped indentations along the blade. This unique design reduces friction and creates air pockets, allowing for smoother, more effortless slicing. The food releases easily from the blade, reducing the chances of it sticking or tearing.
  2. Versatile Use: Granton-edge slicer knives are exceptionally versatile. While they excel in slicing meats, such as roasts and steaks, they are also perfect for delicate slicing tasks like carving a turkey or cutting through crusty bread. Whether preparing a hearty meal or creating delicate culinary presentations, these knives can handle various cutting tasks.
  3. Professional-Grade Precision: The long, slender blades of granton-edge slicer knives provide excellent precision and control. You can easily achieve thin, uniform slices, enhancing your dishes’ visual appeal. Whether a professional chef or a home cook striving for culinary perfection, these knives deliver the necessary precision.
  4. Durability and Longevity: Both the 12-inch and 14-inch Granton-edge slicer knives are constructed with high-quality materials. The 14-inch knife features a high-carbon stainless steel blade, ensuring exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. The 12-inch knife boasts stainless steel blades known for their durability and edge retention. With proper care, these knives will serve you well for years.
  5. Ergonomic Handles: Comfortable and secure grip is essential when working with knives for extended periods. Both the 12-inch and 14-inch slicer knives feature handles made from rosewood. This elegant, ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the blades on these knives dishwasher-safe?

No, to maximize the service life of knives with wooden handles, they should never be washed in a dishwasher.

Which knife is better for slicing through tough bread?

The 14-inch Granton-edge slicer knife’s serrated edge is perfect for cutting through tough bread.

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Can both professional chefs and home cooks use these knives?

Absolutely! Both the 12-inch and 14-inch slicer knives are suitable for professional and home use, offering exceptional cutting performance and durability.

What is the difference in price between the two knives?

The 14-inch Granton-edge slicer knife is priced at $139.99, while the 12-inch rosewood Granton-edge slicing knife is priced at $120.99.

Can these knives be sharpened?

Can these knives be sharpened
Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Yes, both knives can be sharpened to maintain their cutting performance. A sharpening stone or a professional sharpening service is recommended for the best results.

Are these knives suitable for left-handed users?

Yes, right-handed and left-handed individuals can use both 12-inch and 14-inch slicer knives.

Do these knives come with any warranty?

Victorinox provides a limited lifetime warranty on their knives, ensuring you can rely on their quality and craftsmanship.

Key Notes And Important Points:

  • The 14-inch Granton-edge slicer knife:
    • Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel for strength and accuracy.
    • Features an elegant rosewood handle for a professional appearance.
    • Ideal for cutting meat with its serrated edge and straight granton edge.
    • Price: $139.99
  • The 12-inch rosewood granton-edge slicing knife:
    • Made of stainless steel blades for durability and cutting performance.
    • Rosewood handles for ergonomic grip and stylish design.
    • Part of the Swiss-made Rosewood collection by Victorinox.
    • Price: $120.99
  • Factors to consider when choosing:
    • Blade length: 14 inches for larger cuts and 12 inches for more maneuverability.
    • I am cutting needs 14-inch for large pieces of meat or bread and 12-inch for general slicing.
    • Comfort and grip: Consider handle design and material.
  • Frequently asked questions:
    • Blades are not dishwasher-safe; handwashing is recommended.
    • The 14-inch knife is suitable for tough bread.
    • Both knives are suitable for professional chefs and home cooks.
    • Both knives can be sharpened.
    • Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.
    • Victorinox provides a limited lifetime warranty.

So elevate your slicing game in the kitchen with the perfect Granton-edge slicer knife. Whether you choose the 12-inch or 14-inch, you’ll enjoy precision, durability, and the satisfaction of owning a high-quality knife that makes your slicing tasks a breeze.


12 vs 14-inch granton-edge slicer knife choosing the perfect knife for your kitchen - infographic
12 Vs 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife Choosing The Perfect Knife For Your Kitchen – Infographic

Granton-edge slicer knives, whether the 12-inch or 14-inch option, offer a range of benefits that enhance your slicing experience in the kitchen. With effortless slicing, versatility, precision, durability, and ergonomic handles, these knives are reliable tools for professional chefs and home cooks. Invest in a Granton-edge slicer knife and elevate your culinary skills.

12-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer Knife
Pros – Offers maneuverability for general slicing tasks – Ideal for cutting larger pieces of meat or bread in a single stroke
– Rosewood handle provides an elegant and ergonomic grip – Provides a professional appearance with a rosewood handle
– Stainless steel blades offer durability and edge retention – High carbon steel blade ensures strength and resistance to corrosion
– Versatile for a range of slicing tasks – Straight granton edge allows for smooth and even slicing
Cons – May require additional strokes for larger cuts – Less maneuverable for intricate slicing tasks
– Slightly shorter blade length – Slightly longer blade length may be cumbersome for some users
Similarities – Both have a Granton-edge design for effortless slicing – Both feature high-quality materials and craftsmanship
– Suitable for professional chefs and home cooks – Suitable for professional chefs and home cooks
– Provide precision and control for thin, uniform slices – Provide precision and control for thin, uniform slices
– Rosewood handles for a comfortable and secure grip – Rosewood handles for a comfortable and secure grip
– Can be sharpened to maintain cutting performance – Can be sharpened to maintain cutting performance
Differences – Blade length: 12 inches – Blade length: 14 inches
– Price: $120.99 – Price: $139.99
– Constructed with stainless steel blades – Constructed with a high-carbon steel blade
– Part of the Rosewood collection – Part of the Fibrox series
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