Chef’s Choice 609: Features, Performance And Thickness Dial Settings

The Chef’s Choice 609 is a premier meat slicer designed for the needs of the home cook and the professional chef. Renowned for its robust performance, this slicer boasts many features that make it stand out. Equipped with a high-torque motor, an integrated thickness control, and a design that prioritizes safety, it handles a range of slicing tasks with ease and precision. From the thinnest deli slices to thicker cuts up to 3/4 inches, the 609 can handle it all, providing a level of versatility that is truly noteworthy.

Key Features Of The Chef’s Choice 609

Key Features Of The Chef's Choice 609
The Chef’s Choice 609

The Chef’s Choice 609 is a more affordable homemade meat slicer. It’s a compact, lightweight machine that’s easy to use and store but offers decent slicing performance. Here are some of the key features of the Chef’s Choice 609:

  • 100-watt motor: The Chef’s Choice 609 motor is less powerful than the Berkel Red Line 220, but it can still easily slice through most meats.
  • Compact and lightweight design: The Chef’s Choice 609 is small and easy to store, making it a great option for home kitchens with limited counter space.
  • Removable blade: The Chef’s Choice 609 can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with a 7-inch blade, this slicer can tackle various types of meat and other foods.
  • Precise thickness control: You can adjust the thickness of your slices with the Chef’s Choice 609 up to 0.75 inches.
  • Large slicing capacity: The Chef’s Choice 609 can handle large cuts of meat, with a maximum slicing capacity of 7.5 inches.
  • Relatively quiet operation: The Chef’s Choice 609 operates quietly, although it’s not as quiet as the Berkel Red Line 220.
  • Ideal for those who enjoy cooking at home, the Chef’s Choice 609 is a high-quality and affordable meat slicer.
  • Its compact design allows easy storage, while the stainless steel and cast aluminum construction guarantees long-lasting use.

Title: Master Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer: Thickness Guide and Tips

Direct Answer: The Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer can slice meats as thick as 20 and thin as one on the adjustment dial. For ideal thickness for cheese and crackers, a setting of 1.5 is recommended.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer

Understanding The Thickness Adjustment Dial

Understanding The Thickness Adjustment Dial
Thickness Adjustment Dial

The Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer has an adjustable thickness dial, allowing you to choose the perfect thickness for your meats. Here’s a breakdown of the dial settings:

  • Setting 20: The thickest setting, suitable for hearty meat chunks.
  • Setting 10: Half the thickness of set 20, suitable for thicker sandwich slices.
  • Setting 3: Slightly thinner than setting 10, a versatile thickness for various dishes.
  • Setting 0: The slicer won’t cut at this setting. It’s only meant for storage.
  • Setting 1: The thinnest setting, ideal for delicate, paper-thin slices.
  • Setting 2: Slightly thicker than setting 1, great for charcuterie boards.
  • Setting 1.5: The sweet spot for cheese and crackers, offering a perfect balance of thinness and sturdiness.

 How To Use The Chef’S Choice 609 Meat Slicer Effectively?

To make the most of your Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Place the meat on the slicer tray.

Step 2: Set the thickness: The adjustment knob on the back of the slicer allows you to set the thickness of the slices. A higher number produces thicker slices, while a lower number produces thinner slices.

Step 3: Make a test cut: Before you begin slicing your food, make a test cut at the highest setting (20) to see how thick the slice will be.

Step 4: Dial back the thickness: Based on your desired thickness, dial back the knob to the appropriate number. For example, a setting of 10 will produce slices about half the thickness of a setting of 20.

Step 5: Make your slices: Once you’ve set the thickness, you can start slicing your food. Hold it firmly against the blade and use the hand guard to protect your fingers.

Step 6: Adjust as needed: If the slices are too thick or too thin, adjust the thickness knob accordingly and make another test cut.

Slice the meat
Slice the meat properly

Step 7: Slice the meat: Once you’ve found the perfect thickness, it’s time to slice it. Place the meat on the slicer and turn on the machine. Use gentle, steady pressure to push the meat through the blade. Be sure to use the food pusher to guide the meat through the blade and to keep your hands away from the blade. Carefully guide the meat through the slicer, letting the machine do the work. Collect the sliced meat on the other side.

Clean the slicer
Clean a Meat Slicer

Step 8: Clean the slicer: Clean the slicer thoroughly after slicing your meat. Please turn off the machine and unplug it. Remove any remaining meat and wipe down the blade with a damp cloth. Wash the food pusher and tray with warm, soapy water and let them dry completely before using them again.

How Thick Or Thin Can Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer Cut?

How Thick Or Thin Can Chef's Choice 609 Meat Slicer Cut
Using Chef’sChoice Electric Meat

The Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer can cut slices as thin as a pizza topping or as thick as 15 on its scale, which is the maximum practical thickness for certain meats like pepperoni.

Applications Of Thin Slices

The Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer can cut incredibly thin slices of meat. When set to the first hash mark after zero, it produces thin slices that can be compared to pizza toppings or deli-style cold cuts. These delicate slices are perfect for:

Medium And Thick Slices For Hearty Meals

The slices become thicker as you increase the settings on Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer. At set five, a quarter of the way up the scale, the slices are noticeably thicker than in the thinnest setting. These medium-thick slices are great for:

  • Grilling or frying
  • Wraps and rolls
  • Casseroles
  • Meat and cheese platters

Reaching The Maximum Practical Thickness

Though the Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer has a scale that goes up to 20, the maximum practical thickness for certain meats, like pepperoni, is around 15. The slices are significantly thicker in this setting than those produced at lower settings, but they may not fit through the gap between the motor and the guide. These thick slices can be used for:

  • Hearty sandwiches
  • Barbecue platters
  • Cooking large chunks of meat


What is the maximum practical thickness for the Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer?

The maximum practical thickness is around 15 on the slicer’s scale, depending on the type of meat being sliced.

Can the Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer cut slices at different thicknesses between the minimum and maximum settings?

Yes, the slicer has various settings between the thinnest and thickest options, allowing you to customize your slices according to your preferences.

How do I clean Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer?

To clean the slicer, unplug the machine, remove the blade, and wash the blade, food carriage, and slicer tray with warm soapy water. Wipe the rest of the slicer with a damp cloth.

Can I use the Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer for slicing cheese?

Yes, you can use the slicer for cheese, but make sure the cheese is firm and chilled for the best results.

Is Chef’s Choice 609 Meat Slicer suitable for commercial use?

The slicer is designed for home use but can handle occasional light commercial use.

What foods can I slice with the Chef’s Choice 609 meat slicer?

You can slice various foods with this tool, including meats (such as turkey and salami), cheeses, vegetables, and bread.


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The Chef’s Choice 609 is a well-rounded meat slicer with many features catering to amateur and professional cooks. Its high-torque motor, integrated thickness control, and high-quality components contribute to its exceptional performance. With the capacity to cut a range of thicknesses, from deli-thin to approximately 3/4-inch slices, the 609 offers the versatility necessary in a kitchen environment. Despite its compact size, this slicer does not compromise on power or precision, making it a valuable tool for any culinary enthusiast.