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Apple is the most delicious, favourite fruit of all and is full of nutrition. “An apple in a day keeps the doctor away” proves apple’s importance and health benefits. Apple is used in different desserts, juices, jams and sauces. Green and ripe apples are also delicious and full of juices.

Slicing and peeling apples cleanly with a knife is not an easy job. You cannot cut properly unless you are an expert in it. The knife may not remove all peels and in the same thickness. You have to spend more time when slicing large quantities.

Apple core peeler and slicer is one of the best tools to slice and peel apples perfectly. It is a multitasking gadget and can do more than one task. It can give you your desired cutting.

Helpful Information and Guide About Apple Corer Peeler Slicer

What Are Apple Peeler Corer And Slicer?

Apple corer peeler and slicer is a kitchen tool used to remove the peel and slice apples. It can also peel and slice similar fruits and vegetables like potatoes, pears and quince. Apple corer slicers are in different shapes and styles. Some slicers have a handle with a circular cutting device at one end. This slicer can slice a large number of apples in a very short time.

Apple corer slicer can slice apples into many pieces. It can cut eight or more pieces as you require. A number of pieces can be different and adjustable in some slicers.

What To Look For When Buying An Apple Corer Peeler Slicer?

Apple corer peeler and slicer is a very useful kitchen tool. It may be confusing when choosing the best among them.

  1. Material: Apple corer peeler and slicers are usually made with BPA-free plastic, carbon steel or ceramics. These all are high-quality materials which are rust-resistant and long lost.
  2. Ease Of Use: Apple corer peeler and slicer are very simple. It can perform its job with ease and perfectness. The handle of the slicer is silicon coated and designed ergonomically. Provide you with a firm grip which does not slip when slicing apples.
  3. Safety: Apple slicers are designed to provide you with safety and protection. Blades will be protected and away from your hands during slicing. It will also prevent the juice from coming out and spreading on the slicer.
  4. Sharp Edge: The edges of blades are sharp and capable of cutting an apple in eight or more slices in a few seconds only. Sharp blades can even cut tough fruit.
  5. Blade: Some slicers have blades for slicing small and large cores. Blades are interchangeable and durable. They are made with high-quality stainless steel rust and corrosion resistance.
  6. Grip: Apple slicers have a firm grip on handling while slicing. It does not cause fatigue and holds with both hands.
  7. Innovative design: The design of the apple slicer is extremely good and attractive. It is designed to provide safety and easiness. The protective cover of the slicer not only gives the slicer a beautiful look but also saves fingers from cuts.
  8. Versatility: Apple corer slicers are versatile and multitasking. You can use them for slicing, coring and cutting. Other fruits with soft peels and the same size and shape of apples can also be sliced and peeled with this slicer.
  9. Durability: Apple corer slicers have a strong constructed body with food-grade stainless steel blades. Blades are rust-resistant and can work for a long time.
  10. Manual or electric: Apple slicers are manual and electric. Electricity is better if you have to use it daily and for large quantities. An electric slicer is the easiest way to slice and peel.
  11. Cleaning: Apple corer peeler and slicer are easy to clean. Its parts can be separated for washing and cleaning purposes. It is safe to wash in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  12. Warranty: Look for at least one year warranty and free replacement.

Working of Apple Corer Peeler Slicer

Apple slicer’s working principle is pretty much straightforward. Follow the below steps.

  1. Step 1: Before peeling and slicing, wash the apples and fix them in the peeler.
  2. Step 2: Rotate the handle of the peeler in a clockwise direction and start peeling. Peel out the whole apple by rotating in the same motion.
  3. Step 3: When peeling is finished, adjust the blades of the apple slicer. Adjust them according to the size of the apples.
  4. Step 4: Place the slicer on a cutting board or smooth surface. Adjust the apple on the slicer and apply pressure downward.
  5. Step 5: Slicer will slice the whole apple in a single press. Now remove slices of apple from the slicer carefully. Keep hands away from sharp blades to avoid injuries.

Benefits Of Using Apple Corer Peeler Slicer

The benefits of the apple slicer are following.

  1. It saves time because it just takes a few minutes to peel and slice.
  2. It’s straightforward, and even children can use it.
  3. It allows slicing and peeling cleanly and with no mess.
  4. Blades of slicer or non-sticky.
  5. Apple corer peeler slicer is more convenient and efficient to use.
  6. You can eat fresh apples immediately. When you slice with a knife, the apples become brown until finishing. A slicer can prevent apples from turning brown because it will slice in no time.
  7. Apple slicers cut all slices in the same thickness, size and cuts, which is hard with a knife.
  8. It can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup and quick wash.
  9. Apple corer slicer and peeler are convenient for storage.

How To Adjust An Apple Corer Peeler Slicer?

Apple corer peeler slicer is pretty easy to adjust. Release the blades by lifting them or pressing them down. Removing and adjusting of blades can be changed in all slicers. You must read the manual guide completely before adjusting the blades.

Blades must be close to fruit for slicing. If you have to adjust the edges, adjust the wing nut at the bottom of the peeler machine. You can tighten the nuts when you want to cut an apple into thinner slices. Similarly, you can loosen the nuts for thick slices.

Types of Apple Corer Peeler Slicer

Electric Slicer Vs Manual

Apple corer peeler and slicers are manual and electric.

  1. Manual slicers work manually and require no electricity. Manual slicer works more slowly than electric ones. Manual slicers are very small, lightweight and can be put anywhere.
  2. Electric apple peelers and slicers need more space and power to run. Electric slicers are more expensive and large. They are durable and work for a long time if maintained and clean regularly. Electric slicers have buttons to run, stop, peel and slice. Electric apple slicers can work for hours in minutes. They are best for slicing large quantities of apples for deserts, soups or apple pie.

Handheld Vs Countertop

Apple corer slicer and peeler are available in handheld and countertop forms. The size and functions of both forms of slicers are different.

  1. The handheld peeler and slicer are small in size, light in weight and low in price. Hand held apple peeler could be used to peel out many vegetables and fruits. Handhelds are best when you have to slice a small amount; for large quantities, prefer the countertop.
  2. The countertop apple corer peeler and slicer are more significant than the handheld. It takes more space on the kitchen counter. Slicing and peeling on countertop slicers is too much easy. You do not need to hold the fruit. Just fit the apple, then peel and slice. Countertop apple slicers can be cleaned by just wiping them out. They need a flat surface to place and work. Countertop apple slicers have a rubber fitted in their base section to avoid slipping and getting firm.

How Do I Slice Apples On A Mandolin?

For slicing many apples, it is best to buy an apple corer peeler slicer. If you do not have an apple corer slicer, you can slice apples on a mandolin slicer. First, peel the cover of the apple with a knife and divide the apple into two equal parts.

Then slice the apple on the mandolin by pushing it on the blades back and forth.

How To Clean Apple Corer Peeler Slicer?

It is essential to clean and wash the apple slicer after every use. Proper cleaning and maintenance can increase the shelf life of the slice. It will provide you with clean and hygienic cuts and keep it away from germs and food poisoning. Follow the below steps to clean your apple corer peeler slicer properly.

  1. Step 1: Disassemble the removable parts of the slicer. If there are nuts in your slicer, lose them with a screwdriver.
  2. Step 2: Remove all the remaining pieces of apple from the slicer. If still some pieces remain and do not remove easily, then use any kitchen brush for them.
  3. Step 3: Run the apple corer under the Luke warm water. Now apply some and rub with a cleaning rag for a few minutes.
  4. Step 4: Wash the stainless steel parts thoroughly. Make sure to wash all the parts of the slicer.
  5. Step 5: Dry all the parts of the slicer. Use a damp cloth to dry completely and then store it.

Can We Use A Potato Peeler To Peel An Apple?

A potato peeler can be used to peel apples also. The thickness of the outer cover of both is nearly the same. You can peel an apple like a potato. Wash the apple and place it in the slicer. Turn and rotate the handle until the apple is peeled.

Do Apple Peeler Works On Small Apples?

Yes, an apple peeler can work on small apples like large ones. A handheld apple peeler can peel fruit of any size. For slicing apples size of the apples and slicer must be the same. Large and small apples will be challenging to fit and press in the slicer.

Maintenance And Safety Tips:

Always place the machine in a dry, clean and firm place.

  • Peeling has been very more straightforward with apple corer peeler and slicer.
  • Carefully adjust the blades to avoid any injuries.
  • Uneven force for slicing apple can might damage the blades.
  • When one blade of the slicer is deformed, stop using the slicer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Apple Corer Peeler Slicer

Do Apple Peelers Work On Potatoes?

Yes, an apple peeler can also work on potatoes. It peels the potatoes very easy and removes all the cover cleanly.

Can I Sharpen The Blades On The Apple Peeler?

Yes, you can sharpen the blades of the apple peeler and slicer. Sharpness can give perfect slices, and it will extend the lifespan as well.

Is An Apple Peeler The Same Thing As A Spiralizer?

No, an apple peeler and spiralizer are two different tools. Apple peeler can remove the peel. On the other hand, a spiralizer can cut fruits into thin ribbons.

What Other Food Can I Peel With An Apple Peeler?

You can peel potatoes, peaches, and quince.

How Do You Use An Apple Corer Peeler Slicer?

Apple peeler slicers remove peel from apples and other fruits and vegetables.

How Do I Peel Apples Without A Peeler?

You can peel apples with a knife. Make sure the knife’s blade is sharp enough to peel skin equally.

Is An Apple Corer Helpful Slicer?

Yes, an apple slicer is a very useful tool. It can slice and peel apples very fastly.

Would This Slicer Cut A Potato?

Yes, you can cut potatoes on this apple slicer. It can cut potatoes into 8, 12 or 16 pieces, depending on your choice.


There are various types of apple corer slicers and peelers in the markets. You can choose the best suitable slicer among them in your budget. The best apple slicer and corer have sharp edge blades, and they can remove the peel and slice the apple effortlessly.

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