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Watermelon is a tasty fruit. It is full of nutrients and has a high quantity of water. It refreshes us with calories in summer. It improves health and prevents low blood pressure and other diseases.

Cutting watermelon with a knife can be a messy tedious task. Everyone loves to eat watermelon, but no one loves the process of cutting watermelon. The Hard and rind surface made it challenging to cut watermelon easily.

This issue can be solved with the help of a watermelon slicer, and you can get mess only inside the slicer. You only need some practice; finally, after consistent cutting, you will get it to work correctly.

Helpful Information and Guide About Watermelon Slicer

What Is A Watermelon Slicer?

A watermelon slicer is a handy tool that would make the task easier and less messy. With this device, you can cut the watermelon in half. Also, you can cut and scoop out huge, slightly neat chunks. It is easy and effective.

A watermelon slicer is a kitchen gadget; you can cut an entire watermelon in less than two minutes. It is easy to operate and fun to use with small and large melons. The watermelon slicer cut parallel slices across the slicer. With a bit of practice, it will become easy for you.

Types Of Watermelon Slicers

Watermelon slicers are available in various types and shapes. Each of them can cut watermelon in different designs.

Watermelon Tongs

You can slice watermelon without tiredness and apply much force with a watermelon tong. It can cut watermelon vertically and horizontally. This slicer is made with stainless steel material. On one side of the slicer, there are sharp blades, and the other side has tongs. It can grab from watermelon and extract from sliced fruit.

Watermelon Cube Wheels

As the name shows, the watermelon cube wheels slicer is designed to cut watermelon in cubes. It is safe and convenient to use. Just place the slicer in the half-cut piece of watermelon and cut from one end to another. It is simple and easy to use.

Watermelon Scoops

A watermelon scoop is used to scoop out fruit for salads and desserts. It can scoop watermelon in a round shape or ball shape. It scoops out effortlessly and perfectly. It can make the presentation special and effective.

What To Look For When Buying A Watermelon Slicer?

Before slicing the watermelon slicer, you must know the following points to choose the best varieties of slicers.

  • Slicer Type: Consider what type of cut will watermelon slicer will make. For wedges, a watermelon corer slicer will be best.
  • Sharp Blades: Blades of the watermelon slicer should be sharp enough to cut through the fruit quickly.
  • Hygiene: Look for a slicer which is hygienic for health and made with food-grade material. It should not transfer germs and cause damage to health.
  • Time And Convenience: Watermelon slicer should be a time saver and cut in less them half time compared to slicing with a knife. It must be convenient to cut through and with no mess.
  • Strong Cutting Wire: If you are looking for a watermelon slicer with wires, ensure the wires are strong and will not be damaged early.
  • Handle: The handle must be rounded with a firm grip. It must be made with non-slippery material. The best materials are rubber, silicone, and epoxy handles.
  • Safety: Safety should be considered a must. Blades of slicers must be safe and prevent unnecessary cuts and injuries.
  • Material: Make sure that the slicer is made with stainless steel durable material. When looking for a plastic-made slicer, consider that the plastic is food grade and made from BPA-free material.
  • Versatility: Consider that the slicer will also cut other fruits. Watermelon slicers are very big and cut only large size fruits. It will not cut apples and pears.
  • Ease Of Use: Choose the slicer with a simple design and easy to use and handle.
  • Ease Of Cleaning: The watermelon slicer must be safe for the dishwasher. Consider that it can be easily clean, and food particles will not stick to blades.
  • Clean Cut: Make sure that blades will cut cleanly and do not create any mess.
  • Durability: The material of the slicer should be durable to last long and of high quality.
  • Size: Look for the size of the watermelon slicer also. It should be according to your counter space to place and store without trouble.
  • Efficiency: Make sure that the product is efficient. If the slicer is more efficient, it will slice watermelon more quickly.
  • Price: Watermelon slicers are not very expensive. You can get good quality slicer for less than 50$.

How To Slice Watermelon With A Watermelon Slicer?

Cutting watermelon with a slicer will not take much time. Watermelon can be cut by following the below steps.

  1. Step 1: Wash and clean the watermelon with risen water and let it dry for a few seconds.
  2. Step 2: Stand the watermelon, then cut your watermelon in half vertically from the top center in two equal sizes.
  3. Step 3: Determine cube thickness and pick any part of the watermelon.
  4. Step 4: Push the slicer into the watermelon as deep as possible. Rotate the slicer, and the cubes will come out of the slicer in equal perfect size.
  5. Step 5:Slice all the watermelon applying the same process. The cubes are ready to eat. Collect the cubes in any box, plate or container.

How To Clean The Watermelon Slicer In The Right Way?

A watermelon slicer is handy in the kitchen, especially when slicing for large families. But, like any other kitchen tool, it needs to be cleaned regularly and adequately after every use to prevent the spread of bacteria and remain hygienic. Below are some tips that will help you in cleaning the watermelon slicer.

  1. Step 1: First, wash the slicer with hot and soapy water. This will remove any dirt or debris that may be on the surface.
  2. Step 2: Next, disinfect the slicer by soaking it in a solution of water and soap for at least five minutes. Scrub with a kitchen brush or toothbrush.
  3. Step3: Finally, rinse the slicer in clean water and dry it with a clean towel or air-dry.

Why Invest In A Watermelon Slicer?

Buying a watermelon slicer is a small investment for your kitchen and will help a lot in slicing watermelon. Watermelon slicer slice, scoop and wedge watermelon and other fruits. It is a small tool, so you can easily bring it with you for outdoor parties.

Slicing with watermelon slicers is much easier than using a knife. The knife can injure your hands and cut badly. Blades of watermelon slicers are safe and secure and will not harm you. They are made with durable and rust-proof material, so they will not last and work for a long time. The watermelon slicer scoops the whole fruit, so your fruit will not waste. The watermelon slicer is worth buying.

Tips For Using A Watermelon Slicer

Some important tips are given below for using a watermelon slicer.

  • Clean and dry completely before storing.
  • Be sure to cut deep enough to see only the flesh.
  • Protect your hands from directly touching the blade of the watermelon slicer; they are sharp enough to cut your hands.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before slicing.
  • Do not drink water after eating watermelon.
  • Store the slices of watermelon in an air container box.

How Affordable Are Watermelon Slicers?

Watermelon slicers have low prices, and they are affordable as well. The cost of a watermelon slicer is the same as the price of a knife. A small-sized watermelon slicer can be purchased for around 20$. For large slicers, you may cost around 40$ or more. Commercial slicers, designed for heavy-duty work, are more expensive than home-used and light watermelon slicers.

Benefits Of Using A Watermelon Slicer

Watermelon can be sliced with a knife, but the watermelon slicer will slice better. It has many time-saving benefits convenience, sanitation, and perfect-size cubes. Some benefits of a watermelon slicer are given below.

  • Safety: Watermelon slicers are pretty much safe for slicing. The blades of watermelon slicers are secure and will not cut your hands. You can slice without any fear of being injured with blades. Since watermelon is a rip and soft fruit, so blades of watermelon slicers are not extra sharp. Blades of the slicer also reduce the risk of getting cuts.
  • Sanitation: A watermelon slicer helps to extract the meat from the skin of the fruit completely. You do not need to make contact with your hands. Slide the watermelon slicer down to the edges of the watermelon to remove all the fruit.
  • Time And Convenience: Slicing watermelon is challenging and requires much time when you cut with a knife. Watermelon slicers save the time of slicing watermelon. It cuts in half time as compared to the knife. The watermelon slicer is very convenient to cut because it needs less effort.
  • Enjoy flavour without damage : A watermelon slicer is the best way to enjoy fresh and juicy watermelon without damage. It can slice whole fruit within seconds.
  • Ease To Slice And Eat: Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help you quickly and easily slice watermelon into uniform pieces. This is ideal for those who want to enjoy watermelon as a healthy snack or side dish, as it makes portion control a breeze.
  • In addition to making it easier : To control portions, using a watermelon slicer can also help prevent waste. When slicing watermelon by hand, it is not uncommon for large pieces of the fruit to go to waste. However, every last bit of the watermelon can be used with a slicer.
  • Another great benefit of watermelon slicers : Is that they can help to make watermelon more fun to eat. Let’s face it, eating watermelon can be a bit messy. Slice it into pieces with a slicer, and it becomes much easier to eat and a much less messy tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Facts About Watermelon Slicer

What Else Can You Slice With A Watermelon Slicer?

A watermelon slicer is used to cut large-sized fruits like papaya, melon, pineapple and honeydew. It is designed for soft and large-sized fruits, so it will not work on the hard rind and hard fruits.

Is The Watermelon Slicer Safe For Kids?

Yes, a watermelon slicer is safe to use for kids. It is recommended not to give it to children under 12 years.

Does It Help To Remove The Seeds?

No, it is designed to cut watermelon in a quicker time and cut n cubes. You can use a corer to remove seeds.

How Do You Adjust The Size Of Cubes?

You can adjust only thinner cubes. The length and width of the watermelon cube can not be adjusted. The watermelon slicer will cut in the perfect size.

Can I Freeze Watermelon?

Yes, you can freeze it, but the texture of the watermelon will be altered. Freeze for less time to enjoy the texture of watermelon.

How Does The Watermelon Slicer Work?

Cut the watermelon in half length-wise. Now hold in a piece of watermelon, put the slicer at one end, and push towards you to the other. Watermelon will be sliced in perfect-sized even cubes.

Will It Work On Pineapple?

Yes, it can slice perfectly pineapple.


Using a watermelon slicer is a fast and effective way to cut watermelon. It will give perfect slices every time. It makes the presentation very nice and attractive. It cuts large fruits with no mess. Slicing watermelon will be easiest and most convenient when you will choose the best one.

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