How To Use OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer?

Short answer: To use the OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer, adjust the slider to your desired thickness, then hold the food holder and slide the food item back and forth across the blade.

The OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer is a versatile kitchen tool designed for cutting fruits and vegetables into even slices with ease. With adjustable thickness settings, it provides precise control over the size of your slices, perfect for everything from slicing cucumbers for salads to preparing potatoes for chips. Using this tool can significantly streamline your food preparation process. However, it’s important to know how to use it properly, both to achieve the best results and to ensure your safety, as the blade is quite sharp.

OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer

OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer
OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer,White

The OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer is a convenient and versatile tool for slicing a variety of foods. Its design allows for safe usage, with the food holder snapping onto the back and an elevated runway to prevent accidental contact with the blade. The blade is made from stainless steel and is angled for easy slicing, even through tough skins.

The slicer offers seven different thickness options ranging from one millimeter to four millimeters, adjustable in half-millimeter increments via a dial. It features a wide, textured ramp that prevents food from sticking and accommodates both small and large vegetables.

The design includes a non-slip handle and base for comfort and stability while slicing. It also features convenient notches that allow for slicing directly into bowls and a clear window for visibility. The food holder is contoured to hold both long and round foods securely.

How To Use OXO Handheld Mandoline Slicer?


Step 1: The handheld mandolin slicer from OXO is compact and easy to store. It is designed with a switch to easily change between blade thicknesses, with three thickness settings visible in a measurement marking window.

Step 2: It also has ridges on top to prevent food from sticking while slicing.

To use the slicer, first, choose your preferred thickness setting
Set thickness setting

Step 3: To use the slicer, first, choose your preferred thickness setting. For instance, if you’re slicing cucumbers for a salad and prefer medium slices, select the second set.

Step 4: Secure the vegetable (in this case, a cucumber) to the included food holder. The food holder not only keeps the vegetable in place during slicing but also acts as a safety feature, keeping your hands away from the sharp blade.

Start slicing your vegetable
Start slicing

Step 5: Start slicing your vegetable. The design of this handheld mandolin slicer is ideal for slicing directly into a bowl, onto a plate, or a cutting board.

Step 6: If you want julienne slices, OXO also offers a handheld julienne slicer. The process is the same: secure your fruit or vegetable to the food holder and start slicing. This yields perfect julienne slices every time.

Step 7: Both the handheld mandolin and julienne slicers are dishwasher-safe, which simplifies cleanup. Their compact sizes make them easy to store in a drawer or a cabinet.


Designed for Even Slices: The OXO handheld mandoline slicer is expertly crafted to deliver consistent, even slices every time. This ensures that your food not only looks more appealing but also cooks evenly, enhancing the overall taste and texture of your dishes. Whether you’re preparing a salad, casserole, or stir-fry, this tool can help you achieve a professional level of finesse in your presentation.

Simple Settings for Smooth Slicing: With two thickness settings of 2.5mm and 4mm, the slicer can cater to different culinary needs. Whether you need thin slices for garnishing or thicker cuts for grilling, the slicer makes the adjustment process effortless. This convenience enhances the slicer’s utility and makes it a go-to tool for various cooking tasks.

Dishwasher Safe: A significant advantage of the OXO handheld mandoline slicer is its dishwasher-safe design. This feature ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, freeing up more of your time for cooking and less for cleanup. This is particularly beneficial for busy households or for those who regularly cook large meals.

Neat Storage: The compact design of the OXO handheld mandoline slicer makes it easy to store in a drawer or cupboard, occupying minimal space. This is a crucial benefit for those with smaller kitchens or limited storage space. Despite its compact size, the slicer does not compromise on performance, delivering excellent results every time.

Food holder: In addition to these benefits, the OXO slicer comes with a food holder to protect your fingers from the sharp blade, enhancing its safety quotient. Moreover, its simple yet sturdy design makes it a durable and long-lasting addition to your kitchen tools. By offering a balance of precision, safety, and convenience, the OXO handheld mandoline slicer helps to simplify your food preparation process.



What is a mandoline slicer?

What is a mandoline slicer
Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is a kitchen tool used to cut fruits and vegetables into thin, uniform slices. It usually comes with adjustable settings for different slice thicknesses.

What can I slice with a mandoline slicer?

You can slice a variety of fruits and vegetables with a mandoline slicer, including cucumbers, potatoes, onions, apples, and zucchini. Some mandoline slicers can also slice hard cheeses and meats.

Can a mandoline slicer replace knife skills?

While a mandoline slicer can’t entirely replace knife skills, it can help those without advanced knife skills to achieve uniform, thin slices. It’s also faster for slicing large quantities of produce.

Is a mandoline slicer safe to use?

Yes, a mandoline slicer is safe to use as long as you use the food holder or safety guard to protect your fingers from the blade. Never use a mandoline slicer without this protective feature.

Can I wash my mandoline slicer in the dishwasher?

This depends on the model of your mandoline slicer. Some mandoline slicers, like the OXO handheld mandoline slicer, are dishwasher safe, but always check the product’s cleaning instructions.

How do I store a mandoline slicer?

Many mandoline slicers have a compact design that fits easily in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. Always ensure the blade is locked or covered for safety during storage.

How do I adjust the thickness of slices on a mandoline slicer?

How do I adjust the thickness of slices on a mandoline slicer
Adjust the thickness of slices with knob

Most mandoline slicers come with a side knob or a similar mechanism that you can adjust to change the thickness of your slices. Always refer to your product’s instructions for specific details.

Do all mandoline slicers come with a julienne setting?

Not all mandoline slicers come with a julienne setting. However, many models do, including some handheld models. If you’re interested in making julienne cuts, make sure to choose a slicer that includes this feature.

Are mandoline slicers suitable for professional kitchens?

Yes, many professional chefs use mandoline slicers for their speed, precision, and consistency. However, they are also handy tools for home cooks.


The OXO handheld mandoline slicer is an efficient and user-friendly kitchen tool that simplifies the process of achieving consistently even slices. To use this tool, select your preferred thickness setting, secure the food item to the food holder, and glide it over the blade. The slicer’s three adjustable settings offer flexibility in slicing thickness, catering to various culinary requirements. The food holder ensures safety by keeping your fingers away from the sharp blade, making the process of slicing not just effortless but also safe. The added convenience of being dishwasher-safe and its compact design for easy storage further enhance the tool’s appeal.