Which Is Better Chard Or Cuisinart Slicer?

Direct Answer: Both the Chard and Cuisinart slicers have their unique benefits, offering various features that cater to specific slicing needs. However, the final decision is largely dependent on your specific needs and preferences.

When it comes to slicing meats, cheeses, and various other foods, both the Chard and Cuisinart slicers prove to be worthy contenders. Each boasts its own set of strengths and features, promising to enhance your kitchen prep experience.

Cuisinart Slicer Key Features And Specifications

Cuisinart Slicer Key Features And Specifications
Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, 7.5, Gray

The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer stands out with a suite of features that make it a valuable ally in any culinary setting. Key specifications include:

Benefits Of The Cuisinart Slicer

  • High precision in slicing with adjustable thickness
  • Versatility in slicing meats, vegetables, bread, and cheese
  • Economical for those who buy in bulk and want to slice at home
  • Easy to use and convenient


  • Durable construction
  • High adjustability for slice thickness
  • Powerful motor


  • It can get a bit messy during slicing
  • A serrated blade might not be ideal for all users

Chard Slicer Key Features And Specifications

Chard Slicer Key Features And Specifications
Chard FS-860 8.6″ Commercial Grade Slicer

The CHARD 150-Watt Electric Slicer is another strong contender in the food-slicing arena. Here are its key specifications:

  • A 7.5″ stainless steel serrated blade
  • Heavy-duty steel and cast aluminum construction
  • A vented base cover for the powerful 150-watt AC motor
  • Thickness control knob and reinforced backing plate
    Thickness control knob
    Thickness control knob

This robust slicer offers a reliable slicing experience with large cuts of meat, thanks to its easy glide food carriage.

Benefits Of The Chard Slicer


  • Sturdy construction
  • High-powered motor
  • Easy glide carriage for larger meats


Which Is Better Chard Or Cuisinart Slicer?

Performance and Precision

Both slicers offer adjustable thickness for precise slicing, from wafer-thin sandwich meat to half an inch thick. Cuisinart is slightly ahead with its 7.5-inch stainless steel blade and the ability to slice a wider range of food items effortlessly. Chard, while performing exceptionally well with meats and cheeses, doesn’t deliver as much versatility.

Power and Construction

The Chard slicer’s 150-watt motor outshines the Cuisinart slicer in terms of raw power. Additionally, the Chard slicer’s construction of heavy-duty steel and cast aluminum ensures long-lasting durability. On the other hand, the Cuisinart slicer, despite being slightly less powerful, still provides robust performance for everyday slicing needs and its construction guarantees durability and reliability as well.

Safety Features

Both models include safety features such as non-slip feet and blade locks. However, the Chard slicer goes a step further with its recessed power switch, preventing accidental activation.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In terms of cleaning, the Cuisinart slicer edges out with its removable parts, making it easier to clean and maintain. The Chard slicer, while not as easily disassembled, still offers a relatively simple cleanup process.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both slicers perform well when it comes to slicing various types of food. If you often slice larger cuts of meat and prefer a more robust construction, the Chard slicer could be your best bet. However, if you’re after a slicer that offers high adjustability in slice thickness and is versatile enough for various food types, the Cuisinart slicer might be the one for you.

Is the Cuisinart slicer suitable for slicing cheese?

Is the Cuisinart slicer suitable for slicing cheese
Slicing Cheese

Yes, the Cuisinart slicer can efficiently handle cheese slicing.

What factors should I consider when choosing a food slicer?

  • Purpose: Consider what you’ll be slicing most often, whether it’s meats, fruits, vegetables, or bread.
  • Power: Check the slicer’s power. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the slicer.
  • Blade Size: Larger blades can handle larger food items.
  • Thickness Adjustment: Look for a slicer that allows you to adjust the thickness of your slices.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Removable parts can make cleaning easier.
  • Safety Features: Look for safety features like non-slip feet, blade guards, and safety locks.

How important is the blade in a food slicer?

The blade is a critical part of a food slicer. A sharp, high-quality blade ensures efficient slicing. A larger blade can handle larger food items, while a serrated blade is ideal for bread and tougher meats.

Are food slicers safe to use?

Yes, food slicers are safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use safety features such as blade guards and safety locks. It’s also recommended to use a food pusher to keep your hands away from the blade.

How often should I clean my food slicer?

How often should I clean my food slicer
Deli Slicer Cleaning Frequency

It’s best to clean your food slicer after each use to prevent food residue from hardening and bacteria from growing. Some slicers have removable parts for easier cleaning.


Choosing between the Chard and the Cuisinart slicer boils down to your personal preference and specific slicing needs. Both offer remarkable slicing efficiency with a suite of features aimed at simplifying your kitchen chores. If power and durability are your top concerns, then the Chard slicer may be the better choice. However, if versatility and easy maintenance are your priorities, then the Cuisinart slicer might be the more appealing option.

Key Points

Feature/Aspect Chard Slicer Cuisinart Slicer
Power 150-Watt Motor Less Powerful
Construction Heavy-duty steel and cast aluminum Durable and reliable
Blade 7.5″ stainless steel serrated blade 7.5″ stainless steel blade
Adjustable Thickness Yes Yes
Versatility Limited to most meats and cheeses Wide (meats, vegetables, bread, cheese)
Safety Features Non-slip feet, blade lock, recessed power switch Non-slip feet, blade lock
Cleaning Relatively simple Easier with removable parts