Pampered Chef Simple Slicer vs Rapid Prep Mandoline

In kitchen gadgets, slicers and mandolines are essential for creating perfectly sliced and diced ingredients. The Pampered Chef Simple Slicer and the Rapid Prep Mandoline are two popular options.

Pampered Chef Simple Slicer: Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion

Pampered chef simple slicer your ultimate kitchen companion
Pampered Chef Simple Slicer

The Pampered Chef Simple Slicer is a versatile and user-friendly kitchen tool that makes slicing fruits and vegetables a breeze. With its compact design, adjustable thickness settings, and dishwasher-safe components, this slicer will quickly become your go-to tool for various kitchen tasks.

Features: What Makes the Pampered Chef Simple Slicer Stand Out

Safety First

  • The locking mechanism ensures the blade stays in place while in use
  • Slicer features a hand guard, keeping your fingers safe from the sharp blade

Adjustable Thickness Settings

  • Three different thickness settings allow for precise slicing
  • Perfect for everything from thinly sliced onions to thicker slices for scalloped potatoes
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Easy to Clean

Non-Slip Base

  • The grippy base prevents the slicer from sliding on your countertop during use.

Compact Design

  • The small size makes it easy to store and transport

How To Use The Pampered Chef Simple Slicer?

How to use the pampered chef simple slicer
Using Pampered Chef Simple Slicer

Step 1: Ensure the blade is locked in place and set to the desired thickness setting (1, 2, or 3)

Step 2: Place the slicer on a stable surface, ensuring the grippy base is secure on the countertop.

Step 3: Use a tool like Core & More to remove the core or any unwanted parts from the fruit or vegetable.

Step 4: Place the fruit or vegetable flat-side down on the slicer

Step 5: Hold the hand guard securely and slide it along the slicer to create even slices

Cons Of Pampered Chef Simple Slicer

  • Limited to only slicing
  • It requires more manual effort than the Rapid Prep Mandoline

Master The Art Of Slicing With The Rapid Prep Mandoline

Master the art of slicing with the rapid prep mandoline
Rapid-Prep Mandoline

The Rapid Prep Mandoline is a fast, simple, and safe solution to slicing and dicing your vegetables precisely. This versatile tool allows you to create a variety of cuts, from French fries and julienne carrots to sliced zucchini or cucumbers, all in a matter of seconds.

Key Features: Effortless Precision

The Rapid Prep Mandoline boasts several features that make it a must-have for every kitchen:

  • Three different settings: Slice, fry cut, or julienne using the easy-to-read symbols on the top knob
  • Adjustable thickness: Select between eight thickness levels with the bottom knob, giving you full control
    Adjustable thickness
    Select Between Eight Thickness Levels With The Bottom Knob
  • Extra-long container: Collects all your cut veggies while keeping the legs locked in place
  • Safety-first design: The sliding door covers the blades when not in use, and the extra-long food chute keeps your hands away from the blades
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How To Use The Rapid Prep Mandoline?

How to use the rapid prep mandoline
Using Rapid-Prep Mandoline 101 I Pampered Chef
  1. Select your desired setting: Use the top knob to choose between slice, fry cut, or julienne.
  2. Pick the right thickness: Adjust the bottom knob to the thickness you want (1 is the thinnest, 8 is the thickest)
  3. Load the food chute: Place your vegetable in the chute, ensuring it’s secure.
  4. Slice and dice: Use the green plunger to move the blade over the food, creating perfect cuts in seconds

Cleaning And Storage: Quick And Easy

The Rapid Prep Mandoline is simple to clean, thanks to the included dual-sided cleaning brush. Plus, all parts – the food bin, hopper, pusher, and mandoline – are dishwasher-safe. When it’s time to store, the plunger locks in place, the legs fold up, and everything stacks neatly for compact storage.

Rapid Prep Mandoline Cons

  • Slightly bulkier than the Simple Slicer
  • It may not accommodate larger ingredients like whole onions for onion rings.


What is the main difference between the Simple Slicer and the Rapid Prep Mandoline?

The main difference between the two is their functionality. The Simple Slicer is solely for slicing, while the Rapid Prep Mandoline offers more versatility with slicing, fry cut, and julienne options.

Can I slice onions for onion rings with the Rapid Prep Mandoline?

The Rapid Prep Mandoline’s food chute may not accommodate whole onions for onion rings. You may need to cut the onion in half to fit, resulting in onion straws instead.

Which one is easier to clean?

Both the Simple Slicer and Rapid Prep Mandoline have dishwasher safe components, making cleaning a breeze for both devices.

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What types of fruits and vegetables can I use with the Pampered Chef Simple Slicer?

The Simple Slicer is perfect for slicing tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and other fruits and vegetables.

Can I use the Pampered Chef Simple Slicer without the hand guard?

It’s strongly recommended to use the hand guard for safety purposes. This will protect your fingers from the sharp blade and ensure even, consistent slicing.


Pampered chef simple slicer vs rapid prep mandoline - infographics
Pampered Chef Simple Slicer Vs Rapid Prep Mandoline – Infographics

Both the Pampered Chef Simple Slicer and the Rapid Prep Mandoline offer significant advantages in kitchen gadgetry. They are designed to be reliable, efficient, and practical, meeting the high standards expected from the Pampered Chef brand. The Simple Slicer’s straightforward design and easy operation make it an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and convenience in food preparation. It shines in tasks that require consistent, uniform slices and is well-suited for everyday use. On the other hand, the Rapid Prep Mandoline offers greater versatility with its multiple blade options, adjustable thickness settings, and the ability to julienne. For those seeking a broader range of slicing options and a gadget that can handle more complex tasks, it’s the tool that comes out on top.