How To Use A Presto Bread Slicer?

Short answer: To use a Presto Bread Slicer, unfold and secure the slicing guide, place your bread inside, and slice the bread using the carving knife, following the guide for uniform thickness. After slicing, fold the slicer back up, wipe clean, and store.

Baking fresh bread at home is a delightful experience, from the aroma that fills the kitchen to the satisfaction of creating something from scratch. Yet, slicing that homemade loaf evenly can be quite the challenge. Enter the Presto Bread Slicer, a system built to enhance your bread-slicing experience, bringing convenience, precision, and safety to your kitchen.

Understanding The Presto Bread Slicer 

The Presto Bread Slicer
Presto Bread Slicing

The Presto Bread Slicer is a tool used for cutting bread loaves into even slices. It is composed of two main components: a slicing guide and a carving knife.

  • Slicing Guide: The slicing guide is a device designed to hold the bread loaf steady and guide the carving knife to ensure that each slice of bread is uniformly thick. This adds a level of precision that can be challenging to achieve when slicing bread by hand. It allows users to consistently slice the bread into equal parts, which can be especially useful in a commercial setting where consistency is key.
  • Carving Knife: The carving knife is a tool specifically designed to fit within the slicing guide. This knife is used to slice bread and is built to provide the user with easy handling and precise control.

How To Use A Presto Bread Slicer?

Follow these easy steps to slice your bread like a professional baker:

Setting Up the Bread Slicer Guide
Setting Up the Bread Slicer Guide

Step 1: Setting Up the Bread Slicer Guide: Start by preparing your work area and setting up the bread slicer guide. This is a simple process. Just unfold the guide and bring it to its upright position, then click it into place.

Positioning the Loaf
Place loaf of bread within the guide

Step 2: Positioning the Loaf: Next, place your loaf of bread within the guide. The loaf holder can be adjusted as needed to keep your bread secure and stable.

Step 3: Selecting Slice Thickness: Decide on the thickness you desire for your bread slices. The slicer offers flexibility with options for both thin and thick slices.

Start Slicing
Sliced bread

Step 4: Start Slicing: Take the carving knife and start slicing your loaf, following the guides provided by the slicer. The guides ensure you get even, consistent slices each time.

Step 5: Continue Slicing: Keep slicing until your entire loaf has been cut into slices. The slicer is designed to make this process quick and easy.

Step 6: Cleanup: After you’ve finished slicing, you’ll notice that the base of the slicer has collected any crumbs that fell during the slicing process. This feature makes cleanup simple and easy.

Step 7: Storing the Slicer: Once you’re done slicing and cleaning, fold the slicer back up for easy storage. It’s recommended to wipe the slicer clean with a damp cloth before storing it away to keep it in optimal condition.


Can I slice other types of bread with the Presto Bread Slicer? 

Yes, the Presto Bread Slicer is suitable for slicing various types of bread, including crusty sourdough.

How do I maintain my Presto Bread Slicer?

After use, just remove the crumbs collected at the base and wipe the slicer with a damp cloth before folding it up for storage.

Can I use a regular knife with a bread slicer?

While a regular knife may technically be used with a bread slicer, a specially designed bread knife or carving knife is recommended. These types of knives are designed to handle the texture of bread without squashing or tearing it.

What kind of knife should I use for slicing different types of food?

The type of knife you should use largely depends on the kind of food you’re slicing. For example, a chef’s knife is good for general slicing tasks, while a serrated bread knife is best for slicing bread and other baked goods, and a carving knife is ideal for slicing meat.

How do I safely slice food?

How do I safely slice food
A cutting board for slicing

Always use a cutting board and make sure your knives are sharp. Dull knives can slip and cause accidents. Keep your fingers clear of the blade and use a claw-like grip on the food you’re slicing.


The Presto Bread Slicer is a convenient and efficient tool designed to cut bread loaves into consistent, even slices. Comprising a slicing guide and a carving knife, it ensures precise slicing, offering a choice of thickness for each slice. This two-component system simplifies the task of bread slicing, maintaining the loaf’s stability and easing the carving process. It features a practical crumb collection base for easy cleanup and a compact design for convenient storage. Its user-friendly and practical design makes the Presto Bread Slicer a beneficial tool for both home bakers and commercial establishments.

Key Points 

  • The Presto Bread Slicer includes a slicing guide and a carving knife.
  • It offers ease and precision in slicing bread.
  • The guide aids in maintaining uniform slice thickness.
  • The carving knife fits underneath the guide and slices the bread.
  • Blades can be removed safely.
  • Suitable for slicing various types