How To Slice Potatoes Thin?

Slicing potatoes thin can be a game-changer when creating delicious dishes with a beautiful presentation. You can thinly slice potatoes with a knife, mandoline slicer, or food processor. You can slo use different tools and techniques to slice potatoes thin to ensure your slices are perfect every time.

Techniques For Slicing Potatoes Thinly

Using A Knife:

Step 1: Ensure your knife is sharp, as a dull knife can make slicing difficult and dangerous.

Step 2:Wash and peel the potatoes (optional, depending on the recipe).

Step 3: Slice off a small piece from the bottom of the potato to create a flat surface, preventing the potato from rolling.

Step 4: Hold the potato firmly and slice downward with a steady, even motion.

Step 5: Try to keep the thickness of the slices consistent for even cooking.

Using A Mandoline Slicer:

Step 1: Set up the mandoline slicer with the desired thickness setting.

Step 2: Wash and peel the potatoes (optional, depending on the recipe).

Step 3: Hold the potato securely with the handguard or a cut-resistant glove to protect your fingers.

Step 4: Slide the potato across the blade with even pressure, letting the slicer do the work.

Using A Food Processor:

Step 1: Attach the slicing blade to the food processor, choosing the desired thickness.

Step 2: Wash and peel the potatoes (optional, depending on the recipe).

Step 3: If necessary, cut the potatoes to fit the feed tube.

Step 4: Turn on the food processor and feed the potatoes through the feed tube, using the provided pusher to apply even pressure.

How To Slice Potatoes Thinly Using A Potato Peeler?

Step1. Start by washing the potato under running water and then dry it with a kitchen towel.

Step 2. Place the potato on a cutting board and use a sharp knife to slice off both ends of the potato, creating flat surfaces for slicing.

Step 3. Hold the potato firmly in one hand and hold a vegetable peeler in the other hand.

Step 4. Begin to make thin slices by running the peeler along the length of the potato while turning it as you go.

Step 5. Continue this action until you reach your desired thickness, remembering that thinner slices will cook faster than thicker ones.

Step 6. Discard the peeler and enjoy your deliciously thin-sliced potatoes!

How To Slice Potatoes Thinly Using A Cheese Planner?

Step 1. Wash and peel the potatoes. Make sure to use a sharp knife when peeling for maximum efficiency.

Step 2. Cut the peeled potato in half lengthwise so it is easier to hold onto while slicing.

Step 3. Place one of the halves of the potato on a cutting board and carefully press down the cheese planer onto one of the flat sides.

Step 4. Slide the cheese planer back and forth to thinly slice through the potato. Keep a firm grip on the handle, but not too tight that it is uncomfortable.

Step 5. Use your other hand to keep the slices from falling apart as you slide the cheese planer back and forth.

Step 6. When finished slicing, carefully separate the slices from each other and place them in a bowl or onto a plate.

Which Food Processor Blades Are Best For Slicing And Dicing Potatoes?

Using a food processor is the ideal way to slice and dice potatoes. The straight or French fry blade is the most recommended blade for slicing potatoes thin. These blades feature two parallel discs with sharpened edges that are perfect for making uniform, easy-to-cook slices. For dicing, the best blade is the julienne blade. This blade features two discs with wave-like edges that create small cubes of potatoes, perfect for soups and stews.

Tips For The Perfect Thin Slices

  • Choose firm, unblemished potatoes for easier slicing.
  • Practice your slicing technique to improve consistency.
  • Using a knife, use a “claw grip” to protect your fingers and gain better control.
  • If you have difficulty achieving thin slices, consider investing in a mandoline slicer or food processor.
  • Don’t rush the slicing process – taking your time will result in more consistent slices.

How To Store Thinly Sliced Potatoes?

To prevent browning and maintain freshness, store thinly sliced potatoes submerged in cold water in a covered container in the refrigerator. They can be stored for up to 24 hours before use. Drain and pat dry before cooking.


Are all chips made of potatoes?

No, not all chips are made of potatoes. Potato chips generally refer to a thin slice of deep-fried potato until it becomes crisp. However, many other variations of chips are also available and are often made from alternative ingredients such as corn, cassava, plantain, and sweet potato.

How thin should I slice the potatoes?

The thickness of your potato slices will depend on the dish you’re preparing. For potato chips, aim for 1/16-inch slices. For Hasselback and scalloped potatoes, 1/8-inch slices are ideal.

Can I slice sweet potatoes the same way?

Yes! The techniques and tools discussed in this article can also be applied to sweet potatoes, yams, or other root vegetables.

How do I prevent my potato slices from sticking together?

To prevent sticking, gently toss the potato slices with oil or place them in a bowl of cold water as you work. Just be sure to drain and pat them dry before cooking.

How do I keep my potato slices from browning after slicing?

Store the slices in a bowl of cold water with a splash of lemon juice or vinegar. This will help prevent oxidation and keep the potatoes looking fresh.


How To Slice Potatoes Thin - Infographics
How To Slice Potatoes Thin – Infographics

Slicing potatoes thin opens up a world of culinary possibilities. With the right tools and techniques, you can create impressive dishes that taste delicious and have a beautiful presentation. Whether using a knife, mandoline slicer, or food processor, remember to practice your technique and take your time to achieve perfect thin slices every time.