How to Use the Pampered Chef Quick Slice?

To use the Pampered Chef Quick Slice, start by removing the protective cover. Cut your food into pieces that fit within the blade frame. Position the base on a flat surface, with the handles on the left and right. Lift the blade frame from the base and place your food on the base. Grasp the handles firmly and push down to start cutting. You can use a slight rocking motion if needed. Lift the blade frame to remove the sliced food. Clean the Quick Slice before first use and use a small brush for any food stuck in the blades. Remember, avoid slicing hard vegetables to prevent damage. Store the Quick Slice by inserting the blade frame into the base and placing it in the protective cover.

What is a Pampered Chef Quick Slice(1181)?

The Pampered Chef Quick Slice(1181) is a versatile kitchen tool designed to cut your favorite fruits and vegetables into even slices with one simple motion. It features a unique V-shaped blade design that ensures your food won’t get squished while cutting. The Quick Slice is big enough to handle larger items like halves of avocado, a ball of fresh mozzarella, or a bunch of strawberries or mushrooms all at once.

How to Use the Pampered Chef Quick Slice

What is a pampered chef quick slice(1181)
Pampered Chef Quick Slice(1181)

Using the Pampered Chef Quick Slice is incredibly simple and efficient. Just follow these detailed steps to achieve perfect slices with ease:

Remove the Protective Cover

Before you begin, remove the protective cover from the Quick Slice and set it aside for now. This will expose the blades and make the tool ready for use.

Prepare Your Food

Take the fruits or vegetables you want to slice and cut them into pieces that are approximately 3–3½” (7.5–9 cm) in size. This will ensure that they fit within the blade frame of the Quick Slice.

Position the Base

Place the base of the Quick Slice on a flat and stable work surface. Make sure that the handles are positioned to your left and right for easy access and control.

Lift the Blade Frame

Grasp the handles of the Quick Slice firmly and lift the blade frame from the base. The frame is held securely by the handles, allowing you to maneuver it easily.

Place the Food

Place the food
Place The Food For Slicing

Decide whether you want round slices or if you’re working with firmer produce like cucumbers or yellow squash. For round slices, place the food directly on the base. However, for firmer produce, start cutting on a cutting board and then transfer the slices to the base once cutting is initiated.

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Begin Cutting

Begin cutting
Start Cutting With Slicer

Center the blade frame over the food, ensuring the handles align with your hands. With a firm grip, apply downward pressure to the blade frame and start cutting through the food. You can use a slight side-to-side rocking motion if necessary to achieve a smooth and consistent cut.

Remove the Sliced Food

Once you have completed the cut and the food is sliced to your desired thickness, lift the blade frame from the base by its handles. This will detach the sliced food from the blade frame, allowing you to easily remove it.

Repeat for Additional Slices

Repeat for additional slices
Repeat Process For Additional Slices

If you have more food to slice, simply repeat the process for each slice. Lift the blade frame, place the food, cut, and remove the sliced portions. Continue until you have sliced all the desired pieces.

Cleaning the Pampered Chef Quick Slice

To ensure that your Pampered Chef Quick Slice remains in excellent condition, it’s important to follow proper cleaning techniques. Here are detailed instructions on how to clean your Quick Slice:

Wash Before First Use

Before using the Quick Slice for the first time, it is recommended to give it a thorough wash. This will remove any potential dust or residue from the manufacturing process and ensure cleanliness.

Dishwasher-Safe Cleaning

Dishwasher-safe cleaning
Dishwasher-Safe Cleaning

The Quick Slice is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze. Follow these sub-steps for dishwasher cleaning:

  1. Position the Quick Slice on the top rack of your dishwasher, with the base face-down. This ensures that the blades and other components are protected from the prongs of the dishwasher rack.
  2. Run the dishwasher as you normally would, following the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal cleaning.

Handwashing the Protective Cover

While the Quick Slice itself can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher, the protective cover requires handwashing. The cover is not designed to withstand the high temperatures and agitation of a dishwasher cycle. Simply wash it with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Removing Food Debris

If any food particles get stuck in the blade’s serrations, don’t worry. You can easily remove them with a small brush.

  1. Take a small brush, such as a dedicated kitchen brush or a toothbrush that is no longer in use, and gently scrub the serrations of the blade.
  2. Make sure to clean both sides of the blade thoroughly to remove any food debris that may have accumulated.
  3. Rinse the blade with water to wash away any loosened food particles.

Food Recommendations for the Pampered Chef Quick Slice

The Pampered Chef Quick Slice is a versatile kitchen tool that can handle a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. Here are some detailed recommendations on what you can and cannot slice with the Quick Slice:

Do Slice:

Slicing Tomato


The Quick Slice is perfect for creating even tomato slices, whether you’re making a sandwich or a Caprese salad.

Slicing Cucumber

Cucumber (Peel the Skin First for Best Results)

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For refreshing cucumber slices, peel the skin first and then use the Quick Slice to achieve consistent results.

Zucchini and yellow squash
Zucchini And Yellow Squash

Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Slice zucchini and yellow squash effortlessly with the Quick Slice, making them perfect for stir-fries, salads, or grilled vegetable platters.

Fresh mozzarella and soft cheese
Fresh Mozzarella And Soft Cheese Slicing

Fresh Mozzarella and Soft Cheese

The Quick Slice easily handles soft cheeses like fresh mozzarella, allowing you to create uniform slices for your favorite recipes.

Apple (Remove the Core and Slice in Half)

Prepare apple slices for snacking or baking by removing the core and slicing the apple in half before using the Quick Slice.

Bananas, Kiwi, Strawberries, and Mushrooms

These fruits and mushrooms can be sliced quickly and evenly with the Quick Slice, making them ideal for fruit salads, desserts, and garnishes.

Hard-boiled eggs
Slicing Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Slice hard-boiled eggs effortlessly with the Quick Slice, whether you’re making deviled eggs or adding them to salads.

Polenta, Celery, and Pound Cake

Expand your slicing options with the Quick Slice by effortlessly cutting through polenta, celery stalks, and even pound cake for beautiful presentations.

Don’t Slice:


Avoid using the Quick Slice on onions, as they are too hard and can potentially damage the blades of the tool.

Eggplant, Potato, Beet, or Carrot

Similarly, these hard vegetables should not be sliced with Quick Slice, as they can cause damage to the blades and void the guarantee.

Tips for Using the Pampered Chef Quick Slice

Tip 1: Long Cucumber or Zucchini Planks

What's the difference between cucumbers and zucchini
Slicing Cucumber

For longer slices of cucumber or zucchini, follow these steps:

  1. Place the prepped food upright on a cutting board.
  2. Center the blade frame of the Quick Slice over the top end of the cucumber or zucchini.
  3. Apply downward pressure to cut through the food.
  4. Transfer the slices to the base of the Quick Slice to complete the cut.

This technique is perfect for creating uniform planks of cucumber or zucchini for salads, sandwiches, or garnishes.

Tip 2: Cutting Several Small Foods

To save time and effort, use the Quick Slice to cut multiple small foods simultaneously:

  1. Center the blade frame of the Quick Slice over the food items on your cutting board.
  2. Apply downward pressure to cut through all the foods at once.
  3. Transfer the slices to the base of the Quick Slice to complete the cut.

This tip is particularly useful when you need uniform slices of small fruits or vegetables for recipes or platters.


  1. Insert the blade frame into the base of the Quick Slice. This will keep the components together and prevent any misplacement.
  2. Place the assembled Quick Slice base into the protective cover. The cover is designed to provide a secure and protective enclosure for the tool.
  3. Align the tab on the protective cover with the logo on the base to ensure a snug fit. This will keep the Quick Slice securely stored and ready for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Quick Slice for hard vegetables like carrots or potatoes?

No, using the Quick Slice for hard vegetables is not recommended as they can potentially damage the blades and void the guarantee.

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How can i clean the serrated blades of the quick slice
Cleaning The Serrated Blades With Brush

How can I clean the serrated blades of the Quick Slice?

If food gets stuck in the blade’s serrations, you can use a small brush to clean it out.

Can I cut multiple small foods at once with the Quick Slice?

Yes, you can center the blade frame over multiple small foods on your cutting board and then transfer the slices to the base to complete the cut.


With its V-shaped blades and easy-to-use design, you can achieve even slices without worrying about squishing your food. By following the provided steps and taking proper care of the tool, you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of Quick Slice in your daily meal preparations. Whether you’re slicing tomatoes, cucumbers, or strawberries, the Quick Slice is sure to become your go-to slicing companion in the kitchen.

Key Takeaways

Pros And Cons:

Pros Cons
Effortless slicing of fruits and vegetables Not suitable for hard vegetables like carrots or potatoes
V-shaped blades ensure even slices Requires proper cleaning and maintenance
The quick and efficient slicing process The blade frame may need to be repositioned for larger items
A versatile tool for various produce The protective cover needs to be hand washed
Easy to use and saves time in meal preparation Requires caution to avoid injury with sharp blades

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