How To Slice Strawberries For Cake?

Strawberry is among the best and simplest cake decorations with sponge, mousse, and cheesecake. You can slice strawberries in rose shapes, half, and thin slices. The traditional design combines strawberries with white buttercream, but strawberry or chocolate frosting can be used too. The strawberry decor is both delicious and easy to make.

How To Make Strawberry Rose For Cake?

  • Trim the Strawberry: Trim both ends of the strawberry so that you have a cylindrical shape.
  • Cut the First Row of Petals: Carefully cut the top row from the strawberry, careful not to cut too deeply into the berry. This will make it easier to slice evenly when you are ready to do so.
    Cutting out petal shapes
    Cut The Top Row From The Strawberry
  • Cut the Second Row: Cut your second row of strawberries in half lengthwise, giving you four thin slices. You can do this by simply cutting in a straight line or following the natural curvature of the strawberry.
    How to make a strawberry rose
    Cutting Second Row Of Strawberries
  • Make a Third Row: Make a third row of sliced strawberries on top, ensuring each slice overlaps. This will create an interesting pattern on your cake when it is finally decorated.
    How to make strawberry flowers
    Make A Third Row Of Sliced Strawberries
  • Shape the Center: Shape the center of the strawberry by tiny cutting its tip in half.
    How to cut strawberries into roses
    Shape The Center Of The Strawberry
  • Add the Strawberry Roses to Your Cake: To stick the roses onto the frosted cake, use a small quantity of buttercream. Press the roses into the frosting and fill any gaps between them with more buttercream. When you’re finished, your cake will be a beautiful and delicious display of strawberry roses.
    Add the strawberry roses to your cake
    Add The Strawberry Roses To Your Cake

Slicing Strawberries In Half For Cake

Step 1: Rinse the strawberries in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.

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How to make a fan out of a strawberry for cake decorating
Rinse The Strawberries In Cold Water

Step 2: Cut off the stems from each strawberry and discard them.

How to cut strawberries
Cut Off The Stems

Step 3: Slice the strawberries lengthwise into halves, using a sharp knife for precision cuts that won’t mash or crush the fruit.

How to cut strawberries
Slice The Strawberries Lengthwise Into Halves

Step 4: Arrange the strawberry halves on your cake, or incorporate them into its design.

How to slice strawberries
Arrange The Strawberry Halves On Cake

How To Make A Ring Of Strawberries On Top Of The Cake?

How to decorate a cake with strawberries
Best Strawberry Fraisier Cake

Step 1: Start washing the strawberries and patting them dry with a paper towel.

Step 2: Use a sharp paring knife to slice off the stem end of each strawberry and cut the fruit into 1/4-inch thick slices.

Step 3: Arrange the slices in a circular pattern around the edges of the cake, leaving an inch gap between each slice.

Step 4: Cut side up one last strawberry in the middle of the cake.

How To Make A Ring Of Strawberries On Top Of The Cake?

Step 1: Start by washing and drying the strawberries

Step 2: Use a sharp paring knife to slice off the green hull of strawberry.

Step 3: Make that all green is and has an even surface on both sides of the strawberry.

Step 4: Slice each strawberry into four thin slices.

Step 5: Arrange the slices around the edge of your cake in a circle, starting with one strawberry in the center and then adding circles outward.

Step 6: Layer the strawberry slices on top of each other, slightly overlapping them to create an even ring of strawberries around your cake.

Slicing Strawberries Thinly For Decorating Sides Of Cake

Step 1: Wash the strawberries and pat them dry with paper towels.

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Step 2: Cut off the top of each strawberry, removing the green part.

How to decorate a cake with strawberries
Cut Off The Top Of Each Strawberry

Step 3: Slice the strawberry crosswise into thin slices, about 1/8 inch thick or less. The thinner you get them, the better they look when decorating the cake.

How to make a strawberry flower on a cake?
Slice The Strawberry Crosswise Into Thin Slices

Step 4: Place the slices on a plate, and arrange them in whatever pattern you like.

Step 5: When ready to garnish the cake, use a sharp knife to carefully transfer the sliced strawberries from their plate onto your cake. Place them around the sides of the cake for decoration or sprinkle over the top.


Why is my strawberry cake soggy?

This could be due to overly juicy strawberries. Try patting your sliced strawberries dry before using them on the cake.

Can I use frozen strawberries for my cake?

Best strawberry cake with frozen strawberries
Using Frozen Strawberries For My Cake

Yes, but thaw and drain them properly to avoid excess moisture.

How do I make my strawberries shine on the cake?

For a glossy finish, you can brush some warmed apricot jam or simple sugar syrup on the strawberries.

How thin should I slice my strawberries for cake?

How to decorate a cake with strawberries
Slice My Strawberries For Cake

It depends on your preference, but generally, 1/4-inch slices work well for most cakes.

Can I use other fruits besides strawberries for my cake?

You can use other fruits like peaches, blueberries, or kiwis.


How to slice strawberries for cake - infographics
How To Slice Strawberries For Cake – Infographics

Slicing strawberries for cake is a straightforward and time-saving task. Before you start, ensure your knife is sharp and you have all the ingredients ready. For perfectly sliced strawberries, start by cutting off the top of the strawberry before slicing it into thin disks with a sharp knife. Also, make sure to work in batches so that the strawberries all have an even thickness. With these simple steps, you can quickly and easily slice strawberries for cake in no time.