How To Shred Cabbage?

Cabbage is a leafy green vegetable that is often used in salads and coleslaws. It is also used in many other dishes, such as sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage, and kimchi. Cabbage is a good source of vitamins C and K and contains fiber and other nutrients.

Best Way to Slice Cabbage for Coleslaw

Slicing cabbage for coleslaw is not complicated. Although cabbage has many layers, it can be sliced easily. You need to know only basic skills of using a knife. Follow the below steps for slicing cabbage thinly with the knife for coleslaw.

  1. Step 1: Wash the cabbage under cold water and let it dry. Remove the outer hard and loose leaves.
  2. Step 2: Put the cabbage on the cutting board and remove the stem.
  3. Step 3: Slice the cabbage into two halves. Put the flat surface down on the cutting board.
  4. Step 4: Make quarter pieces of cabbage. Start slicing cabbage thinly. Put the knife on one end and slice to the other end.
  5. Step 5: Slice in short directions for coleslaw using the circular motion. Cut into small pieces. Cabbage is ready now for adding in coleslaw.
    Best Way to Slice Cabbage for Coleslaw
    Steps to cutting Cabbage for Coleslaw

How to Shred Cabbage with a Mandoline?

A mandoline slicer is an excellent tool for easy slicing and shredding vegetables. You can slice the cabbage with the sharp blades of a mandoline slicer. Whole cabbage will take less than five minutes to shred thinly. Follow the below process for shredding cabbage with the help of a mandoline slicer.

  1. Step 1: Remove the outer layer of cabbage and leave if it is hard and challenging. The hard layer will be difficult to slice and shred and can also be stuck in blades.
  2. Step 2: Wash the cabbage with fresh water and let it dry for some minutes. Then place on cutting board for slicing.
  3. Step 3: Slice off the root of the cabbage with a sharp knife.
  4. Step 4: Now, cut cabbage in half from top to bottom carefully so that the leaves do not destroy. Make quarter pieces of cabbage.
  5. Step 5: Adjust the wide blades on the mandoline. Hold the handle of the mandoline with one hand and start shredding with the other hand. Place a bowl or cutting board under the mandoline to collect the shredded cabbage.
  6. Step 6: Slice by pushing cabbage up and down. Save your fingers from sharp blades. Turn the cabbage from the side when it remains less.
    How to Shred Cabbage with a Mandoline
    Steps to Shred Cabbage with a Mandoline

Slicing Cabbage with Vegetable Peeler

If you find slicing cabbage with a knife difficult and can not protect your fingers, there is another option. A vegetable peeler can shred cabbage safely and quickly.

  • Cut the cabbage in half with a knife and remove the stem. Again cut both cuts in half and make four pieces of cabbage.
  • Take a y-shaped vegetable peeler and hold it in your hand.
  • Start shredding cabbage from its flat surface. When slices of cabbage get too small and difficult to shred with a peeler, finish the remaining cabbage with a knife.
    Slicing Cabbage with Vegetable Peeler
    Slicing Cabbage with Peeler

How to Store Sliced/Unsliced Cabbage?

Sliced cabbage can be stored in several ways, depending on how you plan to use it.

  • If you want to keep it fresh for salads or other raw dishes, you can store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
    How to Store Sliced Unsliced Cabbage
    Store Sliced and Unsliced Cabbage in freezer
  • If you are planning to cook the cabbage, you can keep it in a covered container in the fridge or freezer. If you have to use it within a day or two, you can store it in a covered container on the counter.

You can also store unsliced cabbage. When cabbage is large, and you do not want to use whole cabbage at once, then store it. Wrap the cabbage tightly in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. Cabbage can also be iced and washed for 30- 40 minutes before storing.

Tips And Tricks For Slicing Cabbage

Here are a few tips for slicing cabbage.

  • Always use a sharp knife. A sharp knife will make slicing cabbage much easier.
  • Cut the cabbage in half, and then slice. This will make it easier to slice.
  • Remove the core. The core can be tough to slice through.
  • Slice the cabbage into thin strips. Thin strips are easier to eat and cook evenly.
  • Season the cabbage. Seasoning the cabbage before you cook it will help bring out the flavor.
  • Always pick fresh cabbage with fir and tight head. It will be more delicious and can be used for a few days. Softened cabbage with brown spots indicated that it would spoil soon.
  • Use a finger guard for safety when slicing cabbage with a mandoline slicer.

FAQs about Slicing Cabbage

Should you wash cabbage after shredding?

Yes, you can wash cabbage after shredding.

What is the best tool for shredding cabbage?

You can shred cabbage with a mandoline, box grater, or a knife.

Why should cabbage be blanched before freezing?

Blanching cabbage before freezing will kill bacteria and stops enzymes in the freezer.

How do you keep shredded cabbage fresh?

Shredded cabbage can remain fresh by placing in water and squeezing lemon juice over it. Keep it in the fridge in plastic wrap to stay fresh and not turn colour.

Can cabbage be shredded with a grater?

Yes, cabbage can be shredded using a vegetable or cheese grater. You can directly shred over a bowl.

What are different Types Of Cabbage And Their Benefits?

There are many different types of cabbage, and each has its unique flavor and texture. The most popular types of cabbage are green cabbage, red cabbage, napa cabbage, and savoy cabbage.

  • Green Cabbage: Green cabbage is the most common type of cabbage and has a crisp, crunchy texture. It is used in salads, slaws, stir-fry, and dressing.
  • Red Cabbage: Red cabbage is slightly sweeter than green and has a softer, more delicate texture. It looks like the green cabbage; the only difference is in color. Red cabbage is heavy, and its leaves are tightly packed.
  • Savoy Cabbage: Savoy cabbage has a more complex flavor and a more robust texture. It is also called curly cabbage. Its leaves are most loosely layered and less tightened than other cabbages. Savoy cabbage is very delicious and used in salads.

There are many health benefits associated with cabbage. For example, cabbage is thought to help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol levels, and improve digestive health. Cabbage is also a low-calorie food so it can be a valuable part of a weight-loss diet. Cabbage should be sliced thinly for salads, soups, and meals.


How to shred cabbage - Getsliceright Infographic
How to shred cabbage – Getsliceright Infographic

Cabbage is a healthy vegetable that we eat raw or use in salads, sandwiches, burgers, soups, and many dishes. It needs to slice and shredded thinly with a knife, mandoline, vegetable peeler, or grater. Slice in a small size when you have to add cabbage in coleslaw. You can also store sliced cabbage in the freezer for three or more days. Tightly wrap the plastic sheet or food container for storing cabbage.