How To Sharpen Berkel Slicer 827A?

Berkel 827-A Slicer: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening and Operation

Berkel 827-A Slicer The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening and Operation
Berkel 827A-PLUS 12″ Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer

Sharpening your Berkel 827-A slicer may appear daunting at first, but with this comprehensive guide, you’ll become a pro in no time. This tried-and-true machine is a deli powerhouse, handling cheese, meats, and anything else you throw at it with ease.

How to Operate the Berkel 827-A Slicer

How to Operate the Berkel 827-A Slicer
Using Berkel 827A-PLUS

The Berkel slicer is known for its efficient and automated slicing process. With a power switch conveniently located, this slicer can be operated both automatically and manually.

  • First, find the power switch and turn it on.
  • You can opt for automatic mode by flipping the respective switch. If you prefer manual, simply flip it back.
  • The thickness gauge is easily accessible and can be adjusted to your preference.

Sharpening Your Berkel 827-A Slicer

Sharpening Your Berkel 827-A Slicer
Sharpening Your Berkel 827-A Slicer

Your Berkel slicer comes equipped with a built-in sharpener, ensuring optimal performance and perfectly cut slices each time.

  • Set the slicer in the correct position for sharpening.
  • Locate the lever at the back, pull it and then turn the sharpener so that it lines up.
  • Apply moderate pressure to the sharpener lever for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Release the lever and let the slicer rest for 15 seconds.
  • The slicer will shut off automatically and will need to be restarted for the next use.

Remember, a sharp slicer is a happy slicer!

Cleaning Your Berkel 827-A Slicer

Cleaning Your Berkel 827-A Slicer
Berkel Slicer – Cleaning and Sanitizing Instructions

No one likes a dirty slicer. Keep your Berkel 827-A clean for the best results.

  • Always give your slicer a thorough cleaning before use.
  • This slicer also disassembles for easier cleaning.

In Action: A Berkel 827-A Demonstration

Don’t take our word for it; let us show you how well this machine works. We’ll use an onion for our demonstration.

  • Place your product on the tray, fire up the slicer, and see how cleanly it slices.
  • The thickness dial, cord, and blade should all be in great shape and function flawlessly.
  • After slicing, remember to clean off any residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How often should I sharpen my Berkel 827-A slicer?

The frequency of sharpening depends on your usage. However, regular sharpening is recommended for consistent, high-quality slices.

Q2: What should I do if my Berkel 827-A slicer stops automatically during sharpening?

This is normal. The slicer is designed to shut off after 15 seconds for safety. Simply restart the slicer to continue.

Can the Berkel 827-A slicer handle all kinds of meat
Cutting meat with Berkel 827A-PLUS 12″ Gravity Feed Meat Slicer

Q3: Can the Berkel 827-A slicer handle all kinds of meat?

Absolutely! The Berkel 827-A slicer is versatile and can slice various types of meat, cheese, and more.


Key Takeaways

  • The Berkel 827-A slicer offers both manual and automatic modes.
  • The slicer has a built-in sharpener that requires usage for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Regular cleaning of the slicer is essential to maintain hygiene and performance.
  • Always sharpen your slicer regularly for the best slicing results.

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide to using and maintaining your Berkel 827-A slicer. With this information, you’re now equipped to slice and dice like a pro. Happy slicing!